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 EMPLOYABILITY an Employers Perspective Mike Simpson Mott MacDonald Ltd.

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1  EMPLOYABILITY an Employers Perspective Mike Simpson Mott MacDonald Ltd

2  Introduction  overview of the Mott MacDonald Graduate recruitment process  skills and competencies  some examples  some conclusions  questions

3  About Mott MacDonald  a management, engineering and development consultancy  operating in 140 countries  13,000 staff  multi-disciplinary professional services provider  placed 8 th in the Sunday Times ’20 Best Big Companies to Work For’

4  2008 Graduate Intake (UK) Number of Graduates required Current offers made- 205 Applications received-3,500

5  Recruitment Process Application Interview Offer

6  Application Form Qualifiers -appropriate degree to meet minimum standards set by professional institutions. Differentiators -answers to the questions: Your Inspiration Your Career Choice

7  Application Form Differentiators-some examples

8  Career Choice ‘Whilst at school architecture was my main spiration, however after a period of work experience I realised I was interested in the practical aspects of the building and decided to go into engineering. I feel Mott MacDobald provides the range of buildings to inspire me and pushes what is thought as possible.’

9  The Interview  testing for behaviours, skills and competencies  about 1 hour long

10  Skills and Competencies - communication- flexibility/adaptability - teamwork- self awareness - innovation- motivation - initiative- interpersonal skills - problem solving- analytical skills

11  Example Questions  Why does a career in consultancy appeal to you? – communication – understanding  What attracts you to Mott MacDonald? – communication – initiative

12  Example Questions  Which subjects of your degree did you find the most interesting and why? – self awareness – analytical skills  What was the greatest challenge you faced whilst completing your final year project? – problem solving – flexibility/adaptability – innovation

13  Example Questions  Can you tell me about a time when you’ve worked as part of a team? – teamwork – interpersonal skills  Have you ever set yourself and achieved any goals? – initiative – motivation

14  Example Questions  Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? – initiative – motivation – realism  What are your interests outside University? – socialiser – loner

15  Conclusions - academic success is a Qualifier, not a Differentiator - transferable skills, competencies and behaviours are Differentiators - ability to communicate clearly and persuasively is vital - employability is about research, skills, and seizing the moment.



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