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Shift work & rostering conference 20-21 February 2008.

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1 Shift work & rostering conference 20-21 February 2008

2 Shift work in the 21 st Century Variety of patterns – 4 x 10 hours; two days on, two off 24/7 society Only the transport industry has laws specifically regulating length of shifts

3 Changing work patterns Growth in numbers of shift workers: 40% work variable hours 18% do shift work 27% routinely work some hours from 10pm-6am (2007 DOL Work life Balance in New Zealand – A snapshot of employee and employer attitudes and experiences)

4 Work-life balance – a business issue Becoming increasingly important to employers and employees Why have it? –Improved recruitment, retention and productivity –Flexible work patterns to meet employee/business needs Barriers and solutions Work & Life Awards

5 Shift workers and work-life balance Shift work can impact on social relations and personal commitments and interests Shift work also offers many people the opportunity to manage personal demands and meet commitments

6 Labour force participation rates

7 The changing age profile of labour

8 Work and age survey Online survey April 2006 Over 6,000 respondents Majority in 45-64 age group, 5% 65+, 12% under 35 34% male, 56% female, 10% no detail 71% NZ European/Pakeha, 8% Maori, 10% other 84% employed, 9.2% self- employed, 6.7% retired

9 Work and age survey

10 Meet staff needs to meet business needs “Whilst the primary function of a roster is to meet the business needs … if you do not meet the staff needs the business will suffer….. the best roster is one that staff support” Shiftwork Services 2002

11 Leading the way Manufacturing company ABB Kinleith New Zealand Police Steelbro Meredith Connell

12 ABB Kinleith Two structured rosters: four 10-hour days and five 8-hour days Employees can work either roster or swap between them Emphasis on work-life balance and community involvement Results include: –Decreased sick leave –Improved production –Improved labour relationship

13 NZ Police Force – Retaining committed people Approximately 3.3% workforce are shift workers aged 55+ - 24/7 operation Shift work roles include general duties, communications, shift typists, shift watchhouse Training and development is a priority for all staff

14 Steelbro – product knowledge critical Specialised product - 30%- 40% of the global market in its niche Emphasis on retaining wealth of knowledge Reduced and flexible hours available, particularly for older employees

15 Meredith Connell – skilled staff, demanding work Winner of 2006 EEO Trust Work & Life Awards Specialised employees required for demanding work Older workers hold valuable corporate knowledge/history

16 What the EEO Trust brings Provides information and tools on EEO to raise awareness of diversity issues in the workplace. Assists employers to introduce and manage proven EEO thinking and practices

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