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Tech Classroom STOP! The NEW Best Features in Web Communications and Social Media that You Need to Be Utilizing...YESTERDAY!

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1 Tech Classroom STOP! The NEW Best Features in Web Communications and Social Media that You Need to Be Utilizing...YESTERDAY!

2 Your Communication Foundation Design isn’t about eye-candy. It’s about problem-solving. If your Web “design” isn’t solving quantifiable issues, then it isn’t design: it’s “decoration.” -I Want To Be A Web Designer When I Grow Up By Michael Aleo

3 Why you should become friends with a 5 year old What does Web 2.0 look like? From getting information- to sharing and interacting with the internet What does Web 3.0...4.0...5.0 look like? The internet. My way.

4 Common Web Myths ●It’s okay if my website is out of date ●My story can’t be told in an email ●We don’t need to be on social media ●We are not afraid of change, we just don’t want it ●We don’t need technology for our organization to grow Case Study: St. John of the Cross

5 Defining Success What would you wear to a professional interview? ➔ Undergarments: Your Foundation; Your Blueprint ➔ Shoes and Socks: The Applications to Keep You Moving ➔ Pants: Branding and Design ➔ Blouse or Collared Shirt: Layout of Pages, Made to Fit You and Adapt ➔ Hair/Face: Content and Messaging ➔ Accessories: Extensions of Your Brand (Social Media)

6 #1 Problem Ignoring the obvious audience Young donors are open to making small donations more frequently: ●52 % said they would be interested in making monthly gifts to an organization. ●70 % said they would be willing to raise money for an organization they cared about ●64 %said they had raised money in a fundraising walk or race ●84 % saying they want to give through a Web site Today, people under 25 make up 43 percent of the world’s population – in some countries, that number is as high as 70 percent. ( generation) generation

7 Other Barriers to Success Management ●Updating ○ When was the last time you... ○ Three out of four donors born from 1979 to 1994—a generation often referred to as “millennials”—said they were turned off when a nonprofit’s Web site had not been updated recently.* ●Say “No” to cookies! ○ Would Starbucks do it? *Millenial Impact Report, 2013

8 Barriers to Success Management ●Insourcing vs. Outsourcing ○ Organizational growth on fixed budget ●5.0 Mentality ○ “What’s Next” ●Resource Allocation ○ Time ○ Money ■ Invest in the web or “it” won’t invest in you

9 Barriers to Success “Advertising” Getting the message known is easier than getting people to come- tracking message to action Do not “poster-blind” the user People prefer interacting with individuals more than brands Advertising does NOT equal engagement

10 Take a look at your websites: Engagement Why and How Ex. Resource Library- Dominicans Messaging Audience POV Ex. Demographic Menu Bar- Boiler Catholics Brand familiarity and legitimacy STAY on Website...All the Time Ex. Online Giving- SJC Inspiration YouTube number 2 search engine Ex. Holy Family Academy

11 Where are we? Audit Questions ●What’s the need or problem the organization addresses? ●What are they doing about it? ●How effective are they? Results? Stories? ●Do they need my help? Why? ●What will they do with my money/time/effort?

12 Website Development for Religious Organizations ➢ Keep your donation pages on your website ➢ Explain your history visually and artistically! ➢ How have you impacted your world- “Show Me” Tools ➢ How to engage all age demographics- Homepage Layout ➢ Answer: Where do you want to go in the future? What is your success story?

13 Email Integration Can’t have a website be successful without email and can’t have email marketing be successful without a website Opportunity to drive to website via e-blast page layout Easy access to sign-up- testing user experience Segmentation Examples and Integration

14 Email Marketing for Religious Organizations ➢ STOP heavy messaging ➢ Don’t forget to inspire; human face ➢ Remain sensitive to the call to act ➢ Segment, segment, segment....segment ➢ Test users interest and layouts- analytics! Don’t Be Afraid of an Email Campaign!

15 Email Success Stories ●Increase traffic ○ Share Links; Social Media; Forward to Friend ●Engage supporters ○ Share Their Story; Survey; Poll Questions; Pictures ●Retain volunteers ○ Spotlights; Awards; Impact Stories; Current Needs

16 Social Media Integration Streamline the updating process Case Study: Enhance YOUR brand, not theirs Case Study: Questions vs. Notifications

17 Social Media Management Tools Social Media Monthly Audit Where is your audience Define realistic expectations Short-term vs. Long-term goals BufferApp, Hootsuite, TweetDeck, SproutSocial, Crowdbooster, Bitly Remember, important but NOT replacement

18 My Web: The next generation of engagement “The Facebook Tragedy” “When I was younger, my mom had a Facebook.” ( “Facebook makes us sad.” facebook/story?id=18668978&singlePage=true facebook/story?id=18668978&singlePage=true “On Facebook, we are no longer just users, we are data.” Facebook is like a toilet, everyone has one.

19 Another Platform? Not Really... Why Go Internal: People are looking for community Communication channels among staff are complicated Privacy and exclusivity Easily adaptable and convenient How Different: Not everyone is invited You control the content- No Ads! More targeted segmentation/analysis Easily integrated into other web communications

20 Best just to demonstrate... DBD staging site: ●Members ●Groups ●Posts ●Public or Private ●Send or Accept Invites ●Library of Resources ●Library of Media

21 Internal Social Media Network ➔ Engage Supporters ➔ Retain Volunteers ➔ Increase Web Traffic ➔ Communication with Staff ➔ Streamline the Work

22 What will your organization look like in 2020? Story of the First Catholic PR Team...

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