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2 What Constitutes an Electric Fence and where would one be found?

3 A Modern Electrical Fence, would be a fence powered by electrical impulses from an Energizer.

4 An Energizer that is compliant to Internationally Accepted Standards: IEC 60335-2-76

5 The Fence can either be Wall Top or Free Standing:

6 But lets start at the beginning, and ask ourselves : Why anyone would want an Electric Fence?

7 The answer is rather simple, in that it is a rather effective way of protecting one’s ASSETS.

8 Assets Being: Your Business Your Farm Your Home Your Loved Ones

9 An Electric Fence really offers a three-in-one solution, as it is :
A Physical Barrier A Deterrent And An Alarm System

10 Naturally any Electrical Fence is only effective if installed correctly, and operative (switched on).

11 There are many myth’s surrounding the true effectiveness of an Electric Fence.

12 As already indicated, to be effective, there are a few fundamental’s that need to be followed.

13 Not only must the Energizer selected for the specific installation comply to IEC , but the Health and Safety aspects as stipulated in the specification, need to be adhered to as well.

14 Should you choose to ignore the International Specifications regarding Energizers, you may as well connect the fence directly to the local electricity supply – Just as Dangerous.

15 The same applies to installation practices
The same applies to installation practices. Like killing someone whilst driving without a license, whilst under the influence.

16 You may not be aware of the fact that there is legislation, governing the installations of Electric Fences, but believe me they are there. In a Court of Law, ignorance is not an excuse.

17 Hailing form South Africa, can advise that not only is IEC standards adhered to, but SANS

18 SANS does appear to go a little overboard, but then again, a non Lethal Fence should not kill anyone.

19 Additional or Enhanced Specifications include:
Electromagnetic interference Energy Limitation HT Cable Fire Retardant Load Range Closed Loops Series Fences To name but a few.

20 The Energizer on an electric fence is the engine that drives the fence, and is currently available in numerous formats – models.

21 Smaller Energizers, generally used for small installations or wall top fences

22 Larger Energizers would invariably be used for large or long fences
Larger Energizers would invariably be used for large or long fences. May also be used for small fences, where it is necessary to use wire with very high resistance properties (SS).

23 Energizers are available, in Single Zone Units, 2 Zone Units, cascading to 4, 20, 64 Zones.

24 The trick is to select an Energizer that will adequately drive the fence around a specific premises, whilst remaining Easy to Operate, and Understandable.

25 The Energizer, however is as indicated Only the Engine
The Energizer, however is as indicated Only the Engine. What then makes up the rest of the Fence is as Important.

26 The Fence itself, consists of numerous other devices, such as:
Brackets Wire Insulators Tensioners Gate Contacts Warning Signs Etc, Etc, Etc

27 The type, style and length of bracket, would naturally be dependent on the Clients specific requirements and NEEDS.

28 Even the material that the bracket is manufactured out of, is important. It will assist in determining the level of security, as well as aesthetics of the fence. Wood, alluminium, fibre glass, round bar, flat bar and square tube brackets can be found in various lengths and shapes.

29 The selection of wire used is also important, as not only will this determine the life span of the fence, but the effectiveness as well. Braided galvanised 1.2/1.6/2.0mm Aluminium 1.6/2.0mm Solid Galvanised 2.24mm Stainless Steel 304/316 Grade (Solid and Stranded)

30 Tensioning Devices and Insulators need to be selected for specific applications

31 HT Cable as well as joining devices (ferrules) need to be of similar metals to the fence wire to prevent contamination, which will end up with oxidation, a common cause for false and ineffective fences.

32 Quality, and location of earth spikes plays a major role in the effectiveness of an Electric Fence. Earth is as important as the live on the Fence.

33 There are many other devices available, to not only enhance the effectiveness of an Electric Fence, but assist and warn would be intruders to stay away.

34 These devises include:
In Line Loops – Prevent Parting Ground Loops – Prevent Separation Wall Loops – Prevent Separation Fence Light – A quick reference that the Fence is operative.

35 Warning Signs, not only are as a deterrent, but also a legal requirement.

36 Thank you, for more information, about Nemtek and our extensive Range of Products: Please visit our website


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