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V mapke bude aktivne miesto na odklik prezentacie mesta – regionu....

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2 V mapke bude aktivne miesto na odklik prezentacie mesta – regionu....

3 The Devin Castle (13th century) in one of the most significant archaeological localities in Slovakia. It is a National cultural monument. Because of the advantageous geographical position, the height over the confluence of the Danube and the Morava rivers was settled as far back as the 5th century B.C. and cultural monuments from the surrounding areas overlapped here. Bratislava (450,000 people) has a nice small Old Town with a castle called Bratislavský Hrad. The Danube river goes through Bratislava. Bratislava is seat of national government, presidency, parliament, of several museums, galleries and of other educational, cultural and economic institutions.

4 Trenčín – monuments of history, – interesting events: Bažant Pohoda summer open-air festival for thousands young people; Art Film festival; Trenčín Castle Festivities about the past life at the castle; festival of folk culture, called At Trenčín’s Gate, Christmas concerts of Chamber music and Trenčianska Music Spring or festival of jazz music. Trnava was the first town in Slovakia to be granted a town charter (civic privileges) by the king. Trnava was the place of many important negotiations: the king of Hungary, signed here a currency agreement with the Czech King, and King Louis ILouis I signed a friendship agreement with Emperor Charles IV there in 1360.Charles IV Nitra - a city of extraordinary historic importanc. Princ Pribina was ousted from Nitra by the Moravian prince Mojmír I and bothMojmír I Principalities were united into the Early medieval empire of GreatGreat MoraviaMoravia. The first monastery in Slovakia was built in 880 here.

5 The most important Roman epigraphic monument in Central Europe north of the Dunaj river. In 179, the last year of the war, detachment troops of the Second Auxiliary Legion penetrated from Hungary through the Vah river valley to Laugaricio, today‘s Trenčín. They left latin inscription on the castle rock that says: „To the victory of emperors, dedicated by 855 soldiers of II. Legion of an army stationed in Laugaricio. Made to order of Marcus Valerius Maximianus, a legate of the Second Auxiliary legion.“ The castle of Čachtice was made rather infamous by a cruel countess Elisabeth of Bathory. The originally Gothic watch fortress of the early 13th century Bojnice is dominated by a castle which is the most beautiful and romantic castle in all Slovakia. One of attractions and surprises of the castle is the Spirits and Monsters festival. Bojnice is also known for its thermal and healing springs. In Bojnice spa a treatment for skeletal and nervous Beckov is a romantic ruin today; in the past it was a frontier - guarding royal castle on a steep cliff above the boundary-line of the lower and middle reaches of Váh river. The defence of the castle was successfully tested during the Ottoman Wars, when the siege of the castle in 1599 proved to be a failure.

6 Tesárske Mlyňany - The largest dendrology center in Slovakia, established in 1892. Over 2,200 different types of trees grow here. The center is considered one of the foremost arboretums in Europe. Drážovský kostolík ('little church of Drážovce - now part of Nitra) is the oldest church inSlovakia, dating from the 11th century. It is interesting for its early Romanesque architecture. Skalka - church, monastery, and cave near Trenčín. The church was built in 1224, in the Gothic style. It is the oldest place of pilgrimage in Slovakia. Nowadays up to 15.000 worshippers from Slovakia and the neighbouring countries take part each year. Brhlovce - a unique complex of cave dwellings from the 17th and 18th centuries, carved into the tuff, can be found in this town. These dwellings were occupied during the time of the Turkish invasions; they later served as storehouses and cellars. One of the dwellings has been turned into a museum exhibit of folk housing. It received an international Europa Nostra 1993 award for the salvage and restoration of an architectural monument.

7  Plan of fort in Neuhäusel (1680) Komárno. Uhrovec - the birth-place of slovak nationalist Ľudovít Štúr and eminent slovak politician Dubček  Nové Zámky Cígeľ - outdoor museum of miining - showing the life of foremans and their techniques M. R. Štefánik's Tumulus - national hero known also in Europe – a general of French Army, pilot, great traveller, astronomist and physicist.

8 Podhájska - 13-hectare grounds of a thermal swimming pool whose water can favorable regenerate the body. The spring yields 50 liters per second of 80 ºC water. A world famous spa Piešťany are specialised on treatment of skeletal system and nervous system disorders. A spring of sulphur-carbon and calcium- magnesium mineral water of 67 – 69 ºC can be found on the Spa Island, where sulphuric mud is extracted. The city is connected with the Spa Island via a roofed Kolonada brodge. The city also houses a balneology museum. Symbol of the spa is the crutch-breaker- statue of a man breaking his crutch. Trenčianske Teplice - the spa provides a suitable treatment for skeletal and nervous systems. Natural healing springs of calcium-sulphur water with the emperature of 36 – 40°C. The most amous building of the spa complex itself as a spa house called Sina including the Hamman bath built in oriental style.

9 Hron Veľká Javorina Zelená voda Trenčianske Teplice Vršatec

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