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NRR Automotive Michael Lugar IE203 IE203-Fall2014-26-05.

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1 NRR Automotive Michael Lugar IE203 IE203-Fall2014-26-05

2 Company Goal  At NRR Automotive we strive to realize the potential of the wankel engine as a mainstream power plant. The development of the wankel engine was stunted by its initial failures to meet demands and expectations in the 1970's. As enthusiasts of the engine, we incorporate up-to-date automotive technology and methods in manufacturing. With the spirit and drive we have behind our goal, we hope to produce an efficient line vehicles that will truly bring about a rotary revolution.

3 Collaborating Companies  Rush Machinery  MAG Manufacturing Technology  Canon  Sentry Protection Products

4 Rush Machinery  Manufacturer of machining and tool restoration machines. Systems include wheel truing and dressing machine, grinding fluid filtration systems, PCD grinders, and other machines.

5 MAG Manufacturing Technology  Offers high-quality manufacturing systems utilizing tool management, changeable pallets, and quality clamping. Also offers retrofitting, retooling, maintenance, automation, and systems integrating services.

6 Canon  Leading provider of consumer, business-to-business, and industrial digital imaging solutions. Products offered range from printers, copiers, cameras, camcorders, lenses, displays, and network surveillance systems.

7 Sentry Protection Products  Manufacturer of impact and collision resistant awareness equipment for use in commercial environments. Offers industrial and parking applications.

8 Locations  Newark, NJ  Singapore

9 Newark, NJ  Main office  Managerial and Engineer offices  R&D and testing ground  Mass—production factory location  Technical support office  Port access

10 Why Singapore?  Asian branch with port access  Smaller location for prototyping and R&D  Technical support office  Offer job opportunities in Southeast Asia  Establish Asian presence for expansion

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