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The First 60 Years Our Foundation for the Future.

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1 The First 60 Years Our Foundation for the Future

2 This slideshow was made possible by the wonderful 50-year history compiled by Mary Shreve, Richmond, VA. If you havent read it, you should.

3 Three score and one year ago... …it all began

4 IN THE 1950s The Korean War I Love Lucy The Big Mac The first credit card The first business computer MENDED HEARTS WAS FORMED!!

5 OUR HUMBLE BEGINNING In January 1951, post-heart surgery patients, Doris Siliman, Keith Otto, Alphonse Santamassimo and Elizabeth Wilkinson, started a support group at the suggestion of Dr. Dwight Harken. They called themselves, The Mended Hearts.

6 The patients said: Its great to be alive! Dr. Harken added: and to help others!


8 DR. DWIGHT E. HARKEN Father of Heart Surgery The first surgeon to have repeated success with heart surgery. We discovered that the heart wasnt such a mysterious and untouchable thing after all.

9 Boston, Massachusetts June 1953 About 50 Attendees 1953 The First Annual Meeting

10 4 TH ANNUAL MEETING First Souvenir Book & Self-Supporting Meeting

11 1954 First Accredited Visitor Lee Bowden Ida Chartkoff was the second

12 1956 First Hospital Visiting Booklet Rigid rules for visiting First page required two physician signatures

13 THE MENDED HEARTS, INC. Mended Hearts was incorporated in 1955 in Massachusetts Constitution and Bylaws were adopted 1956 MHI received tax exempt status for an organization operated exclusively for charitable and organizational purposes.

14 1958 First Chapter Outside of Massachusetts Nashville, Tennessee, Chapter 29

15 IN THE 1960s Star Trek JFK & Jackie Neil Armstrong NY Jets in Super Bowl MENDED HEARTS CONTINUES TO GROW & THRIVE

16 1960s 1960 Instructional Bulletin #2, Mended-Hearts Home Visiting booklet created 1960 First Newsletter Committee established 1963 President Lyndon B. Johnson presented with an Associate Membership and pin 1964 First Finance Committee was established 1967 National dues had been raised from $2 to $3, and MHI had its first balanced budget.

17 1964 National Office Opens Office was at Carrie Hall Nurses Residence at Peter Bent Brigham Hospital Mr. Saul Ages of Ottowa, Canada donated money to pay for 3 years The first paid worker worked 12 hours per week

18 Convention 1966 Greater Boston Chapter

19 1967 The Red Rose Becomes Symbol of Mended Hearts Stands for the love and courage of all mended hearts

20 1969 FIRST ORGANIZATIONAL MANUAL 10 Active Members Needed to Form a Chapter The manual concludes, We must all remember that [The] Mended Hearts, Inc. is an affiliation of persons throughout the world who share a common bond. The national organization exists only because we have this affiliation - a number of chapters united with one goal - To Help Others. [The] Mended Hearts, Inc. is YOU and all your members. Do not let your members feel this is just a Boston or Houston Group or any other individual group running the show. Without your help, and all chapters like yours, the national organization could or would not be able to exist.

21 1969 First Advocacy Life insurance companies began to refuse to accept valve replacement surgery patients Drs. Harken, DeBakey, Cooley, & Kantrowitz showed this surgery was life-giving life insurance in the best sense of the word.

22 IN THE 1970s Hank Aaron bested Babe Age of Aquarius Mark Spitz took gold Godfather the movie We were asking, Wheres the beef? MENDED HEART HAS THE BEEF!

23 1970 First Research Project College of Physicians & Surgeons, Columbia University in NY About 2,000 Mended Hearts participated Showed there is indeed good life after heart surgery

24 1971 GOOD LIFE AFTER HEART SURGERY San Diego Convention

25 Mended Hearts Having Fun

26 Northeastern Eastern Southeastern Midwest Southwest Western Pacific 1973 Regions Established

27 1973 Organizational Study Insurance companies wondered how self-help organizations could affect them. Top psychologists studied 50 participants Ellnor Gammage represented Mended Hearts Mended Hearts is the 2 nd oldest self-help organization. Alcoholics anonymous is the oldest.

28 1974 Emblem Registered

29 1982 Emblem Must Be On All Materials with ® Symbol

30 2002 Emblem Used Today

31 2002 EMBLEMS

32 20th Boston, Massachusetts

33 1975 National Executive Secretary Appointed Beverly Weiss I hope the reopening of the Home Office here in Boston has been a giant step toward progress and the awakening to the fact that The Mended Hearts, Inc. is an organization that is no upstart group here today and gone tomorrow; but a vital, strong, healthy organization with roots and strength to function in a business-like manner.

34 Insurance companies wanted to stop issuing drivers licenses to heart surgery patients. Mended Hearts got a $1 million government- funded study going with 1,000 patients that showed heart surgery patients were safer drivers than those refusing surgery.

35 NATIONAL RECOGNITION 1974 May/June Readers Digest published an article on the work of Mended Hearts 1975 National television broadcast, Over Easy, featured Mended Hearts

36 1970s Smoking is Bad For Your Heart No more smoking at Mended Hearts meetings

37 1979 Home Office Moves To Dallas AHA Donates Space

38 AHA PRESENTS PLAQUE Marking One Year Under Same Roof Dr. James Schoenberger, President of the AHA Even as doctors look to the physical wounds of the patients, Mended Hearts tends to the patients emotional needs by their visits. Those who are ill need both ministrations. To ensure they do receive both in the future, we (AHA) pledge to you (MHI) all possible cooperation. The plaque is a mark of that pledge.


40 THE YOUNGEST VISITORS 7-year old Eric Frohn, Chapter 76, Jackson, MS was granted visiting privileges in the 1970s Frohn was featured in Heartbeat 1975 visiting children with a stuffed Snoopy hand-embroidered by his mother 1978 San Diego accredited 9-year old Brandy Rae Wiedenhuff who had heart surgery: 1968, pulmonary artery bonding and 1974, VSD closure.

41 IN THE 1980s USA Today Mike Douglas in Wall Street First woman on Supreme Court Compact disc Who shot JR? MENDED HEARTS DID NOT SHOOT JR

42 RESEARCH PROVES VALUE OF MENDED HEARTS Sister Patricia Miller, University of Nebraska College of Nursing Mended Hearts members return to work sooner and in greater numbers than patients with similar conditions who did not have the advantage and support of the organization.

43 1981 VISITS TOP 100,000!

44 1980s 1982 Annual dues: individual dues to $10, family dues to $ Presidents Cup Award and Newsletter Award started 1982 Visiting program includes non-surgical patients 1983 Regions realigned to 8 regions 1983 Use visit rather than visitation

45 1982 Children with Congenital Cardiac Conditions Coordinator appointed for visiting children Committee to consider sponsoring childrens cardiac camps chapters report active pediatric visiting programs

46 1984 First Futures Conference Goals: 1. Increase membership knowledge of the functions of Mended Hearts Chapters and the duties of officers and chairpersons. 2. Reduce turnover of membership and increase the membership by offering our services to all heart related patients. 3. Expand the paid professional staff of Mended Hearts to increase support to Regional Directors and Chapters. 4. Improve the patient/family visiting program. 5. Make the general public aware of Mended Hearts. 6. Maximize the medical profession and hospital awareness and acceptance of program and its value to the heart patient.


48 IN THE 1990s US troops in Persian Gulf OJ Simpson Trial Dolly, the sheep, was cloned Dances with Wolves movie Think outside the box is common phrase MENDED HEARTS THINKS OUTSIDE THE BOX


50 1990s 1990 PATH Pack developed for visiting 1990 Chapter Organizational Manual rewritten 1991 Mended Hearts on the World Wide Web from Ohio Chapter 1992 Endowment Fund established, goal of $250,000 by Visitor Training Manual developed 1997 Internet Visiting was started with 40 accredited visitors 1997 National website created

51 1997 First Mended Hearts Telephone Line

52 FIRST NATIONAL SPOKESPERSON Miss Seattle, Anna Ellin Johansson

53 2000s A New Milleneum Tom Hanks in Castaway AOL merges with Time Warner Senator Hillary Clinton Twin Towers Harry Potter does magic MENDED HEARTS ALSO DOES MAGIC

54 2001 Work of MHI Recognized by State Legislature Recognized by General Assembly of the Commonwealth in Richmond, Virginia House Joint Resolution 270 commended the work of Mended Hearts

55 2002 New National Spokesperson Dan Reeves, Coach of Atlanta Falcons

56 2002 First Partnership with National Pharmaceutical Company Funded mailing of MHI information to 60,000 cardiac physicians Created first national radio and television promotions for MHI

57 FAMOUS PARTNER Golf Legend Jack Nicklaus Do More for Your Heart program to educate people to reduce heart attack risk Joined with Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories and Monarch Pharmaceuticals to raise $100,000 for MHIbased on his performance in Senior PGA Tour events

58 2002 Mended Hearts Staff Standing: Mary Brink, Secretary Bonna Kol, Executive Dir. Krystn Vertz, Bookkeeper Sitting: Regina Dixon, Field Service Dir.; Cathy Clapp, Executive Asst; Linda Beeson, Office Mgr

59 2003 MENDED HEARTS AT ACC Mended Hearts makes its first appearance at American College of Cardiology Scientific Sessions

60 2004 Mended Little Hearts is Born! National volunteer and Executive Committee member, Tita Hutchins, helps Mended Little Hearts form.

61 2004 First 6 MLH Groups Fresno, CA 4/29 Hollywood, FL 5/5 Winston-Salem 6/14 Spearfish, SD 6/28 Toledo, OH 11/9 Des Moines, IA 12/20 FRESNO: SANDY BRIGGS, LISA PINEDO, WAFAA SIQUEIROS

62 2004 Mended Hearts Volunteer Honored by President of United States of America Sid Harris of Youngwood, Ohio was presented an award for outstanding volunteer of Forum Heath Medical Center by President George Bush, Sr. … in person!

63 2005 NEWSWEEK Publishes Article About Mended Hearts

64 2006 LPGA Hall of Famer, Nancy Lopez and Baseball Legend Ray Knight Join Mended Hearts

65 2006 US NEWS & WORLD REPORT Publishes an Article About Mended Hearts

66 2007 Mended Little Hearts Program expands to 25 groups First MLH staff, Jodi Lemacks, is hired thanks to grant from Edwards LifeSciences First Leadership Training at MHI Annual Convention in San Antonio, Texas

67 2007 MLHS First Leadership Training San Antonio

68 2008 VISITS TOP 200,000!

69 Mended Hearts was recognized as a source for patients in the American Heart Associations announcement of new recommended treatment guidelines for heart patients. 2008

70 2009 MLH Edits AHA Booklet For CHD Families Mended Little Hearts reviewed and helped edit American Heart Associations booklet, If Your Child Has A Congenital Heart Defect.

71 CHD LOBBY DAY Mended Little Hearts co-hosts its first annual Congenital Heart Defect Lobby Day in 2008 In 2010 the Congenital Heart Futures Act is passed into law The Act is funded with $2 million in 2011 for CHD Research and Surveillance

72 2009 Mended Hearts partners with SCAI to launch its Cath Outreach Program for cath lab visiting.

73 2010 to 2012 Earthquakes in Haiti & Japan Gulf of Mexico BP Oil Rig Explodes Chilean miners were rescued Prince William marries Kate Middleton Steve Jobs dies Toy Story 3 and Transformers 3 movies on top of box office charts MENDED HEARTS AND MENDED LITTLE HEARTS TO INFINITY AND BEYOND !

74 Mended Hearts aligns with the American College of Cardiology, signing a 5-year agreement to work together to help heart patients and their families 2011

75 2011 MLH Joins The EC Mended Little Hearts elects its first member of the Mended Hearts Executive Committee, Susan Vanderpool

76 FALL 2011 New Visiting Materials Mended Hearts and Mended Little Hearts launch new accredited visiting materials, including a DVD, visitor handbook, and training guide.

77 2011 Houston Chapter 38 Celebrates 50 Years The second oldest Mended Hearts Chapter

78 January 1 - May 16, 2012 Executive Director, Karen Caruth, is hired in February! A Caregiver Committee is formed and ready to work! (Come to the Caregiver Workshop on Sunday.) The first MHI & MLH Speakers Bureau is formed! Mended Hearts and Mended Little Hearts celebrate our organizations 60 th Convention!

79 Celebrating 60 Years! Our Future is in Your Hands 2012


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