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Coxswain’s Information Session Accident Report Input.

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1 Coxswain’s Information Session Accident Report Input

2 Regatta Committee Information Objectives: Investigation Committee (IC)-Review of recommendations/ Review Video Review Captain of the Course recommendations Gather Input from Coxswains Agreement on actions required

3 IC Recommendations Crew and Committee safety personnel become more familiar with equipment, techniques and procedures to direct crews and perform rescues. The Royal St. John’s Regatta Committee to plan/conduct on water safety practices throughout the year to ensure that the safest procedures are followed. That crew members and rescuers remain calm at all times in the event of an accident or incident. The crew members remain seating in the shell at all times until directed to disembark, either at the boathouse wharf or shoreline

4 IC Recommnedations (Cont’d) Once away from the dock, oars are to remain in an extended position while not in a rowing configuration That, in the event of a hull breech in the crew compartment; it is safest for the crew to move the shell as quickly as possible to the nearest shoreline to disembark. Prior to any event, The Royal St. John’s Regatta Committee, Vice President and Captain of the Course, will ensure that on safety boats, operated by the committee, one person is designated as the person in charge of that boat. In the event of any incident, the person in charge of the first arriving committee boat shall be in charge of that incident. Other committee boats arriving on the scene shall do so under control so as not to cause further distress at the incident. Should it become necessary to change the in-charge person, that information be clearly communicated to all involved.

5 IC Recommnedations (Cont’d) That the donning of life jackets, as necessary, will be at the discretion of the primary rescuer. The Royal St. John’s Regatta Committee to ensure at the conclusion of any incident, and upon returning to the boathouse, crews and committee members involved in any incident shall report to boathouse manager or committee member in charge for directions and briefing. The Royal St. John’s Regatta Rules Committee to review this report, in conjunction with the existing rules, and make rule changes as deemed necessary to enhance safety on the pond. The Royal St. John’s Regatta Committee Rules Committee to review the turning of the buoys to ensure safety is the foremost consideration; holding water versus sweeping turns. All crews are responsible to take any and all action necessary to mitigate the occurrence of an accident between shells.

6 Captain of The Course(COC) Recommendations Prior to an event the COC shall designate a lead for all boats operating on the pond That lead shall be responsible for coordinating a rescue effort if required during that event The boat that is first on the scene in the event of a rescue requirement, that lead shall be in control Prior to a rescue boat arrival the coxswain is in control The lead may transfer control but that must be clearly communicated to all involved The current race may continue if the COC, through consultation, determines it is safe

7 Captain of The Course(COC) Recommendations(cont’d) Should a shell be required to row to shore, it shall be escorted by the Safety Boat and other vessels involved in the rescue until all rowers are deemed safely ashore Should there be a delay in the arrival of a rescue vessel the coxswain should sound their horn and immediately proceed to nearest shore Constant communication should be maintained by the “lead rescuer” to both the COC and to Health and Emergency personnel to ensure proper transport and medical care is conducted

8 Captain of The Course(COC) Recommendations(cont’d) Once ashore Health and Safety personnel (e.g. St. John Ambulance) shall determine the appropriate care to be administered. If the crew/s can be returned to the Boathouse the COC shall ensure that they are examined and de-briefed to ensure appropriate action is/has been taken

9 Captain of The Course(COC) Recommendations(cont’d) Prior to first event (Discovery Day) all Regatta Committee boat operators shall complete at least one hour of practice in the appropriate vessel they will be operating Prior to the first event all new coxswains should be trained on safety procedures If new safety procedures are introduced the COC will initiate safety training for all coxswains All vessel operators shall have the appropriate “accreditation” before operating a vessel All vessel operators will ensure that the vessel is equipped with all necessary safety gear and is operationally safe

10 General Rules Committee have recommended some minor changes to rules which will have to go to Regatta Executive for discussion and approval A safety Committee has been formed to consider all of the safety requirements of a modern Regatta operation

11 Coxswains Input Questions/ Concerns? Handouts – Incidents on the pond – John Barrington

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