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Welcome Ohio Coalition of Appraisal Professionals.

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1 Welcome Ohio Coalition of Appraisal Professionals

2 Sharon Chard Professional Profile:  IT Industry – Networking and Infrastructure – 20 yrs Government and Private Industry  Realtor – 1999-2013 (Hoeting, Century 21) Medium and Large Company  Member, Vice Chair and Chair of MLS Users and Operations (2000-2009)  Past member of Circle of Excellence, OAR Presidents Club

3 Goals Figure out what I am doing Build Relationships Build a Partnership with Members Be more interactive with Members Identify and Evaluate Value Add Services Provide great Customer Service How ………….

4 Ideas Identify Better Communications Tools Modified Website to highlight NEW features – less clutter Social Media integration Evaluate Improvement/Approval Process Streamline timeline for approval from Committee/Directors Evaluate and Implement better Mobile Tools Evaluate value add tools Paperless Tools, Statistics (cost) Streamline Validation Requirements (1 page form )

5 Sales Concessions Implemented July 12, 2013

6 Seller Concessions Positive Selling of the Fields Requested input from Appraiser Communication Avenues Connecting with CincyMLS email Login Message Email to Brokers, Managers and Admins Other Suggestions?

7 Living Area (sqft) Available with Realist 2 implementation Differences between Counties: In Butler we are getting Basement Finished Sq Ft from the Auditor so any area noted as “finished” from the basement is included in the Realist Building Sq Ft value. We did not get that basement data from Hamilton Co so for that county, the Realist Building Sq Ft is only above grade finished areas. So it looks to depend on what the county provides us and also possibly capture logic. Our Building Sq Ft field is any noted finished area and our Total Sq Ft or Gross Sq Ft is anything under the roof.

8 Square Footage Backfilling existing/old listings: The plan is for Rapattoni to create a list of all listings with their address and parcel ID # (if on existed) and send that file to Realist. Realist will then run a script to match parcel ID and/or address and fill in all the square footages available for that property into the file. Once completed, Rapattoni receives that files and loads it into our listings. NOTE: This data will ONLY be searchable and not exportable via Rapattoni. How far back should the data be backfilled? XX Years?

9 Q & A Questions ??

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