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Thorsys Australia Pty Ltd THORSYS 澳大利亚解决方案 网址

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1 Thorsys Australia Pty Ltd THORSYS 澳大利亚解决方案 网址

2 Paddock to Plate Thorsys Australia offers a paddock to plate traceability system using barcode technology to provide trace-back and trace-forward functions if a recall is required.

3 Overview Thorsys Australia specialises in the development and implementation of information technology solutions for the Meat and Food Industry Thorsys Australia understands the unique requirements specific to the Meat Industry. Thorsys have produced a suite of computer solutions, both hardware and software, for - Feedlot- Livestock Slaughter Floor- Carcass Handling - Slaughter Floor- Carcass Handling - Chiller Assessment- Boning Room - NLIS- MSA - Carton Weighing- Cut Traceability - Loadout- Export - Distribution- Warehousing

4 Products Application Software –Thorsys Production and Inventory Control System Provides the functionality required to monitor, analyse and keep track of the various stages of production for Meat Processing establishments Provides accurate traceability enabling a much smaller quantity of product to be recalled, therefore reducing the processor’s recall costs The data recorded is also used for Stock and Inventory Management purposes –Thorsys Warehousing and Distribution System The data recorded is used for Stock and Inventory Management and Distribution purposes Specialised Hardware –Thorsys Touch Terminals T200 Standard T200 Server –Thorsys Label Applicator

5 Trace Back Summary - Supply Chain “ Supply Chain ” Thorsys Farm/ Feedlot Slaughter House Meat Packing Plant RetailerConsumer Thorsys systems provide Traceability throughout the Supply Chain Guarantees brand name protection for the processor and for the retailer Guarantees product confidence for the consumer Thorsys systems are multi-lingual Thorsys provides customised solutions

6 Trace Back Summary - Features I The THORSYS Production and Inventory Control System provides traceability at the following stages of the production process – At the Paddock –Whole of life eartags or rumen pellets are applied to cattle with unique Ids. At the Abattoir –The unique ID is read, checked for exception testing and recorded against the slaughter details and barcode using the Slaughter Floor Knocking Box Module. –The barcode is then the unique identifier –A DNA Sample is collected, stored and associated with the barcode using the Chiller Data Collection Module. A BSE sample is currently taken in Japan (using the Slaughter Floor Grading Module), and all carcases placed on hold until the results are returned At the Boning Room –The barcode is scanned and checked to see if any tests are required and that the side has passed the BSE test (in Japan). These functions are performed using the Boning Room Input Module. –Individual cut barcodes are produced and placed on the meat using the Cut Tracking Module At the Packing/Carton Station –Each cut barcode is scanned as it is placed into a carton and an external EAN barcode is produced, associating the cuts with the carton barcode using the Carton Weigh Module At Dispatch/Loadout –The carton barcodes are scanned to an order, and incorrect cartons rejected using the Carton Loadout Module.

7 Trace Back Summary - Features II The THORSYS Production and Inventory Control System provides traceability at the following stages of the production process – At the Customer –At the customer site, if further slicing occurs, the customer scans the cut barcode on the cryovac bag, then a small copy of the barcode is produced uniquely identifying the meat in the tray pack. This is an option for the Cut Tracking Module. On the Plate –Consumers can buy in confidence knowing that if a problem is discovered, immediate recall notices will be available, showing which stores were affected and on which days the meat was purchased. This facility is provided by the Stock and Inventory Module of the processor who supplied the product TraceBack –If Trace Back is required, the label on the packaging can be used to uniquely identify the meat in question –If the label is not present, but some of the meat is available, a DNA check can be made to uniquely identify the meat in question –If a recall is required, all other meat from that body/property/processing day etc can be found at the touch of a button.

8 Trace Back Summary - Benefits I The THORSYS Production and Inventory Control System offers the following major benefits to End Customers –Stop/Prevent the spread of BSE if/when it occurs by offering paddock to plate meat traceability. This offers peace of mind to consumers and processors –Customisation to customer’s requirements provides a guarantee of a solution that fits in with the business needs not vice-versa –Guarantee of compliance with legislation. This offers peace of mind to producers and processors specially for export plants –Operational Savings Reduced data entry labour costs –THORSYS solutions virtually eliminate the tedious data entry associated with manual processing of warehouse/location transactions Reduced material handling labour costs/increased productivity –THORSYS systems direct material handlers to optimal locations for picking and put away, reducing travel times and increasing throughput Increased inventory accuracy –THORSYS systems rely on the latest barcode scanning technology (and standards) which is inherently error-free. Inventory accuracy post-implementation approaches the 100% mark Reduced inventory carrying costs –THORSYS systems enable increased inventory velocity. Combined with improved inventory accuracy, this enables standing inventory to be significantly reduced. With inventory carrying costs are estimated at 20-30% of inventory value, inventory reduction is a substantial source of savings.

9 Trace Back Summary - Benefits II The THORSYS Production and Inventory Control System offers the following major benefits to End Customers –Operational Savings Elimination of product loss from expiration –THORSYS systems enforce both first-in-first-out (FIFO) and first-expired-first-out (FEFO) distribution models and ensure that each customer receives product that matches date requirements. Real-time integration –THORSYS systems provide real time inventory levels, therefore eliminate manual data entry, increase accuracy, improve planning, and enable on floor supervisors to query the systems for up-to-the-minute data on production orders, shipping orders, etc. Improved customer service –THORSYS systems increase shipping accuracy and reduce the costs associated with meeting customer-specific orders. THORSYS systems enable the operators to set customer-specific rules for shipping, lot tracking, date, etc. Other benefits include –Reduced training time for new employees, –Ability to optimize warehouse space, –Plant-wide availability of data, –Computer generated reporting, –Reduced recall scope savings

10 Trace Back Summary - Advantages Quality control –Thorsys systems provide, through barcoded tickets, a method of identifying each carcase, carton or cut, allowing QA personnel accurate recording of data relating to production and product quality Food safety –Thorsys systems provide vital information about time and identification for safety systems such as HACCP ( (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) Efficiency –Thorsys systems are designed to use the least amount of time and manpower to record the transaction data Productivity –Thorsys systems typically do not require any additional staff to operate. Staff members doing other jobs at the same point as the data collection terminals can enter data whilst undertaking other duties Traceability –Provided throughout the Supply Chain –Paddock-to-Plate Traceability provides a market advantage Experience –13 Years Experience in the Meat Industry –More than 20 Sites in Australia, New Zealand and Japan

11 Contacts In Australia –Telephone/ 电话 + 61 7 3371 2788 –Facsimile/ 传真 + 61 7 3371 6852 –Email/ 电子信箱 –Address/ 地址 Suite 1, Level 8, 39 Sherwood Road Toowong, QLD 4066 Australia Or visit us at 网址

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