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THE LEARNING RESOURCE CENTER Planning Priorities for 2009-2010.

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1 THE LEARNING RESOURCE CENTER Planning Priorities for 2009-2010

2 Goal #4 Enhance the teaching and learning process through the provision of adequate, up-to-date equipment and learning resources that are accessible to users and in formats consistent with prevailing technologies suitable to the college’s needs and goals.

3 Planning Priorities for 2009-2010  Streamline & Improve Processes  Can we do it better?  Staff Development  Is it free?  Outreach/Communication/Marketing  Spreading the word about what we have/what we do  Resources  Better care & use of what we have  Opportunities for new

4 Streamline & Improve Processes  Develop a plan for streamlining media support services while improving efficiency and effectiveness of services  Review and update Media Services Procedures Manual  Promote staff and faculty use of the Media Equipment Maintenance, Repair, & Trouble Form on the Intranet  Investigate use of R-25 software for tracking Media Equipment Maintenance and Repair  Establish a process and timeline for the annual recommendation of classroom media equipment set-up and purchases

5 Streamline & Improve Processes  Implement expanded use of Access order card database (among all librarian selectors)  Update various LRC Procedure Manuals, including Circ, Tech Services, North Campus, and Media  Investigate methods for enhancing collection inventory process  Implement scheduling software (funds permitting) for service desk staffing  Barcoding all Media and Studio equipment that circulates or may potentially circulate

6 Staff Development  Focused Reading Alternative for staff development  Promote free and reduced cost development opportunities (Training wiki)  Training new part-time Studio staff  Seek grants for staff development (Tech Services, Studio, Public Services)

7 Outreach/Communication/Marketing  Promote staff & faculty use of the Media Equipment Maintenance, Repair, & Trouble Form on the Intranet  Ambassador Connections  Outreach to under-represented departments  Direct-to-Student training  Create & promote virtual tour of the Library  Promote resources to DL faculty & students  Research Guides – Review, Revise, Create (new), Enhance, Assess  TV Studio projects

8 Resources  Relocate Cosmetology resources to North Campus  Research and trial newer audio formats that are supplanting audio cassettes & CDs in other libraries  Apply for State Library Academic Libraries Collection Grant; seek other collection grants  Promote & Expand Reserve Textbook Collection  Evaluate space utilization; carve clearer quiet and group study spaces  Promote and assess Interlibrary Loan services

9 Our “Outside of the Box” Initiative  Greening the Library  Tie-ins with our One Book One Community selection for 2010: Greasy Rider : Two Dudes, One Fry-Oil- Powered Car, and a Cross-Country Search for a Greener Future by Greg Melville Feb.-April 2010. We will be looking for partners!

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