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Presented by Cliff Tillery Oct. 30 th, 2013. Make It Loud- Digital Marketing Ninjas! Cliff Tillery, MBA.

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1 Presented by Cliff Tillery Oct. 30 th, 2013

2 Make It Loud- Digital Marketing Ninjas! Cliff Tillery, MBA

3  First and foremost…a shmoe  B.S. In Journalism/Advertising  Worked at the in-house ad agency down at America’s Mart  M.S. in Counseling Education  MBA in Management/Marketing

4  What do you want your website to do for your business?  Sell things?  Generate leads?  Advertise stuff?  Provide support? (solve problems)  Brand your business?  Give your business credibility?  These objectives define what data is important to you

5  “The Matrix”  All that you see isn’t all that’s there  The have these things called “spy bots” that come crawl around on your site taking pictures and indexing those pictures in the Google servers  When you search on Google, you’re searching through their photo album of the world. Not the world itself

6  Their goal: To provide the “best” search results for their users  They define what the “best” is  90% of their revenue is made through Pay Per Click (PPC)  PPC is what happens when you mix Ebay with search results  They provide all kinds of helpful tutorials as long as you don’t mind the less than subtle nudge toward PPC

7  It’s FREE (we know how we feel about free, right?)  It’s code you put on your website to help collect data about the performance of your website  Do you do performance reviews on your employees?  Consider your website one of your sales people.  Google Analytics provide a way to look over your sales person’s shoulder

8  Visitors- New & Returning  How many visits per month  How many page views per month  How many page views per visit  Amount of time spent on the site per visit  Bounce rate (how quickly viewers “bounce” off the page)  Where traffic is coming from geographically  What kind of device they’re looking at you with

9  What language they speak  What operating system they’re browsing with  What carrier their internet service is with  What kind of phone they’re looking at your site with  What they’re screen resolution is  What age demographic your visitors are within  Gender  Interests  Whether their pets are left handed or right handed…ok, I made that up  Are you getting the idea of all the things you can learn here???!?!?

10  Most of the data collected by Google used to be seen as your private information  The Panda update changed all that  Panda was an engineer at Google who felt that the user metrics were an accurate reflection of how well designed the website is.  Bad sites have high bounce rates, lower page views, less returning visitors, etc  This turned all SEO nerds into designer nerds (nerds who dress better. Well, maybe not)

11  Audience Location  Audience Engagement  Device Used  Traffic Sources  Traffic From Social Media  Bounce Rates  Traffic Flow  Site Behavior  Conversion Data

12  That depends…  Captain Obvious Says: “The more visitors, the better”  With bounce rates, high numbers=bad  With page views, high numbers=good  Pages/per visit, high numbers=good  Average visit duration (time on site), high numbers are good

13  How’d you like to see where people go on your site?  Now, you can with In-Page Analytics  Hover over elements on your homepage and you’ll see the percentage of visitors who clicked there along with raw data  You can do this with any page on your site  Another way to track where browsers are going on your site

14  Set up goals to measure how often people do little things on your site before getting them to do the big things  Such as: ◦ Share content ◦ Watch a video ◦ Use a search feature (or any feature on the site) ◦ View special content ◦ Sign up for newsletter ◦ Juggle a porcupine ◦ Etc.

15  Look at what your data is telling you  Step back and look with an objective eye  Let the numbers tell you what’s working and what isn’t  Fix what isn’t

16  We’ve developed a free tool that you can use to help you measure the effectiveness of your digital marketing.  Go to:  Take the free assessment.  We’re beta testing this, so help us work out the kinks!

17 Please Help Us ● If you enjoyed any part of this, please do one or more of the following: – Like us on Facebook & share our stuff – Follow us on Pinterest and repin our stuff – Follow us on Linkedin & like our stuff – Connect with us on Google+ and share our stuff – Follow us on Twitter & share our stuff ● So, basically, please share our stuff!

18 Presented by Cliff Tillery Oct. 30 th, 2013 Thanks For Coming!

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