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BIG Fulfilling Lives Programme South East Partnership Visioning Event.

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1 BIG Fulfilling Lives Programme South East Partnership Visioning Event

2 Agenda 09.30am Introduction and update from BHT (Lead Agency) 10.00am Workshop 1 - Locality needs and provision 10.45am Tea/Coffee 11.00am Workshop 2 - Delivering on the three Outcomes 11.45am Feedback and group discussion 12.30pm Close

3 Overview of the BIG Programme Fulfilling lives: supporting people with multiple and complex needs








11 Brighton and Hove, Eastbourne & Hastings Partnership Bid

12 Funding The Big Lottery is investing up to £100 million across up to 15 areas across England. Brighton, Eastbourne and Hastings has been identified as one of those 15 areas. We envisage seeking up to a maximum of £8 million funding over the 8 years of the programme, depending on the detail of the final application. Whilst this is a substantial sum, once divided over the three localities and over the eight years of the programme, this would be around £300,000 per annum for each locality. It should be stressed that we are currently in a process of application. There is a significant amount of work, including evidencing need and client consultation, to be completed if our bid is to be successful.

13 Core Group and Lead Partner Following the locally agreed process, Brighton Housing Trust (aka BHT Sussex) was selected to be the Lead Partner for the bid. It is a condition of funding that the bid is led by a voluntary sector agency. Following the same process, the Core Group has now been finalised. The group is made up of agencies in the voluntary and statutory sectors as follows:

14 Core Group Members Voluntary sector reps: BHT Sussex CRI Sanctuary Supported Living Southdown Housing Association Sussex Central YMCA Sussex Oakleaf Equalities and Diversity rep: Brighton Women’s Centre Statutory sector reps: Brighton and Hove City Council East Sussex County Council Hastings Borough Council / Eastbourne Borough Council Other: Homeless Link

15 The Partnership Group There are currently 60 organisations in this group - all of the organisations that have expressed a wish to be included. 3VA Albion in The Community Allsorts Youth Project AVA (Against Violence and Abuse) BMECP Brighton & Hove City Council Brighton & Hove Strategic Partnership Brighton Housing Trust Brighton Oasis Project Brighton Unemployed Centre Families Project Brighton Women's Centre Brighton YMCA Business in the Community Catch22 Citizens Advice 1066 Clare Demuth Construction Youth Trust Crawley Open House CRI CVSF East Sussex County Council Eastbourne Borough Council Eastbourne CAB Education Futures Trust Equinox ESAP Friends, Families and Travellers Hastings Borough Council Hastings Voluntary Action Homeless Link Justlife Mind in Brighton & Hove MindOut NCDA Ltd Panos People Can South East Resolving Chaos RISE RUOK Young Persons Substance Misuse Service Sanctuary Supported Living Shaw Trust SEAP Seaview Project Southdown Housing Association Surrey & Sussex Probation Trust Sussex Central YMCA Sussex Downs College Sussex Oakleaf Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust Sussex St John Ambulance The Disabilities Trust Foundation The Meadows The Prince's Trust The Whitehawk Inn Together working for wellbeing Tomorrow's People Turn2us Turning Point Women's Wisdom Young People's Centre (YPC

16 Delivery Partners Once the programme has been established, and if we are successful in receiving funding from BIG, delivery partners would come from any appropriate organisation or partnership that can successfully deliver aspects of the programme. A thorough and equal process for partners to deliver on the many activities that will form the bid will be developed by the Core Group, in full consultation with the Partnership Group, once our outline bid (the Vision and Strategy Document) has been submitted (17 th Dec) and in preparation for this being agreed by BIG (March 2013).

17 Lead Partner Responsibilities As the lead partner BHT has a number of specific responsibilities including: Co-ordinating the partnership. Developing the vision and strategy. Submitting the vision and strategy document. Legal responsibility for the grant and adherence to BLF’s Terms and Conditions. Developing SLA’s with all delivery partners. Distributing the funding to the organisations involved in the project delivery. Reporting to BLF on the achievement of outcomes and milestones during grant management. Working with the external evaluator to ensure appropriate monitoring systems are in place and for ensuring that learning is shared within the partnership and wider.

18 Programme Timetable 2012: 6th Nov:Visioning Event 17th Dec:Visioning and Strategy Document to be submitted to the Big Lottery 2013: 31st March:BIG announce successful Outline bids (Vision and Strategy Document) 30th Sept:Deadline for submission of formal Business Plan (final bid) to the Big Lottery. 2014: 1st April:If our bid is successful delivery commences.

19 Vision and Strategy Document In this Document we will need to include the vision of the kinds of activities that we (the Partnership) would propose to include in our final bid. The document will not cover the final activities for the programme but it does need to cover the types of activities / the kinds of activity we would be prioritising (initially in the first 2 years of the programme) and demonstrate that these would meet the 3 Programme Outcomes. Workshop 1 – Will look at needs and provision in the three different localities.

20 Workshop 1: Need and Provision Workshop 1 will cover the following questions: What are the most significant gaps in provision for this client group/s? (It might help to consider what we think of when we say "If only we had / if only there was...."?!) Do you have any evidence of client consultation /client input regarding these gaps? (Whilst it is not necessary to have this information available at this point, it will be necessary for the Vision and Strategy Document – we can discuss this further at the Visioning Event) In terms of these gaps, what is your organisation currently providing for the target client group/s in each of the three localities? In terms of these gaps, what examples of good practice are you aware of, locally, nationally or internationally?

21 Workshop 2: Delivering the Outcomes This workshop will explore how we can ensure that the proposed project activities will bring about the three Fulfilling Lives programme outcomes: People will multiple and complex needs are able to manage their lives better through access to more person centred and co-ordinated services; Services are more tailored and better connected and will empower users to fully take part in effective service design and delivery; and Shared learning and improved measurement of outcomes for people with multiple and complex needs will demonstrate the impact of service models to key stakeholders.

22 Agenda 09.30am Introduction and update from BHT (Lead Agency) 10.00am Workshop 1 - Locality needs and provision 10.45am Tea/Coffee 11.00am Workshop 2 - Delivering on the three Outcomes 11.45am Feedback and group discussion 12.30pm Close

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