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Find out How Switchvox is a Better Way to Communicate:

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1 Switchvox It’s More than a Phone System - It’s a Better Way to Communicate

2 Find out How Switchvox is a Better Way to Communicate:
Today’s Topics: Who is Who is Digium? What is Switchvox? Switchvox Benefits Switchvox Features Switchvox TCO Switchvox Resources Presenters – This presentation is modular. Meaning, you can pull out pieces depending on the audience. Here are the following sections: Who is Digium? What is Switchvox and it’s key value messages? What are the features included in Switchvox? What is Switchvox TCO? Where can I find out more information?

3 Who is

4 is one of the largest privately held voice service providers in the state of Florida.
Founded in 1987 has adapted to the ever-changing Communications Industry. hosted VoIP services give small to midsized businesses the ability to compete in today’s technology heavy world without significant financial investment. VoIP services bring your PBX to the Cloud, allowing you to use phones anywhere with a high speed Internet connection.

5 is more than a hardware vendor, we offer turnkey telephony solutions.
As a digium Switchvox Partner we sell all Switchvox PBX Appliances. also provides Virtual Switchvox PBX solutions, eliminating the need to buy the PBX appliance. also can eliminate the need for your traditional telephone service provider by delivering your phone lines virtually via SIP.

6 In case you were wondering.... TRACI is an acronym for offers big savings in you monthly phone service bill. Not to mention, you have one monthly bill for all your telecommunications needs. also offers personal customer care leaving behind the long hold times of traditional telephone companies. Cutting edge technology, great customer care, local and long distance savings! In case you were wondering.... TRACI is an acronym for TRANSMIT, RECEIVE, AND COMMUNICATE INFORMATION.

7 Who is Digium?

8 Digium is the Developer and Maintainer of Asterisk, the world’s most widely deployed Open Source Communications Project 8

9 Digium’s Business Breakdown
Digium Products This section is really to provide buyer-confidence. Asterisk has been around for 11 years. The Asterisk Community continues to grow. And, here (read slide) is how Digium breaks up it’s solutions around Asterisk. 9

10 Digium’s Business Phone System
Switchvox - provides a full-featured Unified Communications system at a price SMBs can afford. Ease-of-use operation Sophisticated features Integration with desktop tools/applications Local Support Supports up to 400 users 10

11 Why Switchvox? All features included Many products in one
Interoperability No vendor lock-in Lowest TCO and Impressive ROI

12 What our Customers are saying:
“Switchvox gives us the ability to better understand our customer service and sales processes. It has already helped us to identify some ways to streamline Our customer service and sales processes. This is a great system.” Carin Obad – General Manager/CTO Highland Products Group

13 Interoperability Built-on open standards and protocols
Easily integrates with existing phones, networking hardware, and third-party business applications Reduces costly upgrades by supporting existing networks. It gives customers more choices and more interoperability since it works with their existing network infrastructure. One of the things our customers have told us that they love about it is that it can work with their SIP phone of choice – Polycom, snom, or Aastra.

14 John Orlando - Directory of IT Services
EASY TO USE Switchboard Control from Endpoints It is easy to get your work done b/c it is so easy to use. it works the way you want it to – you can see on your phone, your screen, and your mobile smart phone, a visual display of who is calling. You can integrate Sales Force or other CRM applications with your phone system. So, when a caller calls into your phone system, you can see automatically their record in Sales Force, where they are calling from with Google Maps, any TS records, etc. You phone system is now working for you, saving you time. “I have used for two deployments so far and the simplicity and quality of service is fantastic. One of the biggest hurdles in deploying a new technology is user acceptance. Our users have really embraced the new technology and have nothing but good things to say about From a support standpoint support is fantastic and personal. I highly recommend to anyone looking to deploy a voice over IP solution.” John Orlando - Directory of IT Services Smart Cremations

15 Many Products in One

16 Key Switchvox Features

17 The Switchboard - An Interactive, Real-Time Display of Your Switchvox Calls

18 Game-Changing Fixed Mobile Convergence Work where and how you want to work
Converge up to 5 phones with your Switchvox extension at no additional cost Maintain your presence no matter which phone you are using Supports any phone and connection – VoIP, analog, and mobile The InCall Menus allow for seamless transfers and recording of calls from any phone No mobile applications are required to make FMC work in Switchvox.

19 Switchvox Mobile Applications
Make Calls on Your Mobile Phone from Switchvox Access Call Rules, Voic , Directory and More Supported on iPhone and Blackberry Smartphones

20 Detailed Reporting Create actionable items to service your callers based on data retrieved from the built-in Switchvox reports and logs

21 Switchvox Reports and Logs
See logs on all of your call and types of services Export log data to Excel or in an XML-friendly output Easily integrate with the API Automatically trigger events based on log/report data Staff your queues based on detailed reporting information

22 Microsoft Integration
See your unread s, calendar appointments and more with each incoming call

23 Call Recording Easily schedule call recordings
Allow users to record on-demand Automatically export recordings to another server

24 Extend Your Phone System 3rd Party Application Integration
Available 3rd Party Apps: Salesforce.Com SugarCRM Google Maps Switchvox Notifier Firedialer Developer-friendly Extend API available for other third party-application integration AsteriskExchange Switchvox Apps Category

25 Collaboration: Conferencing – Every user can have their own conference # Video Calling – Supports HD Audio and Video Calls Chat – Built-in XMPP Server/Client Presence – See co-worker’s status Unified Messaging – voic to

26 Built-in Call Queues/ACD
Customizable Call Queues Flexible Call Routing Options No extra licensing per queue agent/manager Detailed Reporting

27 Interactive Voice Response
Highly flexible IVR Editor Supports multiple sound prompts and languages Easily integrates with the API to trigger events in third- party applications

28 Why Switchvox is the Best Value

29 Switchvox – Lowest TCO The previous slide considered your capital investments. Now, look over the course of five years – the numbers keep getting better.

30 Switchvox can save you > 60%
The previous slide considered your capital investments. Now, look over the course of five years – the numbers keep getting better.

31 Switchvox Monthly Costs
Another look at pricing is the per-user charge for a phone system. Switchvox can be positioned as low as $6.31 per user. These figures assume a mid-level phones, do include a 5 year maintenance and subscription license and warranty costs. Over the course of 5 years – a company would be paying $6/month per user.

32 Competitive Pricing Compare those numbers to how ShoreTel positions their low-cost pricing. In that same space you are paying $21/user and this does not include the phone or additional applications.

33 The Section 179 Deduction What is the Section 179 deduction?
Business tax deduction Full purchase price deduction Government incentive What is “Bonus” Depreciation? Depreciation deduction New Equipment purchases What are these tax benefits? Section 179 and Bonus depreciation deductions are elements of the tax code that have been amended by Congress in efforts to stimulate the U.S. economy by encouraging businesses to purchase equipment. Not new, but there have been significant amendments for 2011. Simply stated, the Section 179 deduction allows businesses to deduct the FULL purchase price of qualifying equipment during the year of purchase. So, if you purchase qualifying equipment you can deduct the FULL purchase price from your gross income when calculating taxable income. “Bonus” deprecation? First define depreciation. A method of expensing the cost of equipment over its useful life, resulting in lower taxable income and lower taxes. The IRS has rules surrounding how quickly a company can depreciate the equipment. Bonus depreciation is an additional depreciation deduction allowed on qualifying property in the year it is placed in service. Takeaway – This helps your cash flow since you get the full benefit of the tax deduction in the year of purchase!

34 Switchvox – A Smarter Approach to Unified Communications

35 For More Information visit -
“Switchvox has streamlined our operation and made it much more efficient, as well as giving us the accurate reporting that we were unable to get with our previous system.” Andrew Miller – Customer Service Manager


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