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College of Letters & Science introducing Student Advising Portal.

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1 College of Letters & Science introducing Student Advising Portal

2 Inefficient use of time (GPA calculation, balance point calculation) Paper File System Only one counselor at a time Handwriting can be difficult to read Misplaced files No search capabilities Multiple websites or projects Online Appointment Systems Subject to Dismissal Degree Certification GPA Graphing and Calculation Tool Banner Duplication of programming code No inter-collegiate or departmental sharing Students playing advisors against counselors No students self-service portal

3 Streamline Advising and Processes Online Forms & Petition Reduce paper files and physical storage space One shop stop for advisors and counselors Student self service portal Integration of multiple applications Multiple colleges and departments collaboration Messaging system (Student Affairs) Streamline interaction between departments, colleges and Registrar

4 Course Registration Financial Aid Student Account & Cashier Student Advising Portal Contact Information Commencement Registration Online Course Evaluation Others Full Course SearchShopping CartClass Registration My AwardsMy FormsScholarship ApplicationStudent EmploymentAccount SummaryMyBill LinkDeferred Payment PlanCahsier’s Payment EmailText messagingChat – Instant Message Comm. RegistrationFile to Graduate

5 GPA Tools & Graphs Interactive Course List Electronic Forms and Petition Missing Prerequisite Online Appointment System (LS current) Course Planning (future) Registration Audits (LS current) Student’s Notes & Files Reports Electronic Forms and Petition Subject to Dismissal (L&S current) Appointment System Management (L&S current) Degree Certification (Version 2) Contact System (Student Affairs) Students and Advisors Advisors only

6 Adoption – 3 of the 4 colleges are actively participating Engineering is in the process of joining Funding source Priorities – different groups have different priorities Programming resources Hiring qualified programmers Cost to maintain the system

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