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WWW.COACS.COM Overview of M i Databank A medicines enquiry management system from CoAcS Ltd.

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1 WWW.COACS.COM Overview of M i Databank A medicines enquiry management system from CoAcS Ltd

2 WWW.COACS.COM What is M i Databank? M i Databank is a software application that enables hospitals to effectively manage their medicines information enquiries. M i Databank: – is robust, used in many countries and scenarios more than 230 MI centres in UK alone – enables consistency of answer with audit accountability – includes an Admin module to maintain system parameters – creates customisable enquiry management reports

3 WWW.COACS.COM What M i Databank does For everyday users, M i Databank: – provides access based on user role and experience with a Helper panel, MI authorisation & escalation – stores enquiry and enquirer details also ADRs and projects – displays what reference sources are available locally – builds a centralised and shared resource including previous answers and FAQs – features extensive search and reporting features

4 WWW.COACS.COM Work ‘In Progress’ Most open enquiries are found in the ‘In Progress’ area. They may pass through other stages before completion. Filter and display options.

5 WWW.COACS.COM Enquiry Input Customisable ‘Helper panel’ assists inexperienced users. Input form stores Enquirer Name, Contact and Enquiry details etc. Categories and keywords used.

6 WWW.COACS.COM Drug Selection Drugs are selected from a dictionary for consistency. DM+D provides three levels of selection – Virtual Drug, Virtual Product and Actual Product.

7 WWW.COACS.COM MI Research Using Categories and Keywords, MiDatabank automatically searches FAQs and past enquiries which can be referenced in the MI Answer.

8 WWW.COACS.COM MI Research Links Other Sources can be researched using Standard Search Patterns associated with enquiry Categories.

9 WWW.COACS.COM MI Research – all sources Further research sources include Paper, electronic / online or personal Advice / knowledge.

10 WWW.COACS.COM MI Answer The selected knowledge or research items are listed here. The ‘Simple View’ provides space for research notes and the outcome...

11 WWW.COACS.COM MI Answer / reply... whilst the ‘Page View’ option helps users to create a letter or email attachment / content using templates and ‘Special Field’ inserts.

12 WWW.COACS.COM Completion Before an enquiry can be completed, MiDatabank checks that mandatory fields have been completed – these are required for audit and reporting.

13 WWW.COACS.COM Searching General and Advanced searching (using dates, categories and fields) enable users to find previous enquiries that may help answer their current enquiry.

14 WWW.COACS.COM Reports There are three Reporter tabs. Each one provides statistical information based upon dates and selected field values.

15 WWW.COACS.COM Report listings Other Reports provide detailed listings for any selected Categories and fields.

16 WWW.COACS.COM ADRs ADRs details are recorded using additional fields in the ADR Input tab that is made available. Additional ADR tabs include Reactions, Suspect Drugs and electronic Regulatory Authority submission checks.

17 WWW.COACS.COM Electronic Yellow Card Reports The form can be viewed before being sent electronically direct to the regulatory authorities.

18 WWW.COACS.COM Admin Module The blue tabs are for global settings; the white ones for local selections. The Admin module controls the user access, resources and contacts available (and more) for each site.

19 WWW.COACS.COM Admin – User Profile The User profile form defines what areas each individual user can access and what permissions they have.

20 WWW.COACS.COM Contact us... For more information about M i Databank, please look at our dedicated website Or email us at Prices, demo system access and site demonstrations available

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