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2012 Jr. Eagles New Parent Orientation July 11, 2012.

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1 2012 Jr. Eagles New Parent Orientation July 11, 2012

2 Welcome Jr. Eagles changed their name in 2010 from the Falcons Have been in existence for 20+ years Serve communities of – Lake in the Hills – Algonquin – Carpentersville – Dundee – Sleepy Hollow

3 Leagues Flag – In house Tackle - The Chicagoland Youth Football League (TCYFL) – Largest independent youth football league in the country – Tackle Program – Teams from Plainfield to Western Kenosha County – Schedules, standings, rules, alerts – – Specials, Events, others for ALL players

4 TCYFL Mission Statement The TCYFL will encourage and inspire our youth, regardless of race, religious affiliation/belief, gender, creed, ethnicity, or national origin; and facilitate participation in practicing good health, citizenship, character and sportsmanship. First and foremost, the TCYFL promotes the welfare and wellbeing of the player, free from the adult lust for glory. “It is OK to try to win a Championship, but never, ever at the expense of any player on either side of the ball.”

5 Board of Directors President – Dave Golnick Vice President – Aaron Eibl Treasurer – Mike Keller Secretary – Megan Volenec Director – KC Downing Director – Reg Mathelier We meet the 4 th Wednesday of every month at the Lake in the Hills Village Hall. Come out to be a part of the program!

6 Sportsmanship Cheer for everyone – including the other team Never speak poorly of any player Be careful about expressing thoughts on coach Referees never cause your team to lose Accept defeat with dignity Always play fair & within the rules Know the rules

7 Divisions Flag – 5&6 and 7&8 year old divisions Tackle – Bantam – 6,7,8 year olds under 90 lbs – Featherweight – 9&10 year olds under 100 lbs. – Middleweight – 11&12 year olds under 110 lbs. – Lightweight – 13&14 year olds under 125 lbs. – Heavyweight – 13&14 year olds unlimited weight – There are exceptions that we will discuss later

8 Division Directors Flag – John Miner Bantam – Jason Randl Featherweight – Kevin Nygaard Middleweight – Jack Pinsel Lightweight – Mickey Damhausser Heavyweight – John Wright

9 Volunteers Our Volunteers ARE the Organization Be a part of it – For your team – For your division – For the Organization – For the League

10 Fund Raising Restaurant Days Eagles Night at Dolphin’s Cove Spirit Wear Concessions Sponsorship Meat Raffle

11 Events Eagles Night – Dolphin’s Cove, Saturday, August 4 Picture Day – Jacobs HS, Saturday August 11 Scrimmage Weekend – Tackle, August 18-19 Opening Weekend – Flag & Tackle, August 25-26 Homecoming Breast Cancer Awareness Weekend Recognition Night

12 Practices Drop off/Pick up Cancellations Always remember – Plenty of Water or Gatorade – Bug Spray

13 Breakout Thank you for signing up with the Jr. Eagles!

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