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Kaltura Presentation The Future of Media in Education: Kaltura Cross-Campus Media Suite.

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1 Kaltura Presentation The Future of Media in Education: Kaltura Cross-Campus Media Suite

2 Introduction & Overview Open Source Multi Media Platform HQ in NYC, Offices in San Francisco, London, Tel-Aviv Video solutions for ANY site: o Media and entertainment o Enterprise o Education o Service providers Offering both SaaS & On-prem solutions Strong partner, reseller & OEM ecosystem Commercial & Open Source Solutions Our Vision L. A. M. P. K

3 Sample Customers Publishers Advertisers

4 Sample Customers Education Enterprise Resellers

5 Kaltura Education Solutions

6 Why a Media Management Solution A preferred means for students to consume content o Supports increased engagement, improved results and teaching effectiveness especially when centered around online learning o Multi Modal interaction o Multi Media interaction in college is a preferred “soft skill” for careers after Large difference in situational fluency between student and faculty Technological barriers for Higher Education to deploy o Bandwidth / streaming services o Many codex / advanced transcoding issues o Growing landscape of end user devices o Electronic Copyright / DRM No school really wants another enterprise application

7 Key Education Use Cases Video for Teaching and Learning o Increase student engagement and retention o Support diverse learning styles o Streamline course creation Video for Distance Education o Reduce costs of class delivery o Enable interactive assignments and build community Video for Libraries & Campus Media Teams o Enable discovery, use, and display of legacy media o Streamline video authoring and distribution Video for Marketing, Admissions, and Alumni o Enable deeper engagement from prospective students and alumni o Communicate school branding and messaging more effectively o Enable sharing and collaboration across broader community

8 Kaltura 360 Strategy 8 Live Events Campus YouTube Video in the LMS Campus Websites Libraries & Archives Clubs and Activities Central Media Services Athletics, Alumni & Admissions Kaltura Platform

9 Kaltura Cross-Campus Media Suite Key Components: o Core Platform w/ Kaltura Management Console Hosted or Self-Hosted o Learning Management System Extensions: Blackboard, Moodle, Sakai, Desire2Learn o Kaltura MediaSpace™ - a campus "YouTube“ or Media Destination Site o Content Management System Extensions Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, SharePoint Additional Tools: o Online editing, live Streaming, mobile, iPad, and HTML5 support o Integration into SSO and LDAP environments o Video-PPT Slide Sync, 508 Compliant Player, and Subtitling

10 10

11 UVA, Yale, and NYU Cross-Campus Video Solution LMS

12 MIT TechTV MIT – this leading university selected Kaltura to power video for its MIT TechTV site, the university's video-sharing site for the MIT community.

13 University of Southern California Online Degree program for University of Southern California with full rich-media capabilities Full custom integration with the Moodle LMS and all program content UGC capabilities – uploading, commenting, etc. Supports course work, and student submissions PPT widget allowing for professors to present synchronized video and PPT slides

14 University of Pennsylvania UPenn – university program that presents full lectures for students using the Kaltura platform. Content is uploaded and managed via the Kaltura Management Console. (Private site)

15 Selected Clients University of Virginia University of Southern California Yale MIT Princeton Cornell Rutgers Penn State Casper College UNC Charlotte Rice University University of Texas Columbia Business School Houston Community College Pearson Education 2tor Texas Instruments 15

16 Cross-Campus Media Suite: Key Applications

17 Kaltura Management Console uploading & importing transcoding controls content management scheduling access control moderation player design playlist publishing syndication feeds advertising analytics & reporting

18 Kaltura MediaSpace: A Campus “YouTube” or Destination Site

19 MediaSpace – Key Use Cases Internal Website o Campus YouTube o Portal to distribute lecture capture files o Library portal o Teaching and learning– video assignments, teaching materials for courses, departmental content External Website o Video Channel portal o Public Communications and Marketing o Campus Events, Live Lectures

20 Learning Management System Extensions

21 Media in the LMS – Key Challenges Complex Workflows System Performance o large media files slow the system to a halt No Playback o no integrated media streaming, transcoding, or delivery tools Security, Authentication, and Copyright o no way to secure content and make accessible to certain courses Authoring o no toolset for admins, teachers, and students to author, edit, and record

22 Media in the LMS – Integration Points Media on the landing page My Media “library” for each student in the US Course Media Library Adding Media Content to “Course Content” section (ie. resources, items) Video Assignments Video-PPT Presentations SSO to Kaltura Management Console

23 Content Management System Extensions & Application Exchange


25 Mobile Support iPad / iPhone / Smart Phone delivery Custom mobile apps Mobile Upload more…

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