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Shi Brooks McGowan Michael Dixon THE “NEW” PARKING ECOSYSTEM Carmen Sevrens Nathan Donnell.

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1 Shi Brooks McGowan Michael Dixon THE “NEW” PARKING ECOSYSTEM Carmen Sevrens Nathan Donnell

2 The NEW Parking Ecosystem: parking technology and the central database functioning as one unit to streamline the parking process Central Database

3 What Changed the Ecosystem? We found a common identifier The License Plate

4 Combine parking data from all LEP components Consolidate all data into a common database Provide enforcement officers with real-time data to perform their duties Exchange data seamlessly in the cloud Open Architecture

5 Central Database PBL Pay Stations The Paystation: Pay by License Plate (PbLP) Parking

6 Pay-by-License Plate Pay-by-License Plate (PbLP) is the pay station component of license plate enabled parking Consumers enter their license plate number instead of a space number Proven operating model that has been used for many years

7 PBL Parking Workflow 1. Park vehicle 2. Enter plate number 3. Purchase time 4. Collect receipt and head to destination

8 Pay-and- Display Least efficient Display permit More pay stations Cannot assign rates to spaces Revenue leakage via Pass-Back Visual inspection enforcement Least integrated with Pay-by-Phone Least user-friendly Pay-by- Space Better efficiency Spaces numbered Less pay stations Can assign rates to spaces Less opportunity for revenue leakage Wireless handheld enforcement Easily integrates with Pay-by-Phone More user-friendly Pay-by- License Plate Best efficiency Marking optional Less pay stations Can assign rates to areas/zones No opportunity for revenue leakage LPR system enforcement Easily integrates with Pay-by-Phone Most user-friendly Advantages Of PbLP Operations

9 Value Added Services With PbLP With a license plate identifier, we can Allow Extend by Phone (EbP) Issue COUPONS specific to a customer Allow grace periods

10 Central Database Pay-by-Phone Services Pay by Cell: Mobile Phone Payment for Parking

11 Pay by Cell (PbC) Mobile payment technology provides a means to initiate parking with a mobile device. An account-based membership program, offering universal access to a mobile payment platform with a single enrollment. Worked traditionally for non-gated environments: curbside/on-street spaces, surface lots and open garages. Now with overlay solutions & PARCS integrations moving to the gated parking footprint. Payments separated by merchant/location and available per transaction or via the “virtual mobile wallet” payment instrument. System Accessibility Examples: Native mobile applications ( iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile 7 ) Quick Response ( QR ) Code Near Field Communication ( NFC ) Interactive Voice Response ( IVR ), Dual Tone Multi Frequency ( DTMF ) SMS/TXT message In-Vehicle GPS Coordinates/Positioning Landline Helpdesk

12 Generates ~20% more revenue than metered Reduce operating and capital costs Reduce traffic and fuel emissions Streamline parking management and improve resource management No “feeding the meter” 15 minute text reminders; no need to predict length of stay Free mobile app Opt-in local information, consumers can find businesses in proximity to their parking space Real-time payment: pay only for the time actually parked PARKING PROVIDERS END CONSUMER Solution Appeals to All Constituents

13 Pay from your car using an app or by making a call Pay from tablet $$ Potential for LPR enforcement Purchases conveyed real time to enforcement handhelds, pay machines, and phone apps About Mobile Payments One-time free registration Easy-to-use apps IVR & Text options Customer service Push, text, & email reminders or notifications Integration with 3 rd -party vendors Any 3 rd -Party System or Device (Bike Share, EV Charger, Vending Machine) Mobile Payments for Non-Gated Parking

14 Pay-by-phone parking Mobile payment Mobile commerce Gated Pay-by-phone parking Permits & Event Permits EV Charging payment Transit payment Mobile wallet Expanding the Mobile Platform

15 Central Database Parking Mgt System Parking Management System

16 Virtual permits Advantages: Purchasing Inventory Distribution Data Entry Quicker Enforcement Any credential signals permissions

17 Virtual Permits: LEP Registered license plate represents the permit Parking organization saves on purchasing and distributing permits Patrons have the permit in their possession and can start to use it immediately Must have an efficient way to identify plate in the field.- ie LPR


19 Enforcing virtual permits with Autovu Scofflaw ‘bad’ Permits ‘good’ Real-Time

20 eTicketBook eTicketBook issues citations Sits on AutoVu vehicle laptop with cabled printer Integrated to AutoVu – received plate and several image files Replaces ticketwriter Reduces issuance time Sends citations to T2 Flex in real-time

21 AutoVu eTicketBook Integration Officer operates AutoVu equipped vehicle “Hit” is recorded Officer Chooses to “Enforce” Plate information sent to eTicketBook Flex system/Enforcement officer fills in other details Officer prints citation on USB connected printer

22 The BIG Picture Virtual Permits Pay by Phone Multi-Space Meters Pay by Plate

23 Central Database LPR System License Plate Recognition (LPR)

24 24

25 25 LPR SYSTEM - Enforcement

26 “Permit” Sources

27 How LPR enforcement works Reads Infractions GPS Position live Data sent live = SCOFFLAW !

28 -Virtual Permit enforcement -Residential Parking Permits (RPP’s) -Seasonal or Semester permits (Including Shared permits) -Pay-by-plate (Dynamic wireless updates) -Time limit enforcement with GPS and/or wheel imaging -Scofflaw LPR: In Vehicle Application



31 Realistic Expectations - Increase coverage - Increase citations issued - Increased overall satisfaction (Citizens and staff) Realistic Expectations – True Force Multiplier

32 Advantages Of The New Ecosystem Increased Revenue No piggybacking on parking More payment options – cellphone, paystations Improved Customer Service More payment options – cellphone, paystations No need to go back to the vehicle Value added services – coupons, validations Reduced Expenses Less enforcement personnel ePermits Optional tickets for paystations Improved Productivity No visual enforcement No multiple devices Scofflaws, Amber Alerts, stolen cars



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