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Marketing Korfball: Can it be done successfully with limited resources?

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1 Marketing Korfball: Can it be done successfully with limited resources?

2 Introduction Peter C. Allan is the Managing Director of Plus Four Market Research Limited, a full-service qualitative and quantitative market research company operating in the UK, throughout Europe and the rest of the world Examples of clients are Unilever Bestfoods, Coca- Cola, BMW, Peugeot…currently evaluating a new product area for Puma and conducting research for Esporta (a health and fitness chain) amongst their lapsed members More details can be found at

3 Does money or do people develop Korfball? If you had €20k would korfball grow in your country? €50k? What would you do with it? How do you know that would be successful? What is the definition of ‘success’? You need information upon which to base your planning You need people to make plans, decisions, communicate, administer: without them the money cannot be spent

4 Quantity brings quality? The more players you have the more naturally good ones you will have My personal ‘2% theory’ would indicate that the Netherlands have around 2000, whilst Belgium have around 60-80……..and most other countries very few indeed If correct then building the base of the pyramid will improve the quality/strength at the top

5 Sources of Low or No Cost Korfball Development Support Sports development officers Youth leaders/youth groups Teachers National government sports/leisure departments Local media Volunteer organisations Teacher Training Colleges Universities

6 Sources of Low or No Cost Korfball Development Support Inter (or intra) company tournaments Member-get-member schemes (50% off annual membership?) Veteran events, both tournaments and social – retain people in the sport, some as administrators Korfballers who work for printers: low cost leaflets Rebate on course costs for those who lead/run ‘x’ coaching sessions/referee sessions

7 New Clubs: an investment? € Initial financial assistance500 Pay-back to your National Association/Area Association (from, say, year 2 to 5 – four years) €  Affiliation150  Entry to leagues180  Entry to cups120450 ‘loss’€50

8 New Clubs: an investment? Also a gain in terms of entry to tournaments and spectating events……and more players to select squads from

9 Start Point Where are you now? Where do you want to be? How are you going to get there?

10 Planning your Strategy

11 Analyse your present player database – conduct research: Age profile How did they come into korfball? What age did they first start? How long have they played korfball? What do they enjoy about korfball? What do they not enjoy about korfball? ethnicity

12 Analyse your present player database – conduct research: Sources used to gain korfball information Frequency of use of korfball websites – which? What does korfball offer them that other sports do not? Do they describe themselves as a ‘competitive’ korfballer or a ‘recreational’ korfballer – or both?

13 From this determine: Who you want to target Is this would-be top level players? Recreational players? Both? What your message is

14 But where? Where can you support properly? From people inside korfball From others within the local community eg. sports development officers Go to where the people are (leisure centres), don’t try to bring the people to you

15 And when? How long must be allowed to plan (longer than you think)? Certain times of the year will be more fruitful

16 Don’t solely focus on the short-term: Plan for the follow-up What will be the situation in 3 years time? 5 years time?

17 Who is on-board your development team? Only work with capable people……their limitations will determine the scale of development that you can handle Don’t confuse enthusiasm with ability (but it helps!) If this means that you have money you cannot spend successfully then consider paying personnel

18 Who is on-board your development team? Contact volunteer organisations Do not depend upon 1 or 2 good people

19 Pilot study: Test out your approach and evaluate the outcome before proceeding

20 Be prepared to stop Not everywhere will be successful, pull- out where defined criteria are not met…….you than have time, energy and money for elsewhere

21 Budgets Prepare them Monitor them Have budget ‘owners’

22 Equipment Have a stock Annual rental, designed to encourage prompt purchase If purchase price is €450, then rental for year 1 might be €75, year 2 €150, year 3 €225 Rentals need a guarantor

23 Charge proper prices Whilst early sessions might be free, quickly (after two weeks?) charge a rate that equates with other sports Don’t under cost or you will not have sufficient income to fund your sport

24 Measure How many new clubs/new players have you created? How does that fit your original plan? How must you review your forward plan?

25 “ But it is pretty to see what money will do” (Pepys, Samuel 1644-1718)

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