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To prepare for a discussion on school uniforms in French.

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1 To prepare for a discussion on school uniforms in French.

2  Match up the ‘determiners’ with the English. See if you can work out what they are.  Exemple  Je suis faible en → I’m weak in  Finished? Make 2 sentences about a subject with a determiner.

3  On n’a pas trop de devoirs  J’ai trop de contrôles à préparer  On a trop de devoirs  Le prof est (trop) sévère  C’est (trop) difficile  We don’t have too much homework I have too many exams to prepare for We have too much homework The teacher is (too) strict  It is (too) difficult

4  C’est intéressant  Ce n’est pas mon truc  Je suis fort(e) en  Je suis faible en  C’est ennuyeux/euse. It is interesting  It’s not my (sort of) thing I’m good at… I’m weak/poor at… It’s boring

5  Read the text against school uniforms and answer the questions?  Stuck? Put your hands up!  Extension: let me know you’ve finished please.

6  Trouvez les mots  1. I can’t stand:  2. It is not allowed:  3. I am against:  4. It seems to me that: Je ne supporte pas il est interdit de je ne suis pas d’accord avec il me semble que

7  What aren’t you allowed to wear at Perrine’s school?  Why is Perrine against wearing a school uniform?  Why does she think the school makes you wear a school uniform? Trainers and jewellery and make up You can’t show individuality or fashion The school wants everyone to be the same

8  According to me :  Everyone :  It has to be said that : Selon moi Tout le monde Il faut dire que

9  How does a school uniform protect against bullying?  What does he say about what people wear outside of school? Poor students aren’t bullied for not having designer clothes They all wear a uniform anyway

10  In pairs discuss in english reasons for and against the school uniform for a class discussion

11  Stick these into your books and use them! They are all priceless and will get you a better grade!

12  Next lesson we will be doing a class discussion in French for and against the school uniform.  Now, you need to work in 4s and write out a sentences for your argument for and against.  You will all be expected to say something so you need 3-4 sentences!

13  Show off what you’ve done  The rest of you listen carefully, they will be asking you to translate.

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