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Class task Jamie Keys. Celebrity juice – Keith Lemon Verbal Techniques Whilst watching Celebrity juice I noticed.

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1 Class task Jamie Keys

2 Celebrity juice – Keith Lemon Verbal Techniques Whilst watching Celebrity juice I noticed that Keith Lemon uses lots of slang such as “bang tidy” and “don't be a dinglebat” aswell as lots of other slang and phrases. As well as using slang Keith uses his catchphrase “if I don’t see ya throughout the week, ill see ya through window”, all the time whilst saying these Keith puts on a very exaggerated lisp and funny voices which adds to the comedic effect. Visual techniques whist I was watching Celebrity juice I noticed that Keith Lemon is always very hyperactive and very outgoing. His clothes reflects his personality, colorful and bright, also I noticed Keith has lots of jewelry on. Lastly I noticed that Keith uses lots of facal expressions whilst he is both talking and listing to others. Context Whilst watching this sketch from celebrity Juice I noticed that keith is very at home doing the show as he constitly takes the hand out of the other celebrities, for example telling another celebrity to do what she wants. Also we are made aware that there is an audence (we know this because we can hear them laugh each time a joke is cracked) this then lets us know that it is being filmed within a TV studio and not on location. There is bright flashing colours throughout and also lots of animations and little fun off topic segments.

3 Top Gear – James May Verbal techniques Throughout watching this piece of top gear I noticed that james may speaks quite softly and uses long words such as positive. Also I noticed that James uses a lot of slang such as ‘that’s not very british’ and ‘hell for leather’. Also I noticed that james at one point compares dubbi to one of his t-shirts by saying ‘I have t-shirts older than this city’ (this is not suprising because of the way james dresses) Visual techniques Whilst I watched this clip I noticed that james is dressed very casually and also in a fashion that would have been in during the 80’s. Also I noticed that the clip is filmed in a TV studio and also in dubbi, Whist in dubbi it is shot both inside and outside of the car. Also james is at home and we can tell he is enjoying what he is doing from his body language. Context Whist watching this piece I noticed that the start is filmed inside a TV studio with a live audience who clap and cheer James. The studio is lit very brightly and it has a welcoming feel to it. Whilst the dubbi bits were being showen I noticed that there was a varity of in car shots and shots of the car from the outside. Top gear is a show aimed at young adults right the way up to the elderly and car enthuses.

4 BBC world news today - Julea Dunlop Verbal techniques Whilst I watched this news piece with Julea Dunlop I noticed that Julea says slang at all, this is because in different areas slang means different things and people may be offended or confused if Dunlop was to use it during her report. I also noticed that Dunlop has no catchphrases at all, this again is most likely for the same reason as not using slang. Another thing I noticed was that her tone is very calm and welcoming, this helps engage the viewer Visual techniques As I watched this clip I noticed that Dunlop is very calm and well used to what she is doing, I can tell this because she doesn't move very much and her hands are very still. Another thing I noticed was that Dunlop is dressed very formally in very nice clothing. Also her hair and make up is really well done. Context I picked up that the piece was filmed in a TV studio because Dunlop is shown behind a desk and there is a green screen showing the BBC’s logo behind her to. Another thing I noticed is that there is no audience whilst Dunlop is conducting her report, this is because news bulletins normally do not film in front of an audience unless there on location. Also there are graphics that run along the bottom of the screen showing the viewers headlines, these are very professional looking. Green screen

5 Crime watch – various presenters Verbal techniques The tone of all three presenters is very serous but yet very inviting, this is because they want to get across that the crimes that have been committed are very bad but also want to get you to tell them information if you know anything. Also I noticed that each episode of crimewatch is introduced in the same way, by the female presenter (Kirsty Young) saying ‘good evening and welcome to crime watch’. This makes the viewers feel at home and makes it feal like you can trust them. Also I noticed that after each reconstruction is shown each presenter will say something like ‘please call us if you have any information about this incident’, This sounds like they are almost pleading with you for information. Visual techniques Whilst I watched this episode I noticed that the presenters are all standing very still and are very relaxed and used to reporting about terrible crimes. Also I noticed that all the presenters are dressed very smartly and formally in suits and ties. Context Whist I watched this episode of crime watch o noticed that it is filmed in quite a dark TV studio with no audience. The studio has boards were various crimes are put on and it is also filled with deactivates answering phones about crimes. There is some grapics allong that bottom of the screen which show how the viewers can contact the crimewatch team and also key points about the crimes. The show its self is aimed at a middle aged audence. The 3 presenters

6 Stephen Noland riot training with the PSNI- Stephen Noland Verbal techniques Whilst I was watching this clop of Stephen training with the PSNI I noticed that Stephen sounds very nervous as he takes frequent long pauses whilst talking. Also I noticed that Stephen has a very clear Belfast accent and he cracks a joke by saying ‘the first problem is going to be getting into this suit’. Visual techniques Throughout this piece I noticed that Stephen was dressed in full police riot gear, this is very informal and out of place for Stephen as he mostly wears suits whilst working. Also we see that he is very nervous by watching his body language, eg he cant stand still and always fidgets with nerves. Context The Stephen Noland show is both a TV show and a radio show so this piece would have been broadcasted in both formats. Also the segment is filmed in the PSNI’s training village and not in a studio. There is no audience as it is to dangerous for them to be watching. The show is aimed at middle aged people from northern Ireland. Stephen whilst he Is nervous

7 ‪ Police Camera Action ‬ - Alistair Stewart Verbal techniques Whilst I was watching this program on YouTube I noticed that Alistair Stewart was very calm throughout and seemed to be enjoying what he was doing. His speech is very calm and you can tell what he is talking about clearly excites him and he enjoys it. Visual techniques Whilst I listened to Stewart presenting the program I noticed that he is dressed very sharply and appropriately for the TV show he is presenting. Also I noticed that there is always an activity going on behind him. Context Police camera action is a TV show targeted at people aged 16-50 who are interested in driving or police work. It is filmed on location throughout England.

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