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Datblygiadau Llythrennedd a Rhifedd yn Genedlaethol National Literacy and Numeracy Developments.

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1 Datblygiadau Llythrennedd a Rhifedd yn Genedlaethol National Literacy and Numeracy Developments

2 Fframwaith Llythrennedd a Rhifedd Cenedlaethol National Literacy and Numeracy Framework

3 Prif negeseuon – Main messages ‘ Yn bennaf oll mae’r FfLlRh yn offeryn cynllunio’r cwricwlwm sy’n helpu athrawon i ymgorffori llythrennedd a rhifedd wrth addysgu’r cwricwlwm.’ (FfLlRh, Ionawr 2013) ‘The LNF is first and foremost a curriculum planning tool that supports all teachers to embed literacy and numeracy in their teaching of the curriculum.‘ (LNF, January 2013)

4 Prif negeseuon – Main messages Statutory curriculum requirement as of September 2013 with statutory assessment against it as of September 2014. Its content replaces ‘communication and number’ elements within the non-statutory ‘Skills Framework.’

5 Prif negeseuon – Main messages Literacy ‘strands’ = 1.oracy 2.reading 3.writing Numeracy ‘strands’ = 1.developing numerical reasoning 2.using number skills 3.using measuring skills 4.using data skills

6 Prif negeseuon – Main messages All ‘strands’ are provided for learners from Foundation Phase up to the end of Key Stage 3 (Year 9) plus extension for ‘More Able and Talented.’ For example …





11 Dogfennaeth a chanllawiau allweddol Key documentation and guidance

12 Ffocysu ar Rifedd Focusing on Numeracy

13 Numeracy… Estyn definition 2010 ‘Numeracy is not the same as mathematics. Numeracy is a proficiency with number that is acquired through being taught mathematics well. Although pupils usually learn their numeracy skills during mathematics lessons, to be fully numerate they must be able to apply these skills in other subject areas and real- life contexts.’

14 Yr Ymweliad Rhifedd The Numeracy Visit This will be a regional activity, delivered locally across the six LAs and focusing on standards and provision in numeracy. The visits will consider how well pupils use their numeracy skills across the curriculum and how well prepared schools are for implementing the Numeracy Framework in September 2013.

15 Yr Ymweliad Rhifedd The Numeracy Visit All schools will have a numeracy review in the Spring or Summer term 2013. In 60% of schools this will consist of: – A dialogue with the Head teacher/SMT and lead person for numeracy to discuss planning for improvement in numeracy and the impact on standards – A scrutiny of learners’ work across the curriculum – Interviews with learners In 40% of schools this will consist of: - all of the above plus lesson observations from a range of subjects

16 Arsylwi gwersi – Lesson observations  Lesson observations will focus on Years 2, 4, 6, 7 a 9 only.  We will look at pupils’ books and discuss with groups of pupils as a natural part of this process.

17 Dewis ysgolion ‘40%’ Selection of schools  Targeting schools to be inspected in the next two years  Information from the autumn term visits, mathematics data and school context  Ensuring a cross section of schools within the RSCIF matrix

18 Yr Awdit Rhifedd The Numeracy Audit Do get involved …this activity supports self-evaluation and your work as ‘Critical Friends.’ The audit is a tool for senior leaders to use as part of their self-evaluation process. Statements and prompts are provided to help leaders evaluate:  how well learners use their numeracy skills across the curriculum; and  how well-prepared they are for implementing the National Numeracy Framework when it becomes statutory in September 2013.

19 Profion Darllen a Rhifedd Cenedlaethol National Reading and Numeracy Tests

20 National testing will be undertaken between May 8 th and 22 nd Years 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 ‘Reading’ and ‘Numeracy’ Numeracy for this year is restricted to ‘procedural’ tasks. ‘Reasoning’ tasks will be included next year. Further ‘national guidance’ will follow

21 Gwybodaeth a chymorth pellach? Further information and help?




25 Cwestiwn / Question?

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