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1Parent / Carer Questionnaire : Summer 20131 Parent / Carer Questionnaire Summer 2013 Results.

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1 1Parent / Carer Questionnaire : Summer 20131 Parent / Carer Questionnaire Summer 2013 Results

2 2 Parents / Carers Questionnaire Parent / Carer Questionnaire : Summer 2013

3 3 Introduction In July 2013 Questionnaires were given to every pupil for completion by their parents / carers The Questionnaires comprised 41 questions covering the following areas: –Well Being –Curriculum –Enrichment & Extra-curricular Activities –Behaviour & Pastoral Care –Communication In addition, there was provision for feedback under the following headings: –Favourite aspect –Suggestions for improvements –Any other comments Parents / Carers were also asked to indicate if they were able to volunteer in school, and the preferred area of interest Parent / Carer Questionnaire : Summer 2013

4 4 Completed Questionnaires 245 completed questionnaires were received back – 56% (2012 - 45%) Nursery27 Reception44 Year 133 Year 243 Year 325 Year 418 Year 529 Year 620 KS21 Not specified5 Parent / Carer Questionnaire : Summer 2013

5 5 Analysis The results have been collated, analysed and are summarised in this document Parents / Carers were asked to select the appropriate option for each of the 41 questions - Strongly Disagree / Disagree / Agree / Strongly Agree A score was allocated to each answer: Strongly Disagree -2 Disagree -1 Agree+1 Strongly Agree+2 Where an answer indicated ‘Not applicable’, ‘Don’t know’, ‘Neither agree or disagree’, or no answer was given, a value of zero was allocated The total score for each question was divided by the number of scoring answers to give an average / factor score Parent / Carer Questionnaire : Summer 2013

6 Results Parent / Carer Questionnaire : Summer 20136 The 2013 response ratings compared to 2012 are:

7 7Parent / Carer Questionnaire : Summer 2013 Some of the good things… Woodheys is a great school The staff genuinely care I would not wish my children to attend any other school My child asks to come in at weekends!!! The wide range of activities the children get to experience

8 8Parent / Carer Questionnaire : Summer 2013 …some issues & concerns…

9 9Parent / Carer Questionnaire : Summer 2013 …and some suggestions Continue to expand extra-curricular activities Parentmails could be better signposted - need to open attachment to see what it is about More notice for events / evenings meetings - to give more time for child care Weekly e-mail - what was covered this week and what's coming up next week Schedule some special activities (assemblies / plays / choir recitals) after school hours - this would allow full-time working parents to attend and support their child occasionally Feedback re: what School Governors look at / discuss… Freshening up of Upper KS2 classrooms It would be helpful if there were signs up / a map to direct you to the School Reception A rain shelter Extend the adventure trail Recognition for consistent good behaviour - to promote that following school rules is rewarded A site Security Guard would be great… A Lollipop Person… To see "lesson plans" for year to know what is being covered and when - so parents can help at home more effectively… Regular updates via homework book None woolly jumpers

10 10 Top 10 Rankings Parent / Carer Questionnaire : Summer 2013 AgreeStrongly Agree

11 11 Bottom 10 Rankings Parent / Carer Questionnaire : Summer 2013 AgreeStrongly Agree

12 12 Well Being Agree Parent / Carer Questionnaire : Summer 2013 AgreeStrongly Agree

13 13 Curriculum Agree Strongly Agree Parent / Carer Questionnaire : Summer 2013 See separate page AgreeStrongly Agree

14 14 Enrichment / Extra Curricular Parent / Carer Questionnaire : Summer 2013 AgreeStrongly Agree

15 15 Behaviour / Pastoral Care Parent / Carer Questionnaire : Summer 2013 AgreeStrongly Agree

16 16 Communication Parent / Carer Questionnaire : Summer 2013 AgreeStrongly Agree

17 17 Other Parent / Carer Questionnaire : Summer 2013 AgreeStrongly Agree

18 18 Homework There was only 1 question where there was an overall negative factor score In response to the question “I think my child gets too much homework” the factor score was - 1.05 This can be viewed as a ‘double negative’ – with the consensus being there is not too much homework Comments You will never please everyone for different reasons, i.e. struggling children -v- competitive parents The amount of homework varies according to teacher / inconsistency between same year groups Do not always understand what our child needs to do for homework, or how it is checked Sometimes the homework sheets are ambiguous / difficult to follow / inaccurate (esp. Maths) due to being photocopied so many times More knowledge for parents on homework / sometimes unclear about how much help we can give Homework diary : good / valuable tool - quick responses and resolution to any issues Regular contact via homework book would be beneficial to update parents as to how their child is getting on and if extra support at home is needed Parent / Carer Questionnaire : Summer 2013

19 19 Comments : 1 The following pages contain a sample of the comments received in the Parent / Carer Questionnaires Comments were received under the following sections –Well Being –Curriculum –Enrichment & Extra-curricular Activities –Behaviour & Pastoral Care –Favourite aspect –Suggestions for improvements –Any other comments The comments received have been grouped together under key headings to give a cross section of opinions and suggestions. Parent / Carer Questionnaire : Summer 2013

20 20 Comments : 2 Discipline Discipline in school is maintained well and issues of concern are well looked after and appropriately dealt with in an amicable manner Bullying goes un-noticed and un-punished by certain teachers It seems that the "bad" children get rewarded and consistently "good" children get overlooked Some pupil's poor discipline and behaviour can have a negative effect on other pupils learning Rewards Child received a postcard home to praise their efforts…which was a turning point in their confidence Finding ways to praise children who are consistently well behaved is as important as rewarding those who find it more difficult to comply with school rules 100% attendance for the full academic year is unfair…would prefer to see a termly 100% attendance - more achievable for those who are genuinely ill and responsible enough to stay away from school for the sake of others Website Individual class pages not updated regularly Class web pages should have more information about activities / events happening Would like website to be updated more often…when in Reception it was updated weekly…very informative as sometimes children aren't very informative! Sometimes I have found that evening meetings aren't included in the 'Important Dates' website page Parent / Carer Questionnaire : Summer 2013

21 21 Comments : 3 Communications There is good communication between parents and the school via Parentmail, written notices and by speaking to teachers The school can contact parents via e-mail, but parents cannot contact the school via e-mail. Parentmail is regularly sent out without attachments, letters and e-mails often have confusing or contradictory instructions and information (e.g. Sports Day letter)… More notice for events such as Sports Day / Open Evenings - to give more time for child care Parentmail could be better signposted - need to open attachment to see what it is about Weekly e-mail – include what was covered this week and what's coming up next week… Facilities The school site is clean and well managed Classrooms always tidy & clean - lots for the children to do The additional buildings have really enhanced the school - so beneficial and still looks brand new! The new school extension is lovely - except the library is still empty The school has lots of space and facilities for the children, unlike other schools in the area Open plan classes are tidy, interesting and has good light The older classrooms look incredibly worn & tired / could do with a facelift / livening up There are gutters which leak a lot every time it rains - at the Infant entrance the path leading from Nursery to Reception is always a problem - when it rains and has not been fixed all year Parent / Carer Questionnaire : Summer 2013

22 22 Comments : 5 Pastoral Care I am always informed if my child has an accident - which makes me feel confident in the teachers Better and more in depth action and information when child is hurt Lunchtimes are rushed and children don't always have sufficient time to eat their meal Despite encouraging healthy lunches, other children bring in crisps and chocolate bars - makes child think I am being mean for not putting them in their lunchbox. Parents are not informed about the Christian prayer before eating lunch - I don’t know how that can be allowed without informed consent of parents School Meals Hot dinners are very healthy / child enjoys the variety of meals My child enjoys the school meals in terms of taste and variety, but they say there is never enough and the portions are small My child has become upset about not getting their first choice Disappointing we cannot see the weekly menus Events The occasions parents can come into school for e.g. assemblies are great Events / assemblies all very well organised School productions are excellent Parent / Carer Questionnaire : Summer 2013

23 23 Comments : 7 KS1 / EYFS Entrance The drop-off area for Nursery & KS1 in the morning is so congested - quite stressful and a bit intimidating especially for the little ones This is still a major problem and needs addressing - I mentioned this in last year's questionnaire! Parents of Reception should be allowed to wait in the playground until the teacher arrives! Safeguarding The big field at the back is not totally secure / holes in fences Gate open when the children are at after-school club When parents are invited to school (i.e. Sports Day, etc.) no one ever checks if we are genuine visitors There have been occasions when the side gate was not locked after the bell had gone as there was no teacher on duty Other Please arrange some special events (assemblies / plays / choir recitals) after school hours so that those pupils with full-time working parents have a chance of Mum or Dad watching! More consideration given to working parents who aren't at the school gate and can't easily access school Staff Feedback what School Governors look at / discuss Parent / Carer Questionnaire : Summer 2013

24 24 Comments : 9 Progress We feel well informed about child's progress and methods in how we can assist child at home Would appreciate more information re: curriculum and the level my child has reached Maybe each half term give parents an indication of how their child is progressing academically and what they could improve on for the next term More information re: what child will be doing term by term - this will help with homework Parents want to support their child's progress in all areas and sometimes we need some guidance More feedback on a regular basis regarding how child is progressing / what I need to do to support Keep parents informed with teaching topics each week so we can support the children at home Regular updates via homework book? Reports Reports to be child based and not generic Would like progress in Maths and English to be quantified i.e. NC levels or at least a 1, 2, 3 - written comments are very difficult to interpret Information in end of year report to provide a grading for English & Maths (as for other subjects) '3' is working below the expected level, but in the SATS it is the opposite Reception Reports : lovely - photographs a super addition You made much of 'banding' earlier in the year but no reference to it for core subjects in the Annual Report Parent / Carer Questionnaire : Summer 2013

25 25 Comments : 8 Teaching I believe the school gets the balance right, whilst I want my child to achieve, Woodheys also ensures they have happy, confident, friendly, well-rounded children My child is actively encouraged by their teacher and nurtured for who they are Could push children more academically Seems to be minimal emphasis on spelling / handwriting in Reception School places far too much emphasis on SATS - having "booster" Maths lessons in March - May, rather than building up gradually all year The school should promote and help with the 11+ exams because Trafford Council has a selective system Improve communications to parents with letters and information, especially when your child may have been off from school due to illness, etc. Nursery : Fairies & Elves topic was fantastic - would have been enhanced by parents being invited in to see the Fairy Garden Teachers The teachers are warm, approachable and professional Work hard to provide an interesting and stimulating learning environment Not all teachers are approachable Caring teachers who take into account the needs of their pupils Parent / Carer Questionnaire : Summer 2013

26 26 Comments : 10 Parents Evenings One 10 minute Parents Evening in Feb / Mar is not enough - I understand (now) the "no news is good news" concept, but would have liked some positive assurances Parents Evenings - need better control of timing - always over-run 2 appointments would be good if your child has a different Maths / English teacher Parent information evening in KS2 to explain the approach to core subjects, particularly Maths, so they can better support their children Administration / Office Staff Have seen an improvement in the attitudes of office staff The welcome at the reception depends on who is there and can be awkward Miss Cockill deserves a special mention - as she always has a friendly smile to welcome visitors Trips School trips were very enriching experience and well enjoyed The trip to the Watersports was fun for them - but overpriced - was very similar to Robin Wood (Y5). It is a shame Nursery do not go on any school trips Parent / Carer Questionnaire : Summer 2013

27 27 Comments : 12 After-school Clubs Good after-school clubs Child really enjoyed Multi-sports this year The Band has been a great idea, but having it on same night as choir is not great Gardening Club has been very enjoyable Short 1 term taster sessions are useful - child enjoyed the tennis session and requested to attend club Variety is limited / need more range of after-school clubs / not as much choice for younger ones Heavily oversubscribed It would be better if after-school clubs were spread amongst the school days Not sure received info re: some of the after school activities School needs to take responsibility for the external after-school clubs i.e. if an after-school club (external) has cancelled a session the school need to assist in informing the parents also Would be useful to Parentmail out in early September all the after-school clubs on offer Suggestions : different languages / drama / dance / team games (outside / board games) / netball / running / Lego / cookery / cricket… Parent / Carer Questionnaire : Summer 2013

28 28 Volunteers 37 Parents / Carers offered to volunteer in school However, 17 of these did not give their names The preferred areas of interest included: –After-school Activities –Bridging new children / family especially from non-English speaking background. –Classroom Support –Knitting –Maths –Nursery / Reception –Reading –School / Community Projects –School Trips –Science Club / School Science Parent / Carer Questionnaire : Summer 2013

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