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Role of the Operator What we were and what are we asked to be.

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1 Role of the Operator What we were and what are we asked to be

2 Walkerton Happened and our World Changed At the start, if chlorine was added we were asked to take Water Treatment Certification Now it is classed as Water Distribution What did the operator do and how has it changed? From Jack of all trades to a guy who is held accountable to the government and council

3 Back to School Some of us old fossils, 30 years had passed and had lost our lunch boxes Council said, we are spending money on you, you had better pass Since you have passed, your our in house expert…….where do we go from here

4 Instant Expert We, the operator, have changed from this is what we are doing----to what do you advise us to do? This is a good thing for us. We get to shape our world. Think user friendly. Look at the plant, ask to bring someone in and get it assessed

5 Direction Boat needs the rudder and a point of destination 10 years-20years-30years what do we want to achieve Public Utility Board demands we are self sustainable as a utility Look at what you have, put a life expectancy to it Remember spending, do it once, do it right Council still will want to buy a Pinto and expect the Cadi, so google, call other operators, investigate

6 Road Trip We have gone to Dryden and used their SCADA We have gone to Steinbeck and used their concept for our main sewage pumping station We have gone to Canmore Alberta and used their grit screen ideas We went to Xenia Ohio to look at the UV. (side note, I believe we were the first to bring this concept to Canada, but Saskatoon and Dryden have come to see it and use it.

7 The Plan We have budgeted the money Options RFP(request for proposal) Design Build-one party takes it on-usually a contractor-there is a risk and the price reflects it- they hire the engineer Design Bid Build-engineer designs-put out to tender-contractor takes it and follows it-if design is a question, there is extra cost to fix-you now have two parties if there is a problem-a lot of finger pointing and poor resolution

8 Who is accountable The more cooks the more problems in the kitchen… Lets look at the Bid Process-if it is engineered to specs, they better be right-bid usually means the cheapest wins-price driven Design Build Lease Back is when the engineer builds it and has to run it- and it is turned back over to the municipality Direct Assigned-if you have had a excellent contractor- proven track record-stands by their work-they are handed the project to build the best they can build.

9 What Has Uncle Dale Learned First and foremost-not written down-never happened-CYA (cover your ass sets) When you hire an engineer-they had better set time up to ask what do the operators want again look at first comment again-not written, never happened If possible-buy local-local reps-local parts-have input in the design requesting this

10 Continue to Learn Remember this is YOUR building YOU have a say If it is a Process Plant the lead engineer had better be Process man If you have chosen an engineering company because of one engineer, request their hours, and that even if they leave the company they finish the project

11 There Is More Look at number of hours of the major engineer that it is not all on the tail end to fix the screw-ups Collect every document, don’t sign off till it works Have a filing system to record what and when and by who If there is a verbal conversation, it is emailed and recorded

12 Am I Ranting? Write in contract-user friendly-less time and effort to run All major changes to be brought to your attention and highlighted after project begins Hold involved people accountable, document, document, document Be aware of safety concerns

13 No Brainers If you take your car to a mechanic and he forget to put the oil in-don’t do it twice Tell anyone who will listen-cheapest is not the best-I’m going to have heart surgery and found him on Kijiji All basins need a drain pit Did I happen to mention-If it is not written down…….never happened

14 Remember At the end of the project have a meeting and make recommendation for the future tender/projects for your municipality Grade yourself and the project If something failed-what-why-correction made We all make mistake, the trick is to get some parties to admit to it, step up and fix it For me, I believe in people, ask if he or she has a dog, go and watch, if the dog doesn’t come when called walk away, if even the dog doesn’t believe them maybe you shouldn’t either.

15 The End Learn form your victories as well as your defeats Leave the ego at the door-share what you have learned Martin Luther King said, our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. Leave the world, your place of employment better than you found it.

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