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Dr. Nigel Lyons Chief Executive Agency for Clinical Innovation The New ACI.

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1 Dr. Nigel Lyons Chief Executive Agency for Clinical Innovation The New ACI


3 Acute Care Taskforce Cardiac Endocrine Gastroenterology Malignant Haematology & BMT Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Renal Respiratory Stroke Anaesthetics & Peri operative Burn Injury Service Gynae-Oncology Neurosurgery Ophthalmology Urology ICCMU ITIM ECI Surgical Services Taskforce Critical Care Taskforce Aged Health Brain Injury GP Council Intellectual Disability Musculoskeletal Nutrition Pain Palliative Care Rehabilitation Spinal Injury Transition Care Model of Care development & implementation support Centre for Healthcare Redesign Economic & resource appraisal Program evaluation Unwarranted Clinical Variation Taskforce Research Sustainable Access Committee Rural Health Tele-health Audit & Risk Business management Human Resources Office admin Clinical Council Consumer Council Communications Corporate media management Executive Support Information Technology ACI Chief Executive Acute Care Surgery, Anaesthesia & Critical Care Primary Care & Chronic Services Clinical Program Design & Implementation Engagement, Executive Support & Communications Corporate Services Clinical Lead ACI Networks/Taskforces & Functions Dan ComerfordRaj VermaChris ShipwayDonald MacLellanLisa CoxAnna Nicholes Tracey Tay Nigel Lyons

4 Impacts on ACI  Closer relationship with Ministry whilst maintaining independence  Greater accountability  Involvement in priority setting for NSW Health  Introducing primary care to model development

5 facilitate quality health care … Aligned with ACI’s purpose and values....the outcomes of which will exceed the expectations of our partners, patients & community.....leading to our vision Core values: Collaboration Openness Respect Empowerment Our processes Our clinicians, patients, health care partners and the community We will be valued as the leader in the health system for designing, evaluating and supporting implementation of innovative models of patient care Purpose: We will work with clinicians, consumers and partners to design and drive evidence based innovation to ensure appropriate, effective and sustainable patient centred health care The go to place for clinician and consumer led reform Operational Excellence Ensure collaboration & alignment of key priorities across the organisation Develop high quality systems & processes that are continuously improved..we will invest in our clinicians, consumers and staff to effectively use our resources.. Our resources Effective partner in implementation Better health outcomes for all Innovative Health Care Develop a rigorous approach to all aspects of innovation Create an environment and capability for innovation Effective Partnerships Work in collaboration with partners Understand needs, establish and align strategic priorities Our financial stewardship Prioritise and maximise our use of resources Our clinicians, consumers and staff Promote our clinicians, consumers & networks to lead the clinical reform process Develop an ACI team with clear roles for our people Create a vibrant & stimulating environment with a shared direction Invest in our people to develop skills & expertise Strengthen involvement & communication

6 Life Cycle of Health Technologies InnovationEvaluationAdoptionOptimal useDisinvestment

7 Focus on Rural Health  Clinical Program Design and Evaluation  Flexible approach  Clinical Redesign Leaders  Rural Health Network Manager  Telehealth Network Manager  Ensuring rural health clinician and manager involvement in work programs

8 Level 4, Sage Building 67 Albert Avenue, Chatswood NSW 2067 PO Box 699 Chatswood NSW 2057 T + 61 2 9464 4600 F +61 2 9464 4728 ABN 89 809 648 636 Dr Nigel Lyons Chief Executive Email:

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