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Life Spheres September, 2008 September, 2008.

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1 Life Spheres September, 2008 September, 2008

2 Which are these spheres? The Personal Sphere – Self The Family Sphere – Bonds The Social Sphere – Relationships The Cultural Sphere – Knowledge The Global Sphere – Awareness The Universe - Perception

3 The Diverse Spheres In Our Lives

4 Self – Being Oneself First and foremost, it’s about us, our self, our core values, our principles, our essence as human beings, our spirit, our mind, and our skills.

5 Our Inner World - I

6 Our reality But there’s also many other things that are part of our being: our emotions and feelings, our needs, our perception of reality, our creativity, our body, our health, our strengths, and our limitations; be them physical, emotional or intellectual.

7 Our Inner World - II

8 The Family Sphere We are born to, and are raised within an environment that we call “family”. It may be our biological family or a foster family, a group home, or within a community; and sometimes, the lack thereof. From these first attachments, bonds, and relationships, we develop our feelings, our compassion, our family values, we choose some traditions and/or beliefs, and we receive some commands and labels that will impact our life and shape our personality, and also, influence the way we relate to ourselves and interact with others.

9 The Family Sphere

10 The Social Sphere We live within a social circle, within a community, where we interact with our peers, we participate in social activities, we set relationships with other people, such as coworkers, friends, business partners, authorities, etc. And we also set relationships with our romantic partners. What are these relationships like? What are our partners like? How do we set these relationships?

11 The Social Sphere

12 The Cultural Sphere Our diverse cultures harbor different values, traditions, and specific cultural features. Thus, it’s important to know these cultural differences within the diverse groups of people who share a same given sphere. Physically, the geographic area or region where we live also plays an important role in our lives and influences our relationships with other people, as well.

13 The Cultural Sphere

14 The Global Sphere Within the global sphere, not only we find the diverse cultures, but also the numerous natural resources our planet has. Are we aware of the needs of mankind, generally speaking, and the impact that disruptions have on man? Disruptions can be in the form of natural disasters impacting our natural resources, or it can be a war, impacting the lives of many people.

15 The Global Sphere

16 The Universe Our world can be tiny compared to the universe that contains it. How do the laws of the universe affect us? For example, the moon -our natural satellite- exerts an influence on the tides. The sun is our main source of energy. What would happen if a meteor falls on our heads? The laws of the universe also affect us, though we are not always able to perceive them.

17 The Universe That Surrounds Us

18 Let’s start from the beginning, then Now that we already have a general idea of the diverse spheres in our lives, we need to go back and start from the very beginning. Hence, we will now take a look at “Our Self”. Our Inner World I, and Our Inner World II. US, in the first place.

19 Let’s go now to the next presentation on “Our Self”… Thanks for sharing this path with us.

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