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CLASS November 28, 2012. Presenters Carol L. Schlein, Esq. Law Office Systems, Inc., member of Lawtopia LLC Montclair NJ Jaimie Field, Esq. MarketingField.

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1 CLASS November 28, 2012

2 Presenters Carol L. Schlein, Esq. Law Office Systems, Inc., member of Lawtopia LLC Montclair NJ Jaimie Field, Esq. MarketingField Parsippany NJ

3 Agenda Best Technology Practices Lawyers Should Use How to Rid your Office of the Clutter and Find Documents Easier Social Media for Rainmaking without Losing Your License

4 Improve Your Customer Service Using Technology effectively will allow you to Cut expenses Do work more efficiently Earn more money Provide better service to existing clients Attract new (and better) clients

5 Best Technology Practices Lawyers Should Use Keep Hardware and Software Current Don’t fall too far behind Linked applications can wreak havoc Re-evaluate needs regularly Use upgrades as opportunity to review best practices and streamline workflow Focus on ways to improve service to clients and attract new ones

6 Email Dos and Don’ts DO: Have your own domain ( Annual Cost: Less than $15.00! DON’T: Use AOL/ Gmail/ Yahoo address as your business email

7 Choosing the right email option Focus on your goals Shared information within your office Links to other applications Smartphone sync Reliability

8 Email Options Outlook v. Exchange v. Hosted Exchange v. Google Apps Hosted Exchange best option for up to 5 mailboxes Exchange offers web based access syncing to phones syncing to practice management programs Can also get inexpensive websites and blog sites

9 Hosted Exchange options Costs start at $6/ mailbox per month Microsoft 365 Appriver Mailstreet Hybrid options for different users (Rackspace)

10 Master Email Basics Learn advanced search options Know how to create folders Master steps to create rules Consider tools that improve efficiency (not saving duplicate emails) Set procedures for managing email attachments

11 Don’t be Interruption Driven! Check your email no more than 3 times per day A 2002 study found it takes an average of 64 seconds to recover your train of thought from an interruption Other studies report even longer recovery times.

12 Using Email for Marketing and Client Development Join local and practice specific email lists Create Client Newsletters or Emails using

13 Online Collaboration Tools Online meeting software Can be used to edit documents More efficient than sending drafts by email Remote training Conference calls Webinars for clients and prospects Instant messenger tools for getting quick answers Electronic Whiteboard

14 Software for Collaborating GotoMeeting Webex Skype Lync (Part of Microsoft 365) Facebook Messenger Get comfortable with Presentation Programs like PowerPoint

15 Instant Messenger Tools For quick instant messages, voice or video chats with clients or colleagues Skype Microsoft Lync Facebook Messenger

16 Remote Access Access office files remotely Tech support assistance Accommodate employees’ lives


18 Getting Feedback with Surveys Good for getting client feedback Learn what your firm is doing right and wrong Ask potential clients questions SurveyMonkey


20 Share Your Favorite Smartphone App/ Tip SoundHound Pandora Decide CardioTrainer

21 Questions?

22 How to Rid your Office of the Clutter and Find Documents Easier

23 What Do You Need? Must Haves: Plenty of storage on your network server or workstation Scanner Printer Organized document storage system Reliable off-site backup Nice to Have: Tablet or laptop computer for electronic note taking Dual (or more) Monitors Microphone for voice recognition and digital dictation Document Management Software

24 Technology to Streamline Paper Digital Dictation (e.g. Grundig) Voice Recognition software (e.g. Dragon Naturally Speaking) Combining dictation and voice recognition

25 Software Options Adobe Acrobat Paperport Twain-compliant Document Management Software Worldox Imanage NetDocuments As part of practice management program DropBox/ Box and online storage

26 Scanner Options High Speed Standalone Desktop or Portable scanners Sheet feeder option/ Flat Bed As part of a Digital Copier

27 Considerations in Getting Started Going paperless is a process, not a solution to a problem It will not “fix” a flawed process Can make consolidated file management more difficult Need to consider how will the data be organized? Requires strict adherence to defined processes Easier to do in smaller firms

28 How to Get Started Treat this as a project Define the end result / how to measure Set Reasonable Goals Don’t over complicate things Plan It Do it [ DON’T START HERE! ] Evaluate

29 Can Law Firms Truly be Paperless? No… but we can drastically reduce the amount of paper we handle and save a few more trees

30 Easy Ways to Use Less Paper Don’t print when possible Don’t print emails to read or put in your file Dual monitors allow for easier on-screen editing E-File when available Rethink your filing systems Do you really need file copies? Can you scan bank deposits? Use Electronic Banking

31 Sharing information by email is quicker and faster but… Need system for email management Consider alternatives within your office Don’t email internal documents within your office or forward incoming attachments

32 Tips for Reducing Paper Get Adobe Acrobat (not Reader) to send exact copies of documents Shareware or Word /WordPerfect option to make PDF Use Adobe or OCR programs to convert to readable text Get Metadata scrubbers to eliminate sending hidden information to adversaries Send and receive faxes as emails or just send email Consider small scanners like Fujitsu ScanSnap at key desks for easy scanning CardMinder can be used to scan business cards

33 Managing your Documents with Less Paper Use a Document Management Program to save electronic files and emails to Cases Create and Manage Forms Better Set up merges or use templates for “standard” documents Client Intake via website Work “in the cloud”?

34 Use More of Your Practice Management Program Use a Practice Management Program to limit physical files Replace pink Phone slips with electronic phone messages Use electronic calendar instead of “Red Book” Replace “Memos to File” with case notes

35 Develop Document Retention Policies Get rid of older paper files Don’t allow files to be closed before cleaning out unneeded papers Include email in your office policies Create procedures for attachments sent to multiple people

36 Billing with Less Paper Enter your time directly instead of on paper Use your smart phone or online tools for capturing billable time Print out weekly report if need backup rather than daily time sheets Send bills to clients by email Eliminate “cover letters” with bills

37 RAFFLE!!!! Win a Free ScanSnap S1100 and help setting it up!! Price $197.99 1 sided USB Adapter only.77 lbs Link with me on Linkedin or Like my Law Office Systems Facebook page before Dec 1 st to be eligible

38 Questions? About Carol Schlein, Esq. CAROL@LOSINC.COM973-746-6454 President, Law Office Systems, Inc., Montclair NJ Member of Lawtopia LLC (national consulting firm)

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