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UP CLOSE. In 1999, a company called Trinidad and Tobago Mailing Systems Limited was founded. TTMSL led to the engineering of similar operations in Barbados.

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2 In 1999, a company called Trinidad and Tobago Mailing Systems Limited was founded. TTMSL led to the engineering of similar operations in Barbados and Jamaica. In light of the existence of these two companies, Streamline Solutions Barbados Limited and Streamline Solutions Jamaica Limited, TTMSL was rebranded to Streamline Solutions Mailing Limited to allow for regional brand recognition.

3 Streamline Solutions at a glance  Operational presence in Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad & Tobago  Our client base spans: Antigua, Anguilla, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Guyana, Grenada, Jamaica, Montserrat, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, St. Lucia, St. Kitts & Nevis, Suriname, Trinidad & Tobago, Turks & Caicos  Staff Count: 100 employees

4 To deliver guaranteed customer benefits  Operational Efficiency  Mail Quality & Security  Online Management  Budget Optimization To help our customers make a difference to their business Our Mission

5 Streamline Solutions currently offers the following services:  Data Formatting  Coordination of artwork  Procurement of consumables eg paper, envelopes, inserts and other marketing material Document printing  Flyer and letter insertion  Direct mail marketing  Mail assembly  Management of envelope and printed matter inventory  Sale and service of mailroom finishing equipment and software solutions from the #1 supplier in Europe – Neopost International Inc., We also sell addressing systems, tabbing systems, postal scales, letter opening systems, franking machines, joggers, bursters, time & stamp mail validators & cheque signers.

6 We also provide: Software integration services to link your existing systems to our printing systems Web tracking software for you to monitor each job Print and mailroom disaster recovery services Returned mail management and repair, ensuring no repeat wastage of mail to invalid addresses Management of shipments throughout the Caribbean

7 1.The client loads Raw data onto a secure Streamline Solutions SFTP Site at defined times and dates. Streamline Solutions then sends confirmation to the client on receipt of the data 2.Streamline Solutions loads the Raw data into formatting software at our facility. the rules in the formatting software creates bills into the predefined format e.g. PDF. Each data feed creates a series of files which are print ready and are intelligent with either OMR or 3 of 9 barcodes Our Process

8 print ready files pdf or postscript 3 DS-100 Optional 5 Batches of Printed Bills 7 Archive DS-1000 3.Print ready files are batched and are sent to high speed printers 5.Printed intelligent batches are loaded along with marketing inserts onto Streamline Solutions inserters Streamline Solutions will procure the marketing piece on behalf of the client ensuring best price/quality once provided with final artwork 4.Streamline Solutions manages the stock of its client negotiating best prices, procuring the stock, storing and managing the restocking process. Only billing clients as they use the stock 4

9 6 Control Statistics DS-1000 6.PRINTMACHINE software analyses all the data sent to the inserter from a customer’s database against the data outputted from the machine. It provides statistics on the number of bills inserted and diverted etc. It provides Close Loop Verification.

10 Archiving and e-presentment Web Hosting print ready files pdf 7 3 printing Router & Firewall Internet 8 7.The formatted files are loaded onto Streamline Solutions archive hosted site; the file is loaded and indexed by Account name and number

11 8 Trinidad & Tobago Barbados Jamaica 8.Streamline Solutions provides live backup sites in Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago to print bills off-site for contingency situations. Generic stock is stock piled available for any disaster ensuring clients can still be serviced under these circumstances. Secured internet access provides images of the customer bill and Customer Service staff in secured authenticated mode

12 9 Batched mailed e-mail Despatch Advice 10 DS-1000 Email mailed Regional Territories BILLS DIRECT MAIL 9.Streamline Solutions inserts the bills/DM manually or mechanically finished work is either boxed then couriered to the regional clients/Post Offices in those territories or lodged with TTPOST for delivery locally, regionally and internationally 10.TTPOST and the Post Offices regionally distributes mail to the customers. Control reports are available from Streamline Solutions in order to reconcile against the Post Office’s invoices

13 11.Client Customer Service Representative access the bill archive systemto retrieve individual or groups of bill searching by account number or name. Access is by a standard browser 12. Clients can access their bill using appropriate security controls (i.e. username and password) from the archive system using a standard browser. 13. Streamline Solutions can also allow Bill Payment Services to interrogate and review customer and review customer bills with appropriate security access enabled

14 We sell Folders Shredders Cheque Signers Forms Bursters Letter Openers Tabbers Moistener/ Sealer ProductionMail CenterMailroomOffice

15 Output Management Software Solutions ◦ Mail customisation, creation & printing ◦ Files import/export, merge and de-duplication ◦ Print stream management ◦ Barcode generation (1D, 2D, OMR) 15

16  Cable & Wireless (12 Territories)  Digicel (9 Territories)  Columbus Communications(3 Territories)  Telecommunications Services of Trinidad & Tobago  Nestle  Sagicor  T&TEC, FCB, RBTT, Unicomer, Board of Inland Revenue (Machinery) Some of our Blue Chip clients

17 BARBADOS Searles Factory Complex Searles, Christ Church, Barbados W.I. Tel: (246) 420-1132 Fax: (246) 418-0780 JAMAICA 9C Retirement Crescent Kingston 5, Jamaica W.I. Tel: (876) 908-0317 Fax: (876) 920-5158 TRINIDAD Unit A.2 Building 1 Intercontinental FreeZone Park, Red Hill D’Abadie Trinidad & Tobago W.I. Tel: (868) 646-2205 Fax: (868) 646-5485

18 OUR MOTTO Delivery, Delivery, Delivery ! Why build it if you can achieve more for less time, effort and expense?

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