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PORTABLE TEMPORARY PIG LAUNCHER thomas cornthwaite inpipe products limited.

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1 PORTABLE TEMPORARY PIG LAUNCHER thomas cornthwaite inpipe products limited


3 portable temporary pig launcher – inpipe products more flexible and cost effective temporary pig launching PTPL

4 Pipeline design and technology has not always been able to keep up with demand. Tight timescales determined by market demands have in many cases caused consideration to pipeline pigging to be an afterthought. Also with the process of pipeline pigging is still somewhat of a black art that many are not entirely familiar with, the general quality of pipeline design for pigging can at times lack the forward thinking required. INTRODUCTION

5 THE PROBLEM permanent launchers are, costly very specific to purpose difficult to add to live lines ideal for regular use

6 THE PROBLEM A high pressure plug is not ideal for launching: it has no reducer it has no door there is potential for internal damage it is difficult to vent and drain but it is cost effective

7 THE SOLUTION: PTPL features of the PTPL pressure based fixing re-usable launcher cost effective fast installation adaptable product standardised along pipeline


9 POSI-SEAL ASSEMBLY sealing flange pressure gauge retaining flange grit lined tyre – for gripping ribbed tyre – for sealing

10 pig passage indicator door (blind flange) kicker line inpig holding area posi-seal assembly drain line out reducer ASSEMBLY

11 Design to pipe outside diameter + More useful along pipeline + Standardisation of components + More likely to be reliable + More cost effective BENEFITS

12 TYRE BENEFITS + greater tolerance range + better on corroded/damaged pipes + quick and simple to fit

13 MAINTENANCE + access to either end for cleaning + closure door optional + ease of pre-loading


15 CASE STUDY PTPL developed for pigging a new line in the Norwegian North Sea

16 situation of temporary pig launcher below platform SPECIFICS

17 TESTING Testing to prove external posi-seal tyre, tested successfully to 25 bar

18 PTPL specifically supplied with: - clamp - pair of safety harnesses - water pump for energising - pair of ribbed tyres - pair of grit lined tyres pigging on construction of new norwegian line successfully completed using ptpl

19 SUITABILITY Permanent launcher + day to day use + regular pigging + hydrostatic testing PTPL + occasional pigging + awkward circumstances + pigging during pipeline construction

20 SUITABILITY Provision to avoid tyre slippage Not a replacement for a permanent launcher Whilst useful on corroded pipes, caution to breakage Not to be pigged with gas/air

21 ACCUMULATION PTPL should not be used to receive in single, heavy runs A strategy using low efficiency pigs should be used if this could be an issue

22 25 bar maximum pressure Access consideration for cranes and loading Consideration in case of being overloaded Suitability for use in other applications Incorporation of safety equipment OTHER CONSIDERATIONS

23 TECHNOLOGY APPLICATIONS External tyre system benefits pipeline maintenance Standardisation of parts lowers costs Larger tolerance band when using tyres.

24 + isolation + repair + testing + plugging + standardised design + cost saving + reliability TYRE APPLICATIONS

25 + launcher adaptability + blank stations + compact launching + offline modification + multiple pig/sphere launching ADAPTABILITY

26 SUMMARY customer brief leads to product with many derived benefits the ptpl provides an alternative solution to pig launching and receiving


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