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Student Funding Gino Graziano Widening Participation Outreach Manager.

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1 Student Funding Gino Graziano Widening Participation Outreach Manager

2 Student funding Same arrangements for courses included within HEFCE & DfE contracts Tuition fees payable Tuition fee and maintenance loans available from Student Loans Company Includes Medicine and Social Work, but NHS also provide funding NHS funded courses have different arrangements

3 Higher Education funding Tuition fees of up to £9,000 per year Tuition fees do not have to be paid up front whilst studying, full or part-time Tuition fees and maintenance loans still available – repayments based on what students earn, not what they owe Maintenance grants up to £3,354 will be available - £25,001 - £42,611 – partial grant Special support grants replace maintenance grants for students in receipt of income support or housing benefit Disabled Student Allowance £150m National Scholarship Programme – universities make individual decisions about bursaries

4 University of Brighton bursaries  Care leavers bursary:  young people leaving local authority care  Widening access bursary:  students from low income families who are from neighbourhoods where fewer people than average go to university  Aimhigher bursary:  students from local area previously participating in University of Brighton or Aimhigher Sussex widening participation programme  Also bursaries for students from lower income families studying four year courses in architecture, pharmacy and teaching

5 University bursary Total value two-year taught course Total value three-year taught course Total value four-year taught course Care leavers£5,000£7,000£9,000 Widening access £5,000£7,000£9,000 Aimhigher£4,000£6,000£8,000 Access to architecture N/A £4,000 Access to pharmacy N/A £4,000 Access to teaching N/A £4,000 Bursaries not paid during salaried industrial placement year. University of Brighton bursaries

6 Student typeTuition fee UK/EU£9,000 Island*£9,000 International£10,500 International lab-based£12,500 Students on placement£750 Most Universities charging £8,500 - £9,000 fee. This should cover all mandatory costs, eg field trips for required modules but not costs incurred for optional modules and activities Tuition fees are subject to annual inflationary increase Lower fees for courses delivered within FE colleges: typically £6,000 - £7,500 Variable Placement year fees: £500 to £4,500 2013 Tuition fees at Brighton Targeted bursaries linked to low income provide additional support for: Care leavers Sussex AimHigher Widening access – low participation neighbourhood Access to Architecture, Pharmacy and teaching bursaries Academic Merit and Sports Scholarships Student support fund

7 Maintenance grants available for UK students with family income below £42,611 Living Cost loan dependent on income Max. living at home: £4,375 Max. Studying outside London: £5,500 Max. studying in London: £7,675 Government funding for full-time UK undergraduates 2013 entry Household income Living away from home and studying outside London Package of support for 2013/14 Maintenance Loan Non repayable Maintenance Grant Total £25,000 or less£3,823£3,354£7,177 £30,000£4,292£2,416£6,708 £35,000£4,761£1,478£6,239 £40,000£5,230£540£5,770 £42,600£5,457£50 (minimum grant) £5,525 £42,875£5,500£0£5,500 £45,000£5,288£0£5,288 £50,000£4,788£0£4,788 £55,000£4,288£0£4,288 £60,000£3,788£0£3,788 Over £62,125£3,575£0£3,575

8 Part-time work whilst studying Important that students balance study and work commitments No more than 15 hours work per week recommended Flexible working hours Opportunities: transfer from home town or visit the university job shop Consider working for the Student Union or the university, as a student ambassador

9 NB: students from lower income families may also be eligible for university bursaries – maximum cash payout of £1,000 per year, fee discounts may also be available Examples of possible weekly term-time income - based on 39 week accommodation contract period Household income £ 25,000 £ 30,000 £ 40,000 £ 50,000 £ 62,125 plus Maintenance grant 3,3542,416540Nil Student loan for maintenance 3,8234,2925,2304,7883,575 Part-time work £6.50 x 15 hrs/pw = £97.50 pw 3,802 Total 10,97910,5109,5728,5907,377 Weekly income 39 weeks 281 269 245220189

10 Weekly outgoingsLiving in Halls £ Living off campus £ Rent 123 -15085-115 Utilities 08 Phone 2 - 7 TV licence 0-44 Contents insurance 02 Food, domestic items 10-4030 - 40 Travel 0-15 Clothing 5 - 10 Laundry 2 - 5 Study materials 55 Entertainment 10-100 Totals £177 - 336£153-311 Average weekly cost of living: Brighton - £210 Eastbourne - £190 The cost of living (based on 2012 figures)

11 Student loans DO NOT go on credit files Differential rates of interest - RPI to RPI plus 3% Repayments made on 9% of income above £21,000 Monthly repayments same whether loan for £6,000 or £9,000 per year. Debt cleared after 30 years Early repayments - no penalties Source: National Association of Student Money Advisers

12 Salary From which 9% will be deducted Repayment £25,000£4,000£30 £30,000£9,000£67.50 £35,000£14,000£105 £40,000£19,000£142.50 £45,000£24,000£180 £50,000£29,000£217.50 £55,000£34,000£255 £60,000£39,000£292.50 Repayments made on 9% of income above £21,000 Currently a student earning £25,000 would be paying £74 per month Proposed student loan repayment Source: Department for Business, Innovation & Skills March 2011 Monthly repayments same whether loan for £6,000 or £9,000 per year.

13 Other funding  Scholarships - No national system – research with each university – very popular - awarded for various things  Merit  Means tested  Sporting abilities  local students  Sponsorship  Charities  some charities and trusts offer financial help, but their eligibility rules vary. The Educational Grants Advisory Service (EGAS) provides information and advice on sources of funding through their Directory, helpline and website.

14 Applying for funding  Once the student has completed their UCAS from they register on line at:  One application to assess eligibility for grants and loans  national insurance and passport (if they have one) number required  Apply spring of entry year  Linked to UCAS application and gives useful information about bursaries at chosen universities  Deadline for completion - end of May to guarantee money available for start of term.

15 Applying for funding  Student registers in person at beginning of term:  University confirms to SFE that student has enrolled  Money transferred to student bank account via BACS  Money paid in 3 instalments

16 Funding for NHS courses NHS will fully fund: Dietetics; Dental hygiene or Dental Therapy; Occupational Therapy; Operating Department Practitioner; Orthoptics; Physiotherapy; Podiatry; Prosthetics and Orthotics; Radiography; Speech and Language Therapy Check funding arrangements for: Audiology and Paramedic Practice/Science All students eligible for up to £3,263 non-means tested reduced maintenance loan through SFE All students eligible for £1,000 non-means tested grant through NHS Bursaries Some students eligible for up to £5,460 means tested bursary through NHS Bursaries

17 Useful websites

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