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Amilia E-commerce for your organization. Company Mission Helping organizations increase their revenue and streamline their operations by enabling them.

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1 Amilia E-commerce for your organization

2 Company Mission Helping organizations increase their revenue and streamline their operations by enabling them to benefit from electronic and mobile commerce.

3 About Amilia SaaS technology company (Software as a Solution) Privately owned, with offices in Montreal & Palo Alto Fast growing – doubled the number of employees in last year (2013) Over 300,000 people have used Amilia to buy memberships or activities Over 1.5MM transactions have been processed through Amilia in the last 2 years

4 Organizations we help Organizations selling activities, events, classes, memberships, merchandise and receiving donations.

5 The Platform Amilia’s e-commerce platform is designed to increase revenue and streamline organizations operations by providing an always-on virtual storefront, a built-in merchant account, a robust client/Customer Relationship Management database, a flexible reporting engine, and a collection of superior marketing tools like the Amilia online directory designed to help organizations increase their reach.

6 Francois Gaouette CEO Before founding Amilia, François was a venture capitalist at Propulsion Ventures for over 15 years. He led investments in over 20 start-up companies in the software and internet industry with success at companies like Taleo (TLEO), Datawire Communication (sold to FDC), Airborne Entertainment (sold to Cybird) and Streamtheworld (Sold to Triton Digital Media). Francois was either an active board member or was involved in each of these portfolio companies, providing management support and strategic guidance in operational activities, competitive positioning, market trends, business development and financial strategies. Francois holds a Master’s degree in Finance from the University of Sherbrooke. He is also a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA.) and a member of the CFA Institute

7 FAQs  How can Amilia save organizations time and money? Our customers can tell us - online registration improve many aspects of their operation by automating processes and reducing many manual administrative tasks. Consider for a minute all of the labor involved with onsite registration, payment, and manual data entry alone. The costs associated with running after payments, transaction reconciliation, printed materials, mail outs, and even website updates will be greatly diminished.  Do we process memberships as well as activity payments? Amilia can process all sorts of payments. Memberships, tickets, donations and even promotional items such as t-shirts can be paid through Amilia. Amilia can manage and keep track of memberships, by ensuring that a participant has purchased the necessary membership before he can register to an activity or buy a product.

8 FAQs  What happens to your participant, member and potential client data? All of the information entered into your Amilia account is entirely owned and controlled by you. All of this data is encrypted and stored in a highly secured, monitored facility and transmitted using the toughest security Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Amilia cannot and will not use your data without your written permission, ever. We will never spam or sell your registrants’ information to anyone  Are other forms of payments than by credit card available? Do you handle recurring payments? As an administrator, you will have control over the type of offline payments you want to offer to your participants. Amilia allows you to accept and record online as well as offline payments by cash or check if you wish. Our application enables you to also manage re- occurring payments in the form of pre-authorized credit card payments. Upon setting up the rules, Amilia will automatically process these payments based on the amounts and dates that you will have specified.

9 Press Releases Amilia Enterprises Launches Store Feature to Complement Successful Organization Management Platform. The Amilia Store takes online registration, membership management, and online payment processing to next level and picks up where traditional e-commerce platforms such as Amazon leaves off for non-profit organizations, associations and sports clubs. (22 Nov)

10 Press Releases Amilia Enterprises, Inc. Launches Already Successful Registration and Membership Platform in the US. Amilia Enterprises brings online registration, membership management, merchandising and online payment processing platform to the US market and picks up where traditional ecommerce platforms leave off for non-profits, associations and sports clubs. (Nov 25)

11 Keep in touch Facebook Twitter Linkedin

12 Contact Information Palo Alto, USA 530 Lytton Avenue, 2nd Floor Palo Alto, CA, 94301 USA Montreal, Canada 1751 Richardson St., Suite 3.105 Montreal, QC, H3K 1G6 Canada Website http://www.amilia.com Blog http://blog.amilia.com Contact: Ashley Wood (Community Manager) Phone number 1-877-343-0004 x612 Contact: Kristen Goecke (Email Marketing Manager) Phone number 1-877-343-0004 x612

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