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Get Work Experience Ltd, Hyde Park House, 5 Manfred Road, London SW15 2RS 020 8823 0605.

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1 Get Work Experience Ltd, Hyde Park House, 5 Manfred Road, London SW15 2RS 020 8823 0605

2 Review: The current employment market & what is being done How to get a job & the various methods by which to do so Definition of work experience CV Advice The Interview & The Placement What we do and how we do it Our clients Questions

3 The current employment market Total UK Unemployment – 2.68m Jan 2012 Total Full-time jobs on offer: 400,000 6 unemployment applicants for every vacancy. Those forced to work part-time increased to 1.31m (up from 1.16m from Jan 2011) Youth Unemployment at highest for 20yrs: - 1m 16-24yr olds unemployed - 1/5 th of the country’s eligible youth

4 What is being done? Are the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats ‘betraying a whole generation of young people’? – E. Millaband Improving Welfare & Educational Systems New reduced Minimum Wage for apprentices ( £2.50 per hour and mandatory training ) £1.4bn pledge to create 100,000 apprentices by 2014

5 How to get a job? Up to each individual to promote themselves Your C.V. is your key tool, often your single opportunity: 2 key areas: Education & Work History not the personal statement Skills-based CV allows you to quickly promote and reinforce your attributes

6 Methods of obtaining a job Directly – industry average open rate 13-17% – response rate 3% Online Applications – you can force your way to their attention with high scores Recruitment Agency – beware hidden fees (CVs / Interview Training etc) Internships / Work Experience Placements – show that your skills outweigh the costs of your salary!

7 Industry – specific methods Marketing Communications; Marketing proposal, press release, social media strategy, etc. IT; Website links, draft front line action script, coding procedure, etc. Financial Services; Paraplanner report, Investment Management Report, etc. Property; Property Management report, Investment / Development proposal, Lettings Availability report, etc.

8 Definition of Work Experience Work experience is a period of temporary student employment, within a framework of learning objectives and assessment, in which the student takes control of the learning experiences. (E-Skills; 2004) Many employers see work experience placements as a free way of getting students in to do tasks that they don’t want to ask their present employees to do; posting mail outs and re-organising files whilst being permanently on “tea-duty”. We charge clients, they want a return on their money!

9 The CV Section HeaderSuggested Content 1 Personal Details Current address, date of birth, telephone number, mobile number, e-mail address 2 Skills & Achievements Two or three lines of achievements and examples of when you have demonstrated each of the following skills: Teamwork, Effective Communication, Initiative-taking, Problem Solving and Technical Skills. 3 Employment History Starting with your most recent employment, provide the following information; Firm, Date Employed, Position, Reference contact e-mail address and bullet points of the tasks that were required of you. 4 Academic Qualifications Write a brief review of your most recent academic qualifications, highlighting the skills that you have obtained. For all academic qualifications, from GCSE grades upwards, include the name of your School/College/ University, the dates upon which you attended the institution, the grades received and an academic reference contact e-mail address. 5 Activities and Interests Write a very brief bullet-pointed list of a maximum of four of your activities and interests. Use these to highlight the transferable skills, if applicable.

10 The Interview Be prompt and presentable; check the location and take contact details. Research the company; their activities, development, corporate ethos and competitors. Questioning yourself on your characteristics and attributes; what makes you special and how can you convey this to the prospective employers. Finally, be positive; carry out your research and head to it in a confident mood.

11 The Placement Write down clearly defined objectives; the attributes that you hope to develop and experience. Approach each task with a positive “can do” attitude; be memorable, professional, attentive and willing; all attractive attributes to employers. Ask suitable questions; to ensure your work is both productive to the firm & useful to your own development. Attend any meetings or conferences; this will help you to learn various aspects of the business and develop future contacts.

12 What we do We source practical on-the-job work placements with established companies and market these through our website (, social networks and the university job boards with which we have developed partnerships.

13 The website – Part 1

14 The website – Part 2

15 Our students Our students work: Part-time (Work Experience / Internships / Vacational) & Full- time Freelance (Uni Enterprises Support) / Employed (S.E.O. Skills / Sage Accountancy Software / I.T. Back end writing software) Paid (HMRC Legislation)

16 Our clients SME’s: We can meet the diverse needs of SMEs by providing short-term student placements to work in the office or remotely and to assist in their accounts, undertake general day-to-day administration, win new clients by marketing or provide talented students to SEO the website, etc. Large Corporations: We can undertake long-term relationships by continually sourcing, signing up and providing graduates and undergraduates on pre - arranged dates whilst increasing the firm’s profile through long term recruitment drives and reducing recruitment-associated administration.

17 How To Apply Go to Upload your CV. Review the positions by industry or geographically. Click “Apply”

18 The Process We receive your application & collate others. We confirm your application. We review all applications inline with client requirements. We interview selected candidates and organise interviews.

19 Questions

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