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ENERGY FIT Financing, Incentives, and Training for Remodels and Retrofits.

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1 ENERGY FIT Financing, Incentives, and Training for Remodels and Retrofits

2 What is Energy FIT  County-wide energy efficiency program with YVSC, SBC and county and city partners  Work with local contractors, financial institutions, home and business owners  Streamline process to energy efficiency upgrades and retrofits

3 Desired outcomes of Energy FIT  Streamline financial process for EE upgrades  Develop pool of local qualified contractors  Increase local economic opportunities  Develop an EE model  Healthy, comfortable and safe homes and businesses

4 Who is iCAST?  iCAST – International Center for Appropriate and Sustainable Technology  Colorado-based nonprofit  Provides economic, environmental, and social benefits to communities in a manner that builds local capacity  Projects promote a triple bottom-line approach to community development through the creation of social enterprises in the clean energy, waste utilization and sustainable agriculture space

5 What is Resource Smart?  iCAST program focused on EE projects  Goal is to develop a locally sustainable program  Local contractors complete most stages of the energy efficiency project  iCAST provides:  Training for contractors  Back-office management  Assistance with financial coordination  Inspection and monitoring of completed projects

6 How would it work for a building owner

7 How does it work for a contractor  Benefits  Expands business services  Free marketing and outreach support  Additional income from Resource Smart project leads  Contractor industry areas  Energy Assessments  HVAC  Plumbing  Insulation  Air Sealing

8 Where are we in the process?  We are 6 to 8 months out to launching the program  Steps to get there  Sponsors County City Chamber  Contractor Training  Pilot Program  Launch

9 More Information  Talk to someone with YVSC  Visit iCAST’s website  Visit Resource Smart’s website

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