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Shan Evans The University of Texas at Austin. The UT Austin Story.

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1 Shan Evans The University of Texas at Austin

2 The UT Austin Story


4 1980s Dumb Terminal Basic Mainframe Application using 3270 interface *NRDEGR was born Staff/Advisor accessible

5 *NRDEGR Coding Degree Requirements

6 *NRDEGR Running an Audit

7 *NRDEGR View Student Audits

8 *NRDEGR Summary View

9 *NRDEGR Detail View



12 *NRDEGR Remaining Requirements View

13 *NRDEGR Student Audit Printout


15 Mid 1990s the internet! Web tools and delivery Birth of IDA 1.0 2000 UT Direct framework Staff/Advisor/Student accessible

16 Interactive Degree Audit 1.0

17 *NRDEGR Coding Degree Requirements

18 IDA 1.0 Create Audit

19 IDA 1.0 Wizard




23 IDA 1.0 View Audit

24 IDA 1.0 Summary View

25 IDA 1.0 Detail View

26 IDA 1.0 Remaining View

27 IDA 1.0 Printout


29 2000s - Focus on data driven decisions More space and processing time/speed available Better web and usability standards Requirements gathering 4 Year graduation rates Interactive Degree Audit 2.0 was born...Finally!

30 The Pretty





35 Online Requirements

36 Streamlined Audit Submission

37 How We Got Here

38 Better Infrastructure/Data Old file structures – difficult to make data useful outside the system Need to effectively track student progress

39 Requirements and Buy-in Determined what the core functions of *NRDEGR provided Benchmarking other universities Created a Degree Audit Policy committee to identify new policies that were needed Created an Degree Audit Operations committee

40 Feedback Students wanted a new, more streamline, easy interface Student /Staff/Advisor usability

41 Four Year Graduation Rate Better tracking for students Better toolset for advisors Less complicated curriculum/degree plans Planning and demand analysis More campus committees to assess/address

42 Where Are We Now? Rollout mid 2012 7 out of 14 colleges in IDA 2.0 *NRDEGR and IDA 1.0 Students using IDA 1.0 interface submissions Adding additional functionality and bug fixes Complexities identified

43 Where Are We Going? All colleges in IDA 2.0 by March for 2010 and 2012 catalogs All colleges for 2008 – 2014 by August 2014 Decommissioning *NRDEGR and IDA 1.0 plans Student Planner Phase 1 and 2 Additional functionality to support 4 year graduation Progress Towards Degree Indicator

44 Progress Towards Degree

45 Four Year Graduation Support Committees

46 Lessons Learned No matter how much time you spend on requirements gathering, you always miss some UT’s curriculum is extremely complex UT’s degree plans are complex Progress Towards Degree is complex Many issues/features/functions that are deemed as critical are based on anecdotal information Training and actual testing is a must Overrides are here to stay Policy is difficult to change, create You can’t make everyone happy

47 In a Nutshell….

48 Speed of Dark

49 Questions? Shan Evans The University of Texas at Austin

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