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ESPap | Entidade de Serviços Partilhados da Administração Pública, I. P. Helping to streamline an Entire Country (A Gartner BPM case study)

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1 eSPap | Entidade de Serviços Partilhados da Administração Pública, I. P. Helping to streamline an Entire Country (A Gartner BPM case study)


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8 The eSPap Programme

9 | 9 Background In May 2007 GeRAP, a company fully owned by the Portuguese Ministry of Finance was created with the mandate of implementing a Shared Service Solution for Financial and Human Resources Management for the 450 entities and over 500,000 workers the central public administration. The project was driven by the needs to reform the public sector and respond to financial and change /agility pressures. The goals of phase 1 were to put in place the Financial System with a limited deployment in five entities within the Ministry of Finance. Phase 2 goals were for the subsequent deployment to the entire public administration for both Finance & HR processes..

10 | 10 Scope A new benchmark for Shared Services in Public Administration Build an integrated solution able to deploy quality financial and human resources management services in both modes:  Shared Services  Shared Platform The solution must be;  Business User Focussed / Agile - Able to quickly adjust to changing business requirements  Efficient enable continuous improvement by monitoring processes  Open & Interoperable  Cost Effective with a low TCO & consistent with private cloud principles

11 | 11 PA Challenges Landscape  20 different purchasing systems  15 different salary management systems  Limited metrics & management information  Poor quality, aging & obsolete system  High maintenance cost  Many different processes  High level of complexity, usually multiple screens/ systems for the end users to complete a task Challenges  The need to streamline & standardize processes and interfaces  Integrate data and solutions  Rationalize costs  Deliver reliable management information  Build a customer driven SLA based relationship  Overcome negative perception of former experiences in providing Public Administration with common services and solutions.

12 | 12 BPM - A Transformational Approach  A vision and architecture to radically transform and simplify the operations came about in 2009.  A BPM and SOA approach delivered through a private cloud  PNMsoft selected through technical evaluations as the BPM platform – partnering with Microsoft  The strategy would enable the PA to;  Simplify complex operations & reduce demands on skills & training effort  Look to use alternatives technology and make cost-savings compared to the existing ERP platform (reduce licencing costs)  Support a large number of human-centric operations (processes) as opposed to machine-centric translations  Provide rapid application development for faster time to solution, minimal coding, supports frequent changes  Leverage existing Microsoft technologies, improve the user experience, reduce learning overheads

13 | 13 Current Statistics Finance 10,000 + users 350 Organisms/ departments 20 processes automated and in production Proposta de Aquisição de Bens ou Serviços Fluxo de Aprovação de Faturas e Receção de Bens Pedido de Lançamento de Faturas Gestão de Dados Mestr -Material, Fornecedor, Cliente, Item Financeiro 3,000 new workflow instances created per day HR eSPap internal use ( rollout underway to other organisms) 300 users 2 processes automated in production with many more under development or in the pipeline Alterar Dados: pessoais, familiares e fiscais Definir ou Alterar Plano de Férias ·

14 | 14 Programme Achievements › Simplified user experience ( 7 ERP screens consolidated into 1 SharePoint portal). › Reduced errors, duplications and rework › Users have access to more and better information, single point of data capture, self- service processes. › Improved quality and accuracy in management information. › Cost reduction in licensing fees, system maintenance and upgrades. › Cost reduction due to integrated solution for PA. › Best practices, process normalization and Regulatory compliance for public sector. › Solution can be updated in accordance with legislative developments, business changes. best practices - whilst reducing the impact on the users and the business processes. › Providing all partners with just in time (JIT) finance information therefore enhanced management and control capacity.

15 | 15 Architecture

16 | 16 User Portal

17 | 17 Example Web Form

18 | 18 Example Web Form

19 | 19 Labels are left-aligned horizontally and middle- aligned vertically Fields are left-aligned 1 here Effective date is in a table, with 1 row, right aligned to this edge Grid has width 100% Notice the space here No margin here No margin around the grid

20 | 20 All history popups follow the same structure Centered on the screen Transfer button No margins between the controls and popup edge Grid has width 100% 1 empty line above the buttons Buttons are right aligned to the popup edge

21 | 21 Process Modelling Environment

22 | 22 Take a Test-Drive in the Cloud and see your Business Processes in motion...

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