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Trends in computing- mobile phones! Leah Dring 4478 Wildern school 58243.

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1 Trends in computing- mobile phones! Leah Dring 4478 Wildern school 58243

2 Introduction I have chose to do mobile phones because they have changed so much over the past years. There has been a drastic change mobile phones and have become easier to use, also being able download more apps and have more memory.

3 Development of mobile phones

4 Changes taken place on mobile phones Mobile phones were only used for calling about 20 years ago, but now technology has been improved significantly. They can now be touchscreen, receive and send emails and download loads of different apps for what ever you want. Aerels have been built into the phones now so they are more portable. Phones have also become slimmer and bigger so its easier to type and see what u r doing.

5 Uses of mobile phones Internet, unless people are at work then not many people use a computer or laptop Out any more. Mobile phones have this sort of technology now and they are more portable to use. People use phones as cameras to catch memorise quickly at the time they need them. Phones can also be used for playing games to keep you entertained whilst you are traveling.

6 Impact of mobile phones The impact of mobile phones in todays society is massive. People rely on their phones so much and it revolves around their everyday life, the devices support us so much during the day by using the internet, taking pictures and contacting people when you need them.

7 If technology didn’t exist The world today would be a completely different place if technology wasn’t around. If we didn’t have mobile phones and there was an emergency who would be there to call the services?

8 Legal issues Problems with mobile phones are that there could be hackers to get onto peoples personal accounts. People could either be phoning or texting whilst driving in the car, this may cause a fatal accident and needs to be stopped. People could be sending inappropriate pictures to people they have met over the internet or maybe just their friends. Trust needs to be built.

9 Ethical and social issues I think children should be allowed phones at the age of 10 but only for safety reasons. Children should only be allowed social media at the age of 13, because this is when they start to mature and know what is wrong. Children are becoming more and more antisocial and acting older than they are.

10 Facts and figures

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