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Comstar Software Services Logon To Success Software As A Service

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1 Comstar Software Services Logon To Success Software As A Service

2 Company Introduction Comstar ISA Ltd. is a leading Integrated Communication Systems and Service Provider. Headquartered in Karachi, Pakistan, Comstar has been designing, integrating and commissioning remote communications systems since Comstar services critical business clients with a wide range of fixed terrestrial broadband and satellite communication. In addition Comstar has recently adopted Blue Ocean Strategy and launched a new Software Development Business Unit. Comstar’s expertise is in the design and development of Enterprise Business Applications. In order to streamline business operations Comstar has successfully developed a web-based comprehensive Enterprise Applications System that has been using within Comstar for last 3 years. Comstar has offices in Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore and Multan as well as more than 10 value added resellers located across Pakistan. Our office locations have been strategically selected to ensure adherence to strict service level agreements with minimum possible turnaround time.

3 Mission Statement Intelligently advise our customers on the right digital nervous system strategies, develop sound business flows and streamline their business operations by adopting leading-edge technologies. Vision Leading Software Development Services Provider.

4 Introduction to SaaS Software-as-a-Service is the future of software model in which customers pay to access and use software functionality over a network through a hosted, web-native platform operated by software vendor. It reduces customer acquisition costs; it also allows developers to support many customers with a single version of a product. SaaS is also often associated with a "pay as you go“ subscription licensing model. SaaS is rapidly growing and multiple factors are spurring the growth: Customer frustration with traditional software buying cycle (servers + licenses + maintenance contract + upgrades) Early SaaS success stories –, WebEx etc. Over the next several years it will become pervasive in almost all areas of the software market.

5 Enterprise Applications System
In this age of cut-throat competition, management has a pressing need of having real-time reporting to make right decisions at the right time and at the right cost. Initial high cost and headaches of maintaining a full-fledged IT department, has always been a hindrance in setting up a good information system for growing organizations; because of a dearth of trained manpower and excessive capital costs; but thanks to SaaS not anymore.

6 Enterprise Applications System
Enterprise Applications System (EAS) is a solution for those growing businesses which are looking to have a SaaS based hassle free information systems. EAS is a web-based application which does not require on-site deployment and setting of server rooms etc, hence eliminates incurring high up-front cost. We take care of your servers, database, data security and even connection needs by providing a complete IT solution to you.

7 Enterprise Applications System
EAS is a flexible solution and can be tailored completely to suit your unique business processing needs. Potential for faster implementation Customers can acquire it within hours rather than weeks or months Monthly obligation rather than up-front capital cost Making paperless environment by having cross-functional correspondence, transactions, project-based costing and expenses etc. recording and approval passed electronically. Comprehensive functionality and features . Integration of all the modules with each other; enter master data once and utilize everywhere.

8 Enterprise Applications System
Following are the core modules available in EAS, anyone of which can be acquired as a separate application/module. Project Management System Procurement Management System Inventory Management System Invoicing Management System Financial Management System HR Management System

9 Project Management System
Featuring Customer Profiling Site Survey Sales/Job Order Processing Project Costing & Status Administrative/ Operational Activities Transactions Tracking Equipment Arrangement Delivery Job Completion Expense Recording Online Approvals and Processing Comprehensive Reporting Integration with other modules

10 Supply Chain Management System Procurement
Featuring Material/Service Purchase Request Processing Department & Employee wise Recording Supplier Profiling Purchase Order Processing & Cost Sheet Delivery Scheduling & Goods Receipt Price History & Import Costing Payment Scheduling and Planning Strong Reporting

11 Supply Chain Management System Inventory
Featuring Equipment Coding Goods Receipt against Purchase Order Warehouse Management Multiple Types of Transactions Material Issue Request Goods Issue Transactions Tracking Re-order Level Online Approvals and Processing Real-time Reporting of Materials Usage and Availability

12 Financial Management System
Featuring Multi-level Chart of Accounts Financial Periods Bank Accounts & Check Book Management Tax Structure Voucher Types Receivables & Payables Management Online Vouchers Approval & Processing Integration with Other Modules Roles & Rights Management Profit & Loss Statement Balance Sheet General Ledger Trial Balance Fund Position Operating Fixed Assets Revenue & Expense Cost of Sales & Service Notes Purchase Order Payment Status Cash Flow Statement Voucher Reporting

13 Invoice Management System
Featuring Multiple Varieties of Invoices: Sales Tax Invoice, Service Invoice & Commercial Invoice etc. Recurring Invoice Scheduling Invoice Payment Status Invoice Printing Integration with other Modules Online Approvals & Processing Comprehensive Reporting

14 Human Resource Management System
Featuring Company Branches & Departments Management Employee Personal Profile Employee Organizational Structure Increments & Promotions Payroll Management Attendance Management Strong & Customized Reporting

15 Enterprise Applications System
Successful Offering Data Security Encrypted Data Transmission Security Devices (Routers, Switches & Firewalls) Implemented Application & Database Level Security Applied Data Centre Highly Scalable Dedicated Servers Data Backup Sets & Replication Secured Infrastructure & Data Privacy 24/7 Data Availability Service Availability Skilled Support Staff On-call & On-site Support Enhanced Internet Bandwidth 24/7 Service Availability

16 Services Competency Focus
Software Development Keeping pace with the latest technologies is a key success factor in today’s marketplace. We offer enterprise level software development with years of experience and a passion for innovation. Web Development Customized web development services including consultation, development, security, deployment and maintenance. Cloud Computing Offering latest and hottest cloud computing technologies using Software-as-a-Service, and deployment at Microsoft Windows Azure server. Offshore Development and Outsourcing In-house software development can be extremely costly and resource consuming. Outsourcing is the best way to minimize cost and improve efficiency.

17 Comstar Software Services
Information Systems Associates Ltd. 6th Floor, Ilaco House, Abdullah Haroon Road, Karachi, Pakistan Tel: (+92 21) Fax: (+92 21)

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