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Developing Religiously & Culturally Relevant Animated Content For Our Future Generation URDU MEDIA PRODUCTION FACILITY.

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1 Developing Religiously & Culturally Relevant Animated Content For Our Future Generation URDU MEDIA PRODUCTION FACILITY

2 Addressing the current media issues Our children are living in a visually polluted environment 1 Diagnosis of Problem 2 Finding Right Solution 3 Desired Output

3 Diagnosis of Problem Visually Polluted environment 1

4 Children have impressionable minds, they easily get confused by contradiction between what they are thought at school and shown on TV and what they see at home. Visually Polluted environment

5 Invasion of foreign cultures, religions and values through entertainment, infotainment and visual learning aids, prepares ground for acceptance of Islamic- ally unacceptable values in their minds through subliminal messaging Exposure to indecent content - Appalling behavior, Foul Language and References to Sex. Foreign and local media flashes content that is developing inferiority complex in our children - making them defensive and apologetic about their religious and cultural identity The irony is that there is no quality alternate available. Visually Polluted Environment

6 In the US, an average child will watch 8,000 murders on TV before finishing elementary school. By age eighteen, the average American has seen 200,000 acts of violence on TV, including 40,000 murders - As suggested by a research conducted by “The American Medical Community” While in Pakistan where there is no media watch dog, the number might be even more shocking Ninja Assassin (2009)

7 2 Finding Right Solution Compete with them in their domain

8 Compete with them in their domain- establish an Urdu Media Production Facility Start an animation production house with localized content that is based on Islamic/ good human values for children between the ages of 5-10 Make the UMPF self supporting within 4 years of operation RIGHT SOLUTION.

9 3 Desired Output An animated series which is comparable to international standards

10 20 x TV half hour animated series for children between the age of 5-10 years. “A and B Adventures” is a 20-episode series of adventure and self-discovery for eleven year old fraternal twins Amina (A) and Bilal (B).” About the Series

11 The series is made up of 20 individual adventures and discoveries which take Amina and Bilal through the trauma of barely surviving a devastating fire in which they lost their parents, to the point where they are well-adjusted and relatively happy. Keeping it light hearted, adventurous and humorous, the series focuses on teaching good human values through references to Prophetic stories. Although, it is not a religious series but has references to the Prophetic stories, acceptable cross religion, at a subliminal level. While the series is aimed at enhancing children’s attachment to their cultural values while teaching them some fundamental aspects of history and how it pertains to their daily lives—it is never done at the expense of telling a good story! The historical lessons are short, engaging, and always relevant to the theme of each episode. Synopsis

12 The tone will always be true to Bilal’s character, valuesand way of thinking, and will reinforce the show’sunderlying philosophy: that is deeply rooted in themessage of the Qur’an and the Sunnah (though thisrooting remains hidden in the script), each episode iselegant, deeply spiritual, engaging, intellectuallystimulating, full of beautiful images made from a collageof real world and its artistic representation, which keepschildren fully engaged. Drawing from various Islamic sources (ranging from theQur’an, Hadith, history, nasheeds and travel accounts,such as Ibn Jubayr’s Rihla), the series blends fundamentalIslamic teachings into an interesting set of episodes. Bilaland Amina come across many difficult situations createdby The Devil, as he always plans to de-track Bilal & Aminafrom performing good deeds. During the course of theseries, our heroes meets his six close friends (depicted asanimal & birds), which become their friends in differentepisodes. Methodology

13 OUR MAJOR COMPETITORS Tashkeel Media Group, Middle East. Company which has created The 99 animated series for children in Kuwait. Multimedia Development Corporation, Malaysia. The company which is working on development of animated series based on famous character Saladin. Lammtara, United Arab Emirates. The company which has created the famous animated series “Freej” for UAE.

14 Target Market & Market Size PHASE1: In Pakistan alone 50 million are under the age of 14 years Enter the market with Urdu version, targeting Pakistan and expatriate Pakistani/Indian Muslim Community : 40% market share of TV animated Series. PHASE 2: World wide release with English Voice over and subtitles in several regional Languages. Production in Foreign languages for Worldwide release: English Arabic French

15 BROADCAST IT VP TV Series – Bilal Ahmad Senior executive with general management expertise in media/ITES industryespecially in highly creative companies. Unique and broad combination of business, technology and creative skills. Recently worked on 5 animated series for BKN Kids to be aired on CartoonNetwork. A capable “front man” with investors, markets, media and clients with a strongcorporate storytelling instinct. Experienced in streamlining operations to align with business vision.

16 BROADCAST IT VP TV Series – Bilal Ahmad

17 BROADCAST IT Writer – Rukhsana Khan Rukhsana Khan is an award-winning author and storyteller. She was born inLahore, Pakistan and immigrated to Canada at the age of three. She has ten books published and others under contract. She has appeared on television and radio numerous times, has been featured atinternational conferences in Denmark, Mexico and South Africa, and haspresented all across Canada and the U.S. She tells tales of India, Persia, the Middle East, as well as her own stories.

18 BROADCAST IT Writer – Rukhsana Khan

19 BROADCAST IT Singer, Songwriter, Musician – Sami Yusuf He was born in July 1980 into a musical family, learning to play severalinstruments at a very young age and demonstrating a keen interest in singing andcomposing. He studied music at several institutions and with renownedcomposers and musicians including composers from the Royal Academy of Musicin London, one of the world’s most prestigious music institutions. Since 2003, Sami’s debut album ‘al-Mu’allim’ and his second album ‘My Ummah’have sold over five million copies worldwide (with a third album nearingcompletion). His concerts have attracted huge audiences across the Middle East,Europe and the United States, including a staggering 250,000 attendance inIstanbul. Sami is devoutly spiritual and often uses his art and music as a means ofpromoting the messages of love, mercy, peace and tolerance, whilst encouragingthe youth to be proud of their identity.

20 BROADCAST IT Singer, Songwriter, Musician – Sami Yusuf

21 ? Questions! Hoping to get started with this project soon In Shaa ALLAH.

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