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An introduction to Rehab JobFit & the Work Programme in Wales

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1 An introduction to Rehab JobFit & the Work Programme in Wales
Gill Owens Supply Chain Manager – S Wales

2 The Work Programme The Work Programme is a new payment-by-results Welfare to Work programme launched throughout Great Britain in June Along with the Universal Credit benefit reforms, it is central to the Coalition Government’s ambitious programme of welfare reform

3 Key elements of the Work Programme
Replaces The New Deals, Employment Zones & Flexible New Deal 7/8 Customer groups across JSA & IB/ESA Claimants Providers expected to support people for longer periods of time Payments by results - based on outcomes and sustainability Biggest transfer of risk – from state to non state NO Job Start Payment An end to ‘Creaming & Parking’ -Providers to support harder to help customers and rewarded for doing so. A ‘Black box’ approach to encourage genuine innovation Prime providers expected to work with a broad-range of partners, from the public, private and the voluntary sector to deliver personalised, localised service and specialist provision.

4 Work Programme in Wales
2 Prime Contractors 1 - Established - Working Links (WLs) 1 – New – Rehab Jobfit (RJF) 2 Approaches WLs % internal % Subcontracted RJF Managing Agent % Subcontracted claimants through Work Programme during 5 year contract 50/50 split for 1st 18 months WP participants ineligible for pre employment ESF funded provision


6 The Rehab Group is an independent, not-for-profit organisation, with a current turnover of £180million, providing service in four EU member states. The Group currently provides training, employment, health and social care and commercial services for some 46,000 people each year. The Rehab Group is one of only two voluntary organisations of the eighteen prime contractors delivering the Work Programme in the UK. Interserve is one of the world’s foremost support services and construction companies, operating in the public and private sectors in the UK and internationally. It offers advice, design, construction and facilities management services for society’s infrastructure and provides a range of plant and equipment in specialist fields. Interserve is based in the UK; it has revenue of £1.9billion and a workforce of 625,000 people worldwide.

7 What this partnership brings to the work programme:
Proven track record in supporting people back to work Strong supply chain management skills (deliver £2bn public services – 60% is through sub-contracting) Track record of delivering outsourced government programmes Strong links into local government and employer communities Financial stability and maximum funding to the customer Voluntary/public sector input (58% of end to end providers)

8 Sustainability programme
Delivery Model Referral from JCP Contact centre Core Delivery Partners Assessment Specialist support Delivery Job Outcome Sustainability programme

9 Wales Supply Chain Antur Teifi A4E BTCV Capital Engineering
Neath Port Talbot Council Futureworks (At Pembrokeshire Council) Scout Enterprises TBG Learning Tydfil Training Vale of Glamorgan Council North Wales Training Ceredigion Training

10 Jobfit’s Provider Approach
Small Jobfit Supply Chain team Subcontracted ‘Black Box’ delivery Light Touch – re enforcement Supported/Partnership approach Establish a legacy in Wales through specialist projects & products Re-invest in delivery

11 Product led Self Employment Employer Academy Social Enterprise
Recruitment Agencies IT Solutions Seasonality Employer Academy In Work Support Local Authorities Work Based Learning Housing Associations

12 Our experience to date TUPE process End to End Providers all in place
Working through IT challenges Referral volumes – not as forecast in numbers nor mix Early need for specialist providers Clarity around sanctions Developing strong relationships with suppliers

13 Total people started on programme 8,471 (91%) Job Entry 690
Performance To end October 2011 Total people referred 9,276 Total people started on programme 8,471 (91%) Job Entry 690 (8.1% starts; 7.4% referrals)


15 Plans for the future Embedding core processes
Strong emphasis on sustainability Driving performance across the supply chain Providing maximum support to smaller suppliers Continuing to build specialist provider portfolio Staying flexible and responsive

16 Challenges Unemployment “hot spots”
Current shrinking labour market/financial crisis Customer flows/ financial re- modelling Delivering an effective supply chain working -cultural challenge – payment model/customer groups Driving performance and efficiencies Ensuring local involvement Encouraging Skills investment Partnership working to deliver a joined up approach

17 Thanks for listening

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