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CATÁLOGO CONTENIDO GENERAL Mobile Marketing. Powerful and personal all at once, mobile phones are always with their owners wherever they go and at whatever.

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2 Powerful and personal all at once, mobile phones are always with their owners wherever they go and at whatever time. Over 90% of the population have a mobile phone, it’s interactive and has secure payment method. Mobile phone media MOBILE MARKETING THE TRADITIONAL CHANNELS ARE ALREADY SATURATED LESS INTRUSIVE + 1 MOBILE PHONE PER PERSON ANYTIME-ANYWHERE ALLOWS A HIGH LEVEL OF INTERACTION FULL MARKET OPERABILITY

3 Definition MOBILE MARKETING Reach Personalised Proximity Market segmentation Immediacy Speed and adaptability Mobile Marketing is the speciality the mobile phone market uses to reach the users.. Mobile Marketing can be used through MMS (Multimedia messages), SMS (Text messages) or e-mails. Benefits



6 SMS CAMPAIGNS The use of SMS is now used in all types of communicational campaigns. It’s an effective tool and by using it we can find out lots about our clients and consumers. SMS as a media tool Services Loyalty rewards Corporate Marketing Promotional presents New products launch SMS PUSHSMS PULLWAP PUSH They are a set of services that KITMAKER offers which have been thought up to meet the communicational needs of present businesses. The use of SMS campaigns have allowed a big advancement in communication to take place, as it is now a effective and powerful commercial tool, it is up to date with society and completely flexible to their changing needs. What are they? Viral Marketing

7 SMS PUSH This brand focuses its brand towards its target area. Sent by SMS or MMS with promotional or informative content to a client’s pre prepared list and preferences. This allows the client to analyse their likes and preferences with the objective to personalize and adapt the basic tools in order to show the deserved respect to each individual client. SMS PULL The user is in charge of starting this promotion. This service allows the user to advertise on other lines of media, television for example. The user will then send a SMS to a short number to participate in a promotion, offer their opinion, vote, etc… WAP PUSH An SMS link is placed on a mobile internet site. This system allows contents to be downloaded through clinking on the link placed on the website, this way the user only pays the minimum cost (for the connexion and transfer of Kbytes downloaded) This is the case when SMS PREMIUM is not required to send wap push. DIFFERENT TYPES OF SMS CAMPAIGNS SMS CAMPAIGNS

8 SMS DRAWS This service allows any type of draws to take place between consumers and clients. The format and the manner of SMS DRAW are completely adaptable. SMS COMPETITIONS Questions, Riddles, Trivia, everything is possible, your clients and consumers can actively partake in these competitions. POSSIBLE APPLICATIONS SMS CAMPAIGNS

9 CONTENT DOWNLOAD Trailers, songs, logo images or pets, the latest song or tune, the rhyme of your slogan… LOYALTY CAMPAIGNS Show how much you value your loyal customers. The consumers will be able to create their personal accounts, and when they buy your products they will gain points that will go up when they send a SMS. SMS CAMPAIGNS POSSIBLE APPLICATIONS

10 TAILORED SERVICES: SMS COMMUNITIES Create common spaces where your clients can get in contact with each other and get to know each other. Your brand will become the link between your clients. In addition KITMAKER prepares and carries out any types of campaigns always with the same objective: To meet your needs. EXCLUSIVE SOLUTIONS SMS CAMPAIGNS POSSIBLE APPLICATIONS

11 KITMAKER puts at your disposal all of the necessary tools and infrastructures so you can start your SMS campaign whatever it is: STATS: KITMAKER pone a disposición de todos sus clientes un acceso exclusivo a las estadísticas generadas por sus campañas a tiempo real. CONTENIDO: Además de la plataforma SMS y de todas las herramientas, disponemos del contenido para móvil más exclusivo y actual. SEGURIDAD: Conscientes de la importancia de la seguridad y eficacia de cualquier campaña, KITMAKER dispone de los elementos de seguridad más avanzados para que ningún problema técnico afecte al resultado de la campaña: Servidores alojados en el DATA CENTER más importante del país Conexiones: FRAME RELAY, FIBRA OPTICA, LMDS, ADSL SMS CAMPAIGNS


13 WE CAN CREATE TAILOR MADE WAP PORTALS 60% of users that visit wap portals buy at least several products whilst using Premium wap systems, the safest and most laid back way of buying. So, create your own wap portal and personalize it 1 Give it a name 2 Personalize it 3 Promote it

14 The WEB MOBILE service embraces several options, from making the most out of our own wap portals to creating your own tailored made wap portal. What suits your needs the most? Our wap portals have every type of content that you could ever dream of. If you are only interested in our content, just select the content which you are most interested in. If you have your own content, what are you waiting for? Distribute it using wap. We can also offer you the chance to create a personalized wap portal with your domain. OUR OWN PERSONAL BRANDS YOUR OWN CONTENT SUBSCRIPTION SECTION PERSONALIZED WAP PORTAL WEB MOBILE

15 This format allows the loyalty of your users to be rewarded by sending them different types of contents for free or using previous payment method. Loyalty Content types Free content Premium content WEB MOBILE

16 Your corporate wap portal can contain both free and Premium content. Furthermore, the speed of this method allows your target to be the first to know about your latest news and promotions. Be the first Free content Premium content Your tricks Month front page Fashion Beauty Health People WEB MOBILE

17 We offer you YOUR own portal Personalized domine WEB MOBILE

18 We put at your disposition the exclusive access to the up to date statistics generated by your campaigns. First hand information about the total number of visits, Premium visits, amount invoiced over certain periods, the origin of your customers, the most downloaded content… Here at KITMAKER we are aware of the importance of providing security and efficiency for our clients. And because of this, we have the most advanced infrastructure available, in order that no obstacle becomes a problem to the services which you have contracted. WEB MOBILE

19 If you still do not have a wap portal, we can design yours to your needs, the needs of you business and above all your user’s needs. YOUR OWN WAP PORTAL Contenido gratuito WEB MOBILE


21 ADVERGAMING PRODUCTS COMPANIES IDEAS COMMUNICATING WHILST PLAYING Advergaming = Advertising game This is an advertising tool which is not intrusive with the aim of promoting your product, organization or idea. In order to do that, we use interactive video games that allow the most contact time between the user and the promotional trademark. The objective of this type of games is to create a positive link between the user and the trademark. It’s about games and applications that are adapted and personalized depending on the needs and demands of the promoter.

22 Online Advergaming Mobile Advergaming Interactive games for mobile telephones developed using Java technology. The user will be able to access the games by using the internet, downloading the games to their terminal Interactive games for PC developed using Flash technology. The player will be able to access the game by using the internet, downloading the games to their PC, or playing in a web site. ADVERGAMING

23 Reach your target market >> positive experience Advergaming + OFFLINE PROMOTIONS TARGETED MARKET A good COST / EFFECTIVE relationship VIRAL MARKETING without any costs Low level of advertising interference Create a dialogue with your users Links with other media entities Strengthen the reputation of the company image Increase the notoriety of the trademark High chance that the user will remember the trademark Get the trademark ideas across Be part of new technologies Be part of an entertaining game ADVERGAMING BENEFITS

24 KITMAKER FLEXIBILITY CUSTOMIZATION NEW CREATION Each one of our creations can be customized to different levels depending on the needs of the advertiser. From the game’s settings to the game’s characters or objects can be adapted to give of the essence that your company wants to give. Our team of music developers, programmers and game designers can create from nothing applications and games (whether they are online or for mobile phones) that are adapted to the needs and demands of the advertiser. ADVERGAMING


26 We will do whatever is needed to make sure that your users are satisfied And if it has never been done… We’ll invent it for you - A programmed of events - A catalogue of businesses - A directory of establishments - Cultural diaries What can we do for you? Together we can make it possible

27 Here at KITMAKER we like to make it easy for you. In order to do that, we develop applications for mobile phones in order that you can achieve your communicational objectives. Applications that your users can download using the internet, SMS, via wap or that can be distributed using Bluetooth. We can make your life simpler What can we do for you? TAYLOR MADE APPLICATIONS

28 1.Create a detailed guide to develop the application. 2.Create a graphic guide with a description of all of the elements required. 3.The application is developed by our team of programmers. 4.An ALPHA testing process takes place. 5.The version is approved. 6.Porting takes place to over 400 hundred mobile phone brands and models. 7.The game is translated to predefined languages. 8.Distribution. How do we do it? Steps involved TAYLOR MADE APPLICATIONS

29 - Useful and detailed information - The least intrusive advertising available - Let your brand use the latest technologies, displaying a what type of company you are to the users - Tool designed to improve customer acquisition and loyalty - Raise your brand image Benefits TAYLOR MADE APPLICATIONS

30 Avd/ Arcadi Garcia Sanz nº 19 1ºA 12540 Vila-real (Castellón) SPAIN Tel: +34 964523331

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