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Changing Culture Marion Fanthorpe, Interim HR Director.

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1 Changing Culture Marion Fanthorpe, Interim HR Director

2 A working hypothesis Organisations that are both successful and diverse tend to have three things in common ….. they go beyond legal compliance and target chasing ….. they build diversity into their core mission and brand ….. and they focus on creating a positive culture.

3 Two very different organisations

4 The diversity facts Sussex Police (officers) 31% female 24% female senior ranks 0.9% BME 2.8% declared disability L B Camden 56.9% female 46% in senior positions 37.3% BME 3.3% declared disability 2013 figures

5 Multiple unconscious biases

6 Cultural drivers Teamwork in the face of adversity Physical strength and courage Command and control Competition for promotion

7 Changing culture?

8 Fostering a positive climate Shared values and purpose Engagement and involvement Leadership styles

9 Our statement of values "We, the officers, staff and volunteers of Sussex Police are committed to public service, first and foremost. We will act with compassion, personal responsibility and courage to do the right thing for the public we serve. Our commitment to justice means we will always treat people fairly and according to their needs. We will be innovative and keep looking for ways to improve our service. These shared values are the foundation of everything we do."

10 “Of course we need to have some element of command and control in certain circumstances. If you are first on a scene at an incident you can’t sit around consulting people, but back at the station a lot of leadership is around emotional intelligence, listening, coaching and mentoring” Martin Richards Chief Constable

11 A new vision for leadership Leaders and managers promote a compelling vision and model our values Leadership styles and behaviours promote staff engagement, discretion and innovation Leaders and managers deliver customer focused services to the public Line managers help their staff to “get it”, perform and develop Leaders and managers are themselves well developed and supported

12 Fostering equality and diversity Raise awareness Show the facts Role models Support networks Challenge negative behaviours Mentoring Development programmes Promotion and career opportunities

13 The confidence gap

14 What really makes the difference? Top three factors that actually account for women’s promotions: 1.Critical job assignments 2.Networking 3.Seeking opportunities IBM Smarter Workforce Institute : The Business Case for Gender Balance


16 Over to you : group discussions What has particularly resonated with your experience? What examples can you share from other organisations? What is working well in the UoK and what 2 or 3 things do you think we should focus on next?

17 Contact details Marion Fanthorpe, Interim HR Director THANK YOU FOR LISTENING

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