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Using SharePoint as a Collaboration Tool Matthew Zimmerman UT Southwestern Medical Center May 27 th, 2011.

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1 Using SharePoint as a Collaboration Tool Matthew Zimmerman UT Southwestern Medical Center May 27 th, 2011

2 Agenda What is SharePoint? Goals Before SharePoint? Challenges/Issues Encountered Assessment

3 SharePoint Microsoft Web Application Platform Intranet Portal Content/Document Management Blogs, Wikis, Discussion, Workflows.

4 Goals Facilitate communication and access to information Provide a single, secure and reliable access point to the Library’s internal information Streamline the management and distribution of documents Streamline internal workflows

5 Before SharePoint Multiple logins Need to learn multiple applications Some applications difficult to use Difficult/time consuming to find information

6 Implementation Task force formed January 2007 Survey Library staff Environmental scan (e.g. Confluence, Drupal, Joomla, SiteScape, SharePoint) Download and test products Decided on SharePoint Launch site on April 2008

7 Why SharePoint? Top Five Staff Requests: – Search site and documents – Email notifications – Calendars – Integration with Windows Login – Site Directory

8 StaffWeb Site Map

9 Main uses Staff Blog Unit Sites Team Sites Calendars Strategic Planning

10 StaffWeb Tour






16 What we like Robust/scalable Network drive searching Workflows (calendar/strategic planning) Staffblog Windows

17 Challenges/Issues Encountered Customization of the interface Calendar issues – integration with GroupWise, calendar merging

18 Assessment Began assessment of StaffWeb’s effectiveness and value added to Library in 10/08.

19 Assessment - Quantitative LinkBase 2007 (pre-StaffWeb) – Home page visits/day: 41 – No. of internal blogs: 17 – Blog authors: 16 (31% of staff members) StaffWeb June 2008/June 2009 – Page requests/day: 782 / 843 – Distinct users: 57/59 – No. of searches: 301/329 – No. of internal blogs: 18 – Blog authors: 43 (83% of staff members)

20 Assessment - Quantitative Average requests per day over past 30 days: 694 Distinct users over past 30 days: 56 Queries Over Past 30 Days: 200

21 Assessment - Qualitative 11/08 SurveyMonkey survey – 86% staff members responded – 6 questions What staff is using% Response Calendars (e.g. Who’s Out, time-off request etc.)93.2% Staff blog88.6% Minutes65.9% Other blogs (e.g. unit, team, task forces)52.3% Wikis (e.g. policies and procedures)47.7% Task list (e.g. unit, team, taskforces, individual)45.5%

22 Assessment – Qualitative (cont.) StaffWeb effectiveness ratings: FunctionNot Effective Somewhat Effective Very Effective Collaboration and communication among staff 9.1%56.8%34.1% Management and distribution of information 2.3%36.4%61.4% Information retrieval through search11.4%61.4%27.3% Ease of access2.3%31.8%65.9% Management and distribution of documents 15.9%52.3%31.8% Workflow (e.g. time-off request)4.5%22.7%72.7%

23 Assessment – Qualitative (cont.) Usability testing using TechSmith Morae software 6 Library staff members with differing technical skills invited 13 tasks and some open ended questions Findings consistent the general SurveyMonkey survey results

24 Assessment - Outcome Outcomes attributed to the deployment of StaffWeb – Improved Library staff communication without clogging up mailboxes – Fostered sense of content ownership – Bring staff up-to-date with Web 2.0 technologies – Freed DSTP staff to work on other priorities – Consolidated information silos resulting in secured and easy access – Enabled single search across multiple repositories – Streamlined workflows for a number of tasks (e.g. time-off request, strategic planning submission and tracking

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