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Copeland Membership Engagement Questionnaire Feedback.

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1 Copeland Membership Engagement Questionnaire Feedback

2 Current results are 24/45 GP’s Representation from all practices except Seascale Health Centre 7 out of 9 Exec Reps (not including David Rogers) 8 leading in other areas (Prescribing, Referral etc) 9 individual GP’s Background

3 Understanding & Knowledge Current understanding of the CCG Commission Services NHS Community Secondary Care Private Companies Strategic view of Cumbria needs (Planning) Effectively manage resources Assess health needs (Planning) Replace PCT Support Exec decision making Federation of GP locality groups Improve health care Membership Organisation

4 Understanding & Knowledge Lack of influence Influence Increasing impact on servicesPrioritising targets/services Informs of NHS changes, current problems, new services Decision Making – Prescribing/Referrals Top down approach Not apparent at ‘ground level’ Expect support, develop, operationalize locality decisions – often doesn’t How does the CCG influence you & your work?

5 Understanding & Knowledge Current Roles & Responsibilities Exec Make decisions based on people of Copeland Represent patients & colleagues Study trends & manage resources Attend meetings Provide knowledge & expertise of the locality Other Lead Feedback & keep abreast of local issues Look after patientsActively engageNo Idea?! GP Ensure services represent Locality FeedbackA voice in decisions Ensure patient access to appropriate healthcare

6 Understanding & Knowledge What type of role & responsibilities would you like to have? Remain None As current Can’t take on any more Continue at grass roots level Not sure yet, as unclear how CCG and Localities work. Request Contribute to overall commissioning strategy Individual GP’s views are heard more More input in how services are provided Feed into meetings with Commissioners

7 Understanding & Knowledge Locality Support Team Make things happen Implement locality decisions Liaise service & need in locality Commission services Support GP’s and exec The Go-To People with queries Research, monitor, negotiate, finance, management Inform & action decisions Solve issues Data collection & system protocol Never heard of them?!

8 Expectations, Performance & Improvement Expectations of Copeland Locality & Support Team Implement & guide vision & decisions Reduce Spending Make positive difference to daily work in the practice & to patients Timely access to services Flexibility in where to refer patients with minimum interference and hoop jumping Streamline referral services & options Listen Address issues of contracting, poor quality, inequity and gaps of provision

9 Expectations, Performance & Improvement What is going well? More Engagement Support from Locality Team Each Practice Represented STINT Positive Local Initiatives Structure & Fair Decision Making Robust discussions and comms Motivation & Enthusiastic Team

10 Engagement & Communication

11 Engagement & Communication Barriers of Engagement Skills, Experience, Resources Busy Time Workload Recruitment Politics Someone else’s responsibility Pressure Administration and hoop jumping

12 Engagement & Communication

13 How can engagement be improved? Short and relevant newsletters to GP’s Succinct Email (relevant title, minimal information and no attachments) followed by visit Occasionally open meetings and ask for support from all GP’s Engage hospital staff Continue brief updates on key issues and decisions that need to be made Don’t increase work load on the ground Timely dissemination and communication of information Coverage and availability of meetings including minutes in advance

14 Time & Resource’s What issues are a priority to you? Do my job well & offer expert clinical care to all my patients Expand the GP workforce & preserve General Practice Improve district nursing provision Frail Elderly & Children's Services Inexorable demand from patients and politicians Existing community servicesHealth Visitors & Midwifes Proactive action on health problem areas - Obesity/Alcohol/Smoking Develop secondary care services in Primary Care Mental Health & Crisis Team (Referral) DASH Palliative Care unit running properly Good and timely access to services West Cumberland Hospital as a District General Hospital Resources in Primary Care High increasing demand and lack of respect to doctors Quality of secondary care services Out of Hours Service Relationship between GP’s and community services affecting continuity of care Health care management in CCG and Clinical work should go hand in hand More time to spend with patients. Less admin

15 Time & Resources What changes, developments or investments are you keen to see delivered in the locality Approach Joined up care hospital to home Coordination with social services Greater direct control of community services User Friendly Accurate time line when change will be implemented Regular meetings and improve communications with local secondary care colleagues for better understanding and care More support for small practices Current Services Streamline Crisis Teams Safe & responsive local hospital Develop neurology (long wait time & appalling communication) Patients education resources (alcohol, obesity, mental health) Improvements in Mental Health Care Increase consultants in substantive posts at WCH and less locum’s Improve quality of secondary care New Services Practice based district nurses Development of office based consultant services in Primary Care (e.g. Urology, Gynaecology) Community geriatric and psychogeriatric support for residential and nursing home patients and other house bound patients. Continue Good OOH CHOC care Support of local secondary care services for patients Availability and direct access to expert specialist nurses (e.g. Parkinson’s, MS, Diabetes, Vascular Stoma). Improving services and care for frail elderly and vulnerable children.

16 Time & Resources What issues would you like the locality team to address on your behalf and keep you informed about? Improved options for patients with less acute medical needs Return to Practice based Nursing teams Better relationships with consultant colleagues & social care services Mental Health Team, obesity, alcohol, smoking. Minor surgery Update on projects and transparent deadlines & objectives Timely communication (electronic forum?) Access for GP referral for MRI scans, ECHO, 24 hour tapes & endoscopy

17 Alyssa Brown Copeland Locality Cleator Moor Health Centre Cleator Moor Cumbria CA25 5HP Tel: 01946 853325 Tel: 07917 277018 email

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