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Workforce Performance Report June 2013 Public Jayne Halford Deputy Director of HR Caring, safe and excellent 1.

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1 Workforce Performance Report June 2013 Public Jayne Halford Deputy Director of HR Caring, safe and excellent 1

2 Headline HR KPIs Turnover – Target 12% - Actual 12.28% Overall headcount has increased by 22 this month with the overall increase being in Operations particularly in Community Turnover has increased marginally this month from 12.25% last month and is very close to the June 2012 figure of 12.13%. Although turnover has increased slightly so has stability which means the core of staff is slightly more stable and there were more starters than leavers this month. Exit questionnaire data shows main reasons for leaving are promotion, relocation and more concerningly workload. The majority of the sample continue working in the NHS and 80% of leavers would recommend the Trust as a place to work. Other reasons for leaving which merit further examination are lack of opportunity for promotion and treated unfairly.. Bank & Agency- Target 5% - Actual 3.6% There has been an increase in bank and agency of 0.6% over last month and totals are back to the average level after last month’s low. The increases were in Mental Health, Childrens and Families and Community. This may be linked to a slight increase in vacancies and a slight drop in use of sessionals. Vacancies - Target 9% - Actual 6.1% Vacancies are up very slightly by 0.1%. This may appear to contradict the increase in headcount but total hours worked in June is less than May’s total. The trend in the increase in vacancies matches the pattern for 2012; from divisional reports we can see many posts are at offer stage and so unless turnover peaks the vacancy rate should begin to fall again. All vacancies are now subject to a weekly review to confirm whether recruitment should proceed. For operational divisions this is done by COO/Divisional Directors; for Corporate by the CEO/DoF. 2

3 Headline HR KPIs Sickness Absence - Target 3.5% - Actual 3.83 There has been a 0.17% decrease in sickness over last month. This is a seasonal pattern as we draw out of winter coughs, colds and viruses. This total is however slightly above the June 2012 figure. Sickness absence is categorised as follows: Short term – up to 14 days Medium term 14-28 days Long term – over 28 days Long term absence as a category has ranged between 1.76% to 2.09% of sickness over the past 12 months. The use of sessionals does not always correlate with high sickness. Within community, particularly hospitals and district nursing use of sessionals is relatively low whilst overtime and additional hours are more the norm. It is recognised that this is inconsistent across the Trust and work is beginning to review this. 3 On the whole long-term absence presents the highest percentage absence; short and medium-term absence forming a quarter each roughly of all absence. The trend is somewhat different in Corporate where long- term absence had decreased between May 12 and February 13 having increased again slightly after that. Patterns of sickness in the divisions are different although all areas experience a winter peak and some areas an August increase. Sessional use correlates to some extent in that usage increases in winter slightly but also increased in March/April which may be related to taking up annual leave and a peak in vacancies. Bank and agency usage peaked in the winter months. long-term whole long-term absence is the

4 Headline HR KPIs 4



7 SPECIALIST MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES - PERFORMANCE AGAINST TARGET - ALL INDICATORS 7 Analysis/Actions being taken by the HR Team in Month Turnover 10.35% v Trust target 12% Overall turnover is within target and relatively unchanged. There is always more turnover on the wards where staff can be promoted than in the Community teams where promotion would require a move into management. Sickness 4.32% v Trust target 3.5% The overall sickness figure at 4.32% is reducing monthly and long term sickness cases at 2.13% (which equates to c 20 people)are being resolved through medical discharge or phased returns to work. Bank and agency 5.51% v Trust target 5% Usage is increasing due to the shortage of staff on the wards and the nature of the patients with a need to have a higher ratio of staff for observations. To reduce vacancies the Division has recently recruited 14 staff nurses in to the Oxford Adult wards and 4 in Bucks Adults. These staff are anticipated to start at the end of August when the need for bank and agency should decrease. The use of agency workers on the ward is unusual but NHSP are unable to fill all shifts that are required and there is a need for regular staff to be employed to cover vacancies. 3.7% of the salary bill is being worked on sessional shifts. Vacancies 4.95% v Trust target 9% The MH division is well below the KPI and currently has 86 candidates awaiting clearance or working their notice and 13 roles to be filled. Clinical roles are being agreed by the Operations team prior to recruitment. The Older Adult wards are recruiting additional sessional staff to provide support for observations..


9 OXFORDSHIRE COMMUNITY SERVICES – PERFORMANCE AGAINST TARGET - ALL INDICATORS 9 Analysis/actions being taken by HR in the month: Turnover 13.4% v Trust target 12% The Division remains slightly above Trust target at 13.4%: there remains variation across the services. There is a mixture of reasons for leaving within Community Division which include retirement, promotion, and workload as significant reasons for staff leaving. Analysis of recent staff survey results has identified concerns with workload and staffing levels within Community Nursing teams. HR and Management are still developing and updating action plans based on staff survey findings. Sickness 4.73% v Trust target 3.5%  Whilst sickness is still above the Trust target of 3.5% in some areas it has fallen substantially since the previous month from 5.20% to 4.73%. Training in short term sickness absence management for the Band 6/7s in the Community Nursing teams has now been delivered to all Localities. The HR team are also working closely with Community Nursing management to ensure that sickness is being accurately recorded on Turn Around Documents. A training programme similar to that which was rolled out in Community Nursing teams is being planned for Community Hospitals. Bank and Agency 2.1% v Trust target 5% Bank and Agency usage is below Trust target and correlates with a reduction in vacancies and higher usage of sessional contracts. Use of overtime is also a feature in Community. Usage is currently showing as being high within Urgent Care and work needs to be undertaken to drill down to the reasons for this. Usage within Community Hospitals has reduced since the previous month. A large percentage of the Community Hospital vacancies have been filled so it is anticipated that Bank and Agency usage will reduce further over the coming months. Vacancies: (from candidate pipeline) 7.12% v Trust target 9% The number of vacancies is currently 150 of which 15 are at offer and 86 are at offer accepted. The trend in vacancies was a decrease until last month when there was a peak, this month may show the beginning of a downward trend again. There remain pockets of vacancies to which it is proving difficult to recruit. A Community Services Recruitment Project Group has been set up by HR and continues to review actions with regard to hard to fill vacancies (e.g. Townlands Community Hospitals). Agreed actions so far include attendance at the National RCN Recruitment fair in London and researching/costing the possibility of recruiting qualified nurses from Ireland as part of plans to cover winter escalation beds. Job Adverts and publicity material are currently being reviewed along with the development of rotational posts within Community Nursing and Community Hospitals.


11 CHILDRENS & FAMILIES SERVICES – PERFORMANCE AGAINST TARGET – ALL INDICATORS 11 : Analysis/Actions being taken by the HR Team in Month Turnover  Turnover 12.73% v target 12%  Overall turnover (12 monthly) has seen a slight decrease but remains just over trust target. Turnover has stabilised in Oxon Childrens and Families for the last 4 months and is on trust target. Sickness  Sickness 2.72% v Trust target 3.5%  We have seen another slight decrease from April. Overall short term sickness accounts for 0.74%, medium term 0.68% and long term 1.34%.  The sickness rate compares favourably with the Trust’s target rate of 3.5% and is still the lowest % across all four divisions. Direct HR interventions will continue and focus on hot spot areas. Analysis/Actions being taken by the HR Team in Month The top 3 reasons for sickness absence are:  Anxiety/stress/depression/other psychiatric illnesses = 33.18%  Gastrointestinal problems = 10.81%  Benign and malignant tumours, cancers = 10.05% Bank & Agency  Agency & bank 3.0 %vs. Target 5.0%  Agency spend has seen an increase this month of 1.34% but remains below trust target.  Agency spend accounts for 2.8%, Bank 0.3% and Sessional 1.32%.  Contributing factors are increased patient observations ratios and vacancies (all are in the recruitment pipeline, with the exception of 1 advert to go). Actions include continued monitoring of recruitment timelines and sickness absence monitoring Vacancies Vacancies 2.2% v Trust Target 5% Of 86 vacancies 11 are live, 6 at shortlisting, 22 at interview stage, 15 have been offered, 29 offers have been accepted and 3 posts not filled. Other HR support provided to C&ASH Tender. Remodelling work, TUPE transfers, an on-going inpatient pilot programme.


13 SPECIALISED SERVICES – PERFORMANCE AGAINST TARGET - ALL INDICATORS 13 Analysis/Actions being taken by the HR Team in Month Turnover 15.32% v Trust target 12% The rolling 12 month average staff turnover rate is above target at 15.3%. The HR Department is now running exit questionnaires – input for the division will be analysed and an action plan developed as appropriate. Sickness 4.7% v Trust target 3.5% Sickness is above target at 4.7% but has reduced significantly since the peak in December 2012 of almost 7%. The reduction in absence levels results from the return to work of a number of staff on long term sick leave, health capability dismissal and ill health retirement. Some of the sickness absence in the Forensic Services is linked with HR casework processes and as these are drawn to a conclusion it is anticipated that the individuals will return to work. It is expected that the absence rate will continue to reduce and the HR team will continue to support managers with absence management processes. Bank & Agency 2.5% v Trust target 5% Bank and Agency is below target at 2.45% The Forensic Services prefer to use Sessional Contracts instead of bank or agency. The sessional use in Forensic Services was 9.9%. Specialised Community Services is using agency to cover a manager ‘s period of absence, dental and GP cover. The Modern Matron in Huntercombe Prison Healthcare reports a disappointing response to advertisements for sessional contracts in the prison.


15 CORPORATE SERVICES – PERFORMANCE AGAINST TARGET – ALL INDICATORS 15 Analysis/Actions being taken by the HR Team in Month Turnover 9.83% v Trust target 12% Turnover in Corporate Services as a whole was 9.8% against a Trust target of 12%. However the statistics in some of the departments look higher at between 15 % and 20%. This is due to the small numbers of staff in these department and is due to one person leaving a team. Sickness 2.5% v Trust target 3.5% Sickness levels across the Division were well below the Trust target of 3.5% at 2.5%. The Medical Directorate was the only directorate above the target at 4.3%. Bank & Agency 5% v Trust target 5% Bank and agency spend across the Division was 5.01% for the month. All agency spend in Corporate Services is currently under scrutiny by the Finance Director and CEO and plans are in place to reduce agency spend in this area. Vacancies 10.7%v Trust target 9% Vacancies in Corporate Services are above the Trust target at 10.73%. All recruitment is under scrutiny and vacancy rates may remain above target. In facilities some ancillary post are not being filled permanently pending moves to Manor House. There are a number of vacancies in the Pharmacy Store and this is being reviewed.

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