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2 If not us, then who? If not from Africa, then whence? If not now, then when? If not for Africa and humanity, why not? (Dr. Reuel Khoza)

SHINGARA INTEGRATED INVESTMENTS (SII) STRATEGIC INTENTION To engage in Socio-Economic Engineering for Africa through building and enhancing a diversified Services, Investment and Industrial (SII) Holdings that undertakes initiatives that provide substantial and sustainable social and economic transformation for Africa. WE DEFINE SUCCESS THROUGH QUANTIFIABLE RETURNS ON CAPITAL EMPLOYED ROCEGDP/Capita, Gini Coefficient > ROCETotal Shareholder Returns Fundamental metric for economic growth is GDP/Capita (Gross Domestic Product Per Member of the Population) coupled by Gini Coefficient (Wealth Disparity) reduction because this drives Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). SII finds viable business models that achieve increased GDP/Capita whilst delivering SUPERIOR RETURNS to investors. Whom Do We Serve? Government (Departments and Agencies), Corporations, Parastatals and Investment Organizations interested in solutions for Social Innovation Indicators (SII) (Health, Housing, Education and Entrepreneurship) and/or Sector Industrial Initiatives (SII) in industries that have economic multiplier effects OUR APPROACH Our work is focused on enabling our clients to maximise social and economic value. We believe that key to this goal is: Exploiting unique market opportunities Mastery of Distribution Channels Outperforming competitors in satisfying customers’ fundamental needs Dominating the main drivers of industry economics Control of Cash-flows Low-cost and dynamic operations and organization structure Targeted investments with identifiable and quantifiable value Optimal allocation of capital according to rate of return, need and life-cycle stage

4 OUR VALUES (SII) We deliver an I C E service model... Value comes to Investors after Customers receive great value which can only be provided by management providing value to Employees. Management provides Servant Leadership We act with integrity and honesty in all our internal and external dealings. This includes having the courage to introspect and make the hard decisions to change ourselves when necessary to achieve our purpose Integrity Ingenuity Service We deliver a rigorous, analytic and creative approach working in a detailed way with our clients to provide new and lasting solutions to what have been persistent problems

PROPOSITION THE BEST AND BRIGHTEST DELIVERING THE FUTURE SII SERVICES Strategy and Investment Advisory Training INVESTMENT Financing Property Solutions INDUSTRIAL Enterprise Development

Accredited Leadership Training Skills Gap Analysis Profiling Entrepreneurial Customised business acumen training Mentorship Coaching JIT Training ADVISORY Strategy Organizational Improvement Investment Evaluation and Due Diligence Mergers and Acquisition FINANCING Project Finance Debt, Equity, Quasi- Equity Grant/Forgivable Loan Funding Contract Financing Syndication and Gearing Fund management and administration Mediation between borrower and lender Trade Finance and Procurement Services Risk Mitigation After Care PROPERTY Property Investment Development and Services ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT Deal Screening Facilitate submission of tender documents Commercialization of projects Making viable projects bankable Creation of linkages and networks Negotiations Reporting and Corporate Governance Marketing of product and creating off-take agreements

7 OBJECTIVES Over-arching goal is to be Africa’s pre-eminent mid-size diversified Services, Investments and Industrial entity contributing to social and economic upliftment Provide investors with suitable after tax IRR after suitable tenure Investment activity through innovative structuring in development sectors that produce high yields for short-term, medium term or long-term investment mandates Efficiency of management of business and underlying assets to grow value with relentless focus on revenue growth, asset efficiency and operating margin Investors will be able to exit with trade sale, refinancing or an IPO of underlying subsidiaries/investee entities.

8 Our long term economic goal is to maximize Berkshire’s average annual rate of gain in intrinsic business value on a per-share basis. We do not measure the economic significance or performance of Berkshire by its size; we measure per-share progress. We are certain that the rate of per-share progress will diminish in the future – a greatly enlarged capital base will see to that. But we will be disappointed if our rate does not exceed that of the average large American corporation. (Warren Buffet)

9 Organisation SII (pronounced See) Optimization Proposition SII Further
Shingara Integrated Investments (SII) aims to increase economic activity and capital deployment in Southern Africa, Africa and the Diaspora through: Bringing business and strategic talent to build and expand small businesses Unlock value and spearhead innovative initiatives in big businesses SII is an ORGANISATION and NETWORK composed of the Best and Brightest individuals with specialist skills and expertise Working to create Innovative Solutions to business challenges or opportunities SII (pronounced See) Optimization Proposition SII Further SII More SII Opportunities

10 THE ORGANIZATION Shingai Ngara (CEO and Founder), (B.Sc (Chem Eng), CTM), 10 years experience: Shingai Ngara was educated Zimbabwe and then in South Africa as a Chemical Engineer gaining industrial experience in mining and research experience in petrochemicals. He was recognized as one of South Africa’s Brightest Young Minds, profiled for potential for future impact by CEO magazine and recognized by Mckinsey and Company as an Exceptional Young Professional. He is a founding member of the Academic Advisory Council of TSiBA Education University and became Southern Africa’s youngest motivational speaker and, more recently, in addition, speaks on African economic development particularly on Executive MBA programmes. Shingai is a Southern African award winning and internationally recognized Competent Toastmaster. He has worked for Old Mutual Investment Group Property Investments turning around non-core businesses in Card, Retail, Film, Education and Sport for optimization or disposal as we as designing new corporate ventures. He was Chairman of the Employment Equity Committee and Head of Customer Service Program, Imprint. He wrote the defining strategic foundation for the Old Mutual Group (OMSA, Nedbank and Mutual and Federal) Customer Engagement initiatives. He also worked for Absa Bank Small Business as Head of Strategy and Planning. He has worked entrepreneurially as Executive Chairman of Greenwillows Property 139 Ltd with a mandate to create a business model and put assets under management which was completed in 7 months. He subsequently founded Shingara Integrated Investments to explore the question of African economic development by providing services, investment and industrial expertise in the context of social and economic development. Specifically SII is working with the Ministry of Basic Education to develop the game of chess in schools. This programme has as its patron, The President of the Republic of South Africa, His Excellency, Jacob Zuma. In addition, through a subsidiary, Global Integrated Development and Sustainable Solutions (GIDSS) and sister company Lead and Inspire, SII is working with the Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministry of Economic Planning to develop vocational, technical and entrepreneurial programmes to reduce unemployment. In 2010 Shingai received wide acclaim for his groundbreaking paper titled: Bennu - Africa Innovating Itself Out of Underdevelopment: The Economics of Science and Technology Working For the African Renaissance at the Thabo Mbeki Foundation Conference on Intellectual Leadership for Africa’s Advancement. This will be published in 2011 in the UNISA Centre for African Renaissance Studies International Journal.

11 THE ORGANIZATION Ayesha Agherdien (Stakeholder Relations), (B.Comm (Finance), Finance Honours), 7 years experience: Ayesha, concurrently doing an MBA with UCT Graduate School of Business, is a rising star employed as the youngest private banker within the Professional division of a global Private Bank. She also runs a Real Estate Company focussing on facilitating property transactions and development, with specific focus on the middle and lower income groups in the Western Cape which she founded whilst completing her studies. A recognized Brightest Young Mind, Ayesha was profiled by CEO Magazine for future impact for South Africa. Michael Smith (Socio Economic Modelling), (B.Eng (Electro Mechanical), M. Sc (Marine Studies): Now pursuing a PhD in modelling marine ecologic systems, Michael was previously Lead Developer at the South African branch of a global marketing research firm, and spear-headed the integration of software infrastructures across international borders.  Combined with an engineering background, Michael brings a broad array of technical experience and expertise to the SII team, and also pioneered an online language learning system to teach the English language with associates in Australia and the USA. Michael is also a published writer and accomplished speaker and trainer.

12 THE NETWORK Prof. E. A Ngara Leadership Training
(BA(Honours), MPhil, PhD), 38 years experience Teboho Ngara Leadership Training (Dip.Ed, BA, M.A, M.Ed) 30 years experience Rutendo Ngara Scientific Research (B.Eng(Electronic), M.Eng(Biomedical)) 14 years experience Marcel Newsome Economic Development Strategy (BA(International Studies), M.Sc (Economic Development)), 20 years Peter Gordon Mentorship, Corporate Finance and Risk Management (CA(SA)) 35 years experience Sandra Beswick Incubation Fund Management (BCom(Honours)) 30 years experience, Percy Mkhosi Business Support Solutions (B.Sc Hons, M.Sc (Agric Econs), MBA) 20 years experience Lebogang Mokwena Research and Policy Advisor (BA(Honours) , M.A) 4 years experience Jaco Barnard Property Development (BComm, CA(SA)) 7 years experience Wallace Manyara Architect (B.Sc (Architecture), PG Dip Management) 7 years experience Ezanne Swanepoel Entrepreneurial Training BSc (Agric), BSc Psychology, BSc Hons., MSc (Genetic Engineering), MBA 14 years experience Koos Koen Entrepreneurial Training (Pr.Eng; B.Sc; B.Eng; FCSSA; MECSA) 43 years experience Annie McWalter Industrial Psychologist & Small Business Development BSc Hons, BA Hons (Industrial Pscyhology), MA (Industrial Psychology), 14 years experience

13 What is at stake is not some grand warfare of rival ideologies... But the
practical management of a modern economy. What we need is not labels and cliches but more basic discussion of the sophisticated and technical questions involved in keeping a great economic machinery moving ahead... Technical answers, not political answers, must be provided.  (President John F Kennedy)

Tel: (0) Website: Company Name: Nesolog Investments (Pty) Ltd T/A Shingara Integrated Investments Registration: 2010/015771/07

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