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The Value of Study Abroad Kate Goldie Queens University, Canada.

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1 The Value of Study Abroad Kate Goldie Queens University, Canada.

2 Why do people not apply? Lack of awareness. Think their grades aren’t good enough. Unsure of which foreign institutions they can apply to. Worried about how their grades will translate upon their return from exchange. Don’t want to feel behind when they come back. Think it is too expensive. Fear of the ‘unknown’.

3 Encouraging students Get the message out there! Lecture announcements are a great way of getting people involved. Consider having a dedicated departmental contact for those applying or already away on exchange. Ensure students know they can approach staff for an academic reference.

4 Academic value of exchange A huge range of courses are available to choose from, broadening the scope of students education. Opportunity to experience very different teaching styles. Class participation is heavily encouraged which greatly improves confidence and public speaking skills. A dramatically heavier workload, whilst stressful, also improves time management skills. Mid-terms, weekly assignments and pop quizzes mean much more engagement with the course. The North American system of continuous assessment meant I improved my academic skill set, e.g. my group work capabilities improved as I had to do joint presentations in most classes.

5 Personal value of exchange Living in a different country for a year is one of the most adventurous, challenging and above all fun things a student can do whilst at University. Whilst a huge motivating factor for doing exchange must be the chance to study at another world renowned institute the personal and social advantages that come with participation should not go unmentioned. Experiencing a new university lifestyle! Meeting people from all over the world. Learning to be more independent. Traveling. Breaking out of the ‘West End bubble’ that many students at the University get trapped in.

6 Employability and exchange Demonstrates independence and a head- strong attitude to potential employers. Show’s that you aren’t afraid to take risks. Encourages graduates to apply for foreign vacancies. Many consider doing a masters/Phd at a foreign institute once they arrive back from exchange.

7 Returning students Make sure that they have someone to talk to regarding their dissertations. Whilst you can’t provide a definite answer on grades it would be useful for someone to have a look at transcripts as a matter of reassurance. They may feel behind in some classes so ensure that help is available. Make use of 4th year exchange students to get younger years interested in exchange.


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