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UK parliament 2011. Who is the current Speaker of the House of Commons?

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1 UK parliament 2011

2 Who is the current Speaker of the House of Commons?

3 Speaker of the HOC John Bercow The Speaker presides over the House's debates, determining which members may speak. The Speaker is also responsible for maintaining order during debate, and may punish members who break the rules of the House. The speaker is neutral whilst in the post.

4 Can you name the current Prime Minister? Can you name the last seven PMs in order?

5 Prime Minister David Cameron Previous PMs (in order) – Harold Wilson Harold Wilson – Edward Heath Edward Heath – James Callaghan James Callaghan – Margaret Thatcher Margaret Thatcher – John Major John Major – Tony Blair Tony Blair – Gordon Brown Gordon Brown

6 It’s a coalition Government, so who is the Deputy PM?

7 Deputy PM (Coalition) Nick Clegg The Deputy Prime Minister is the deputy head of Government and has special responsibility for political and constitutional reform. He is also Lord President of the Privy Council

8 Can you name any of the Cabinet? How about all 22 and their job roles?

9 Cabinet Prime Minister and 22 other Ministers Secretary's of state have the legal powers not the PM i/uk_politics/8675705.s tm Check out who’s who in the cabinet

10 Lord Chancellor Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke QC MP Was a lawyer years ago Now Lord Chancellor Also Secretary of state for Justice Runs the new Ministry of Justice:

11 Constitutional Reform Act 2005 Since the Act Lord Chancellor is no longer Lord Speaker or Lord Chief Justice these are two new roles.

12 Who is the current Lord Speaker?

13 Lord Speaker – Lord Speaker chairs debates in HOL and is an elected role – Currently Baroness Hayman – http://www.parliament. uk/about/mps-and- lords/principal/lord- speaker/ http://www.parliament. uk/about/mps-and- lords/principal/lord- speaker/

14 Who is the current Lord Chief Justice?

15 Lord Chief Justice On 3 April 2006, when the Constitutional Reform Act 2005 came into force, the Lord Chief Justice became head of the judiciary of England and Wales, a role previously held by the Lord Chancellor. Confusingly his name is not Bill Smith it’s “Lord Igor Judge” so he had the right name for the job! /uknews/law-and- order/8396392/Lord-Chief- Justice-wanted-a-pay-rise-for- judges.html

16 Leader of the HOL The Leader of the House of Lords is a government minister and member of the Cabinet. He is responsible for the organisation of government business in the House of Lords. The current Leader of the House of Lords is Rt Hon Lord Strathclyde.

17 NOW TRY THE QUIZ Were you wearing a tinfoil hat?

18 Quiz Name them.... – Deputy PM – Speaker HOC – Leader of HOL – Lord Chief Justice – Lord Speaker – Lord Chancellor

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