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Girraween Primary School Stacey Price s251045 August 2014.

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1 Girraween Primary School Stacey Price s251045 August 2014

2 Contents Page  School Values  Community  Music  Practicum teachers  My Classroom  What have I learnt?

3 School Values Seeds For Success Girraween Primary School have a set of defined values called ‘Seeds for Success’. The school community believe these values will assist in attaining successful learning and living. They are addressed throughout the curriculum and within classroom behavior management on a regular basis. They are displayed throughout the school and featured within every classroom.

4 Parent volunteers and the School Council provide valuable support in attaining the school goals. Their professionalism and organization they provided on dance night is to be commended on. The school has elected a Student Representative Council, these students are chosen to promote the school values around the school. The Peer Leaders perform particular duties throughout the school ranging from sports monitors, library monitors through to sports captains. Having a student leadership team provides the students with their own voice and leadership within the student body. Community

5 Music Whilst on my placement the whole school produced a performance for the school community. The night was themed Australian Countdown. Each classroom had to choose a particular Australian artist and practice and perform on the night. My class danced to funky town sung by “Psudo Echo”. A disco followed the performances wrapping up a successful evening.

6 Practicum Teachers Whilst on this practicum I was required to full time teach for two weeks. This meant that I was the teacher and my mentor was the observer. In order for me achieve the requirements I had to plan for the next two weeks. The planning not only consisted of in class instruction but I also attended and completed the following;  Certificates for assembly  Attend all staff meetings  Took minutes during the staff meeting  Pre booked staff room wall displays  Assist with school camp preparation  Responsible for students during dance night Image: Dressed for dance night

7 My Classroom  The class room was a ¾ class split consisting of 23 students.  The teacher has twenty years of experience  Behavior management was implemented early and constantly addressed.  Visual learning was applied throughout the curriculum to enhance student learning  Group work was not a class strength but could be applied with consideration to student ability.  Students were responsible for their learning and expectations were clear

8 My Learning  My goal for this practicum was to develop a better understanding of behavior management, I achieved this and am confident for future applications.  I understand the importance of a back up plan if ICT lets you down or the lesson simply may not go to plan.  Time management for planning the next day and each lesson materials  The importance of a visual weekly planner  The importance of being a flexible teacher and team player.

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