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Managing Complaints in the Private Health Setting The Power of an Apology.

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1 Managing Complaints in the Private Health Setting The Power of an Apology


3 Complaint Challenges Public sector Meeting patient expectations Private sector Meeting patient expectations Affordability of PHI

4 Private Sector Complaint Challenges Communication Quality of Clinical Care Cost Facilities

5 Statistics and more statistics….. Complaint data KPIs numbers of complaints categories of complaints

6 The usual fortune for complaint is to excite contempt more than pity. S.Johnson


8 Apology I’m sorry this happened to you !

9 The ALRC recommends that any apology or correction of published material by a defendant should not be treated in evidence as an admission of fault. It would detract from any dispute resolution process of the parties were reluctant to offer an apology due to possible use as evidence of fault or liability.

10 Patient Feedback ≠ Complaint = Opportunity

11 It’s not rocket science ! Acknowledge Apologise Thank Explain Feedback “You are the first person who has said sorry to me” “Thank you for listening and hearing my story”

12 Extracts from our letters [Name], I again thank you for bringing these matters to my attention. Whilst it is never pleasant to learn that our service has not met expectations, it is only by acting on such information that we can improve the care that we provide. We strive to maintain a very high standard of service and an environment that reflects our commitment to hospitality and healing. I am sorry that at times this was not your experience of our Hospital. Whilst it was a salutary experience to receive such feedback, it is always helpful to be reminded of the different ways that each of us can experience interaction with another person. I again thank you for bringing this matter to my attention. Patient feedback is a valuable way to review our practices, processes and procedures and identify areas where we can make improvements. Your feedback has been invaluable to this process

13 Extracts from our letters Our caregivers endeavour to assist patients as much as possible and I am sorry that this was not your experience on this occasion. Please be assured that your experience has been brought to the attention of the Manager of Patient Administration who would like me to relay an apology on behalf of the caregivers involved for any distress caused. It certainly was not the caregivers intention to cause you additional distress and I am sorry for any caused. [Name], I again thank you for bringing this matter to my attention. It has provided us with an opportunity to review our processes and procedures and identify areas for improvement.

14 Investigation Tool Ensure relevant information is gathered in an objective manner The information is assessed against the available evidence Procedural fairness is applied to all parties An objective conclusion can be reached after examination of the facts Opportunities for improvement can be identified The information can be used to respond to the complainant.

15 Investigation Tool A checklist of contributing factors to consider: – Barriers – cultural, perceptual – Communication skills – Equipment – Level of expertise – Level of experience – Training required? – Policy review required? – Policy/procedure not followed? Why? – Resources available

16 Open Disclosure and Complaints – Acknowledging the incident/complaint – Expression of regret – Explain known clinical events and opportunity to – answer questions. – Provide information on the process and when to – expect feedback. – Provide details of the person to be the point of contact

17 How fast do we respond? Q1 201317 days Q1 201420 days Q4 201417 days Average resolution time Complaint Satisfaction Survey (Complainants were satisfied with the time taken to receive a response to their complaint) YearPercentage 201061.9 201176.0 201277.4 201376.0 201477.0

18 The commercial world See the organisation through the customer’s eyes Customers generalise from ONE experience to the entire organisation EVERYONE in your company must have the responsibility to help the customer. Your customer relations are only as strong as your weakest employee. Every employee must understand that his efforts affect the actual life experience of each customer.

19 Thank You

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